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MetaStock Review 2020

  • Value For Investors
  • Value For Day Traders
  • Fees
  • Tools
  • Customer Service

MetaStock is an online stock analysis software with data provided by DataLink that was created to help traders make more informed trading decisions via their powerful tools and advanced charting abilities for trading in stocks, options, futures, commodities, forex, fixed income products and indices.

They feature proprietary scanning and analyzing tools that will assist you in making difficult trade decisions that you can test and compare on their powerful back-testing software before risking real capital.

I found their interface to be easy to use with tons of customization features based on your personal preference and rich graphics that are easy to look at. Their customer service was excellent and super friendly with quick response times and detailed explanations.

Fees & Features

There are a couple different options you can choose from for purchasing MetaStock and two different subscriptions to choose from. You can start off with their 30 day free trial to test out their software with real time data and charting before putting up any capital so you can see if you think its worth paying for and if it will fit into your trading.

Then you can either choose to pay a month fee or pay for the whole thing up front and save a bundle of money over the long run. The first subscription is their MetaStock Real Time that includes real time charting and analysis software designed for real-time market analysis and this will cost anywhere from $99 – $300 per month depending on the options and add-ons you choose.

The other option is the MetaStock Daily Charts Subscription that is especially designed for end of day traders and is powered by Reuters. This option costs either $24.94 per month or a one time payment of $449.

Both options offer free trials so if you are interested you can check them both out before putting any capital up. The only major downfall is that their software is only compatible with a windows operating system so all of you mac users will not be able to utilize this product.

With the MetaStock Real Time subscription you will gain access to their proprietary tools that will help you build a trading system that fits your trading style and risk parameters.

With the subscription you will be able to utilize the MetaStock Power Console which conveniently places all the features into one interface location making it easier than ever to review charts, run scans or tests and review reports. The simplicity of the system makes all difference when trying get your system up and running as soon as possible.

The MetaStock Daily Charts features powerful charting tools that are rich in graphics and have a huge array of customization features allowing you to set it up however you want.

It also features the ability to code your own indicators and trading systems and what’s really nice is if you don’t know how to code they will help you for a nominal fee.

Final Thoughts

MetaStock is a great product that has been helping traders make smarter and more informed decisions than ever before. Powerful technology like this is what help gives traders an edge in a very competitive market and we all know that having an edge is crucial to being successful over the long run.

The prices may seem steep at first but what you get in return can help save you tons of money from being donated to the markets and with their free trial you really nothing to lose. If you are interested in this product you can find out more information at their website.

As always if you have any questions or comments regarding Meta Stock, please leave us a comment below!


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