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MaxAlpha Watchlist Review

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MaxAlpha Watchlist Review

MaxAlpha was founded in 2017 with the goal of providing day traders with information about active stocks thus aiding in faster decision making. As a platform, MaxAlpha helps to identify the best trading ideas finally compiling them into an easy to understand format.

The front end system is designed with the latest web technologies making it compatible with desktop PCs and smart devices. As a result, active day traders can access the platform while on the go.

The company caters to day traders and market professionals from around the world. Its servers are optimized to constantly learn about the market. This is helpful to day traders and market professionals as they are able to make the right decisions pertaining to entry and exit of a trade.

The systems begin to scan the markets from 4 AM. Thanks to unique algorithms designed by MaxAlpha, the system is able to check for stocks gapping up or down as a result of a particular event. Once the system identifies the stock that meets the gap and volume requirements, it automatically adds it to the watch list.

As a result, active day traders and market professionals can view the hottest stocks from the front end of MaxAlpha web platform thus saving time.

Services Offered

Every trader has the following goals – to identify market discrepancies, take advantage and profit. One way of keeping an eye on the market is through a watchlist. Basically, the system displays a list of securities from around the world which have potential trading or investing opportunities. As a day trader, your work is to keep an eye on such indicators like recent events, last price, net change and volume among others.

MaxAlpha offers users the following customization options:
a. Pre-market
b. Intraday
c. Post market

By selecting one of the options above, the system will display the hottest stock data and ideas which will save you from having to scan through stocks to find the best setups. Furthermore, the watchlist makes it easy for you to come up with trading strategies that help you profit.

Sign up and login

At the time of writing, MaxAlpha displays a brief watchlist on its front end. As a professional day trader, you can make full use of the system by creating an account. This will allow you to join the hundreds of day traders already using the system. You will be required to provide the following information – full names, email and password.

At the time of writing, MaxAlpha is offering a 50% discount on its monthly package if you use the following promo code “50OFF.” You can input the promo code when signing up to ensure that you qualify for the discount. Once you sign up, you can select the monthly package finally having access to all features. To watch the hottest stocks, all you have to do is login and select more options.

MaxAlpha Pricing

MaxAlpha provides investors and traders with the opportunity of customizing the watchlist and screen. Tons of filters are available allowing the system to display stocks that meet these conditions. Active traders have the opportunity of specifying fundamental and technical options with the hope of locating the hottest stock and investing opportunities.

Users have the opportunity of downloading their watchlists for later analysis or to use it as an educational tool. Thanks to the information rich window, day traders are able to make faster decisions. To have full access to MaxAlpha watchlist, day traders have to create an account.

At the time of writing, MaxAlpha is offering a monthly package priced at $10 and a 50% discount with the 50OFF promo code.

Final Thoughts

MaxAlpha is an upcoming web-based watchlist service that scans the market every morning from 4 AM making it accessible to active day traders in an easy to understand format. The platform has an easy to use interface that enables day traders to keep an eye on stock symbols, recent events, last price, net change and volume.

This allows users to stay powerfully informed and connected to markets around the world. As a result, users are able to come up with trading strategies thus capitalizing on the market and making profits.


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