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What is MOMO Trading

What is MOMO Trading?

  What is momo trading and what does momo stand for? These are common questions we see all the time. Although there are many different types of trading strategies available, ‘momo’ trading strategies have become more and more popular in current markets. In this post, we’ll discuss what momo trading strategies are, how you can […]

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What Happened in GameStop Stock?

  The epic short squeeze in GameStop (GME) is the biggest financial markets story since the Great Financial Crisis. We all know the story. Redditors noticed that the short interest in GameStop (GME) has been over 100% for a long time. As the stock ticked higher, the idea of a massive short squeeze went viral. […]

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SPAC Stocks

Beginners Guide to SPAC Stocks [2021]

  What is a SPAC? SPAC stocks is a Special Purpose Acquisition Company. They’re essentially shell companies that raise money, go public, then use the funds to buy a company and bring it public. You can think of them as publicly-traded venture capital firms that only ever make one investment with a specific deadline to […]

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National Best Bid and Offer

National Best Bid and Offer (NBBO)

What is the National Best Bid and Offer The Code of Federal Regulations defines the National Best Bid and Offer (NBBO) as:  “National best bid and national best offer means, with respect to quotations for an NMS Security, the best bid and best offer for such security that are calculated and disseminated on a current […]

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immediate or cancel order

Immediate-or-Cancel (IOC) Order Explained

  The immediate or cancel order is an order type with instructions to fill the order immediately and any part that isn’t will be canceled. Immediate-or-cancel orders instruct your broker to fill your order immediately or cancel the order. It’s a liquidity-removing order duration preference similar to the “fill-or-kill order,” the only difference being that […]

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