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Arms Index

Arms Index (TRIN) Explained With Example

Although indexes can tell you what the overall market is doing, they can’t drill down and reveal more information. They can’t tell you how many assets are participating in a rally or pull back. They can’t show how many are moving in the opposite direction of the market. That’s why there are market breadth indicators […]

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Basket Trade

What is a Basket Trade and How do They Work?

A basket trade is an order type where you purchase or sell a group of securities. Basket trading allows you to pinpoint a specific sector, or a type of stock like higher dividend payers, that you believe will outperform. You can also target asset classes other than stocks, including currencies, commodities, and bonds. There are […]

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Market Breadth

Market Breadth: Why It’s Important For Traders

Whether you’re day trading or making long-term investment decisions, it’s important to know what the markets are doing. Often this is done with market indexes, such as the S&P 500 or the Russell 1000. But these values don’t always give you the whole picture, and oftentimes they don’t. That’s why smart traders use market breadth […]

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Black Swan Event

Trading Your Way Through a Black Swan Event

As the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic continues its dangerous spread around the world, Wall Street investors are becoming more risk-averse by the day. The pandemic looks set to have a significant negative impact on the global economy, companies, and financial markets. At this point, most market analysts are bracing for the possibility of the global […]

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Buy Stop Order

Buy Stop Order: How To Use Them Effectively

Your average trading platform will have anywhere from a few basic types of orders, to dozens of order types, depending on how advanced of a platform. One of those basic order types, included even in web-based discount brokerage platforms, is the buy stop order. What is a Buy Stop Order? A buy stop order is […]

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hulu stock

How To Buy Hulu Stock

The video streaming wars are intensifying day-by-day. Nowadays, streaming is one of, if not, the best ways to watch all your favorite TV shows and movies. In this article, we will discuss who Hulu is and what services they offer, a little bit about their industry and competitors, and how to buy Hulu stock. Who […]

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