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Momentum Picking Back Up +$2K! | Ross’ Trade Recap


What’s up everyone? All right, so here we are finishing the week, Friday morning, up $2,000. Slack tide yesterday. Momentum picking back up today. Hit the daily goal and I’m feeling really good about that. I wanted to do something special here. I want to wish Matt a happy birthday. He’s a veteran, a member of the Warrior Trading family. I know you’re learning how to trade. You’re getting things started. You’re at the beginning of your journey and we want to be there side by side with you as you learn how to trade. So special happy birthday wish to you and I hope you enjoy today’s recap and I’ll see you of course first thing Monday morning.

Anyone with questions, comments on everything that I go over today, the trades, the entries, the exits, leave them below. I’ll answer them over the weekend. On Monday morning, a new trading challenge starts. I’m going to see how much I can make on my traveling trading station over the next few weeks. I’m going to trading on my laptop, probably not sitting in this, well, certainly not in my office because I’ll be traveling, probably not sitting even at a proper desk. Just be treading on my laptop, seeing how much I can make. So that challenge starts on Monday and stay tuned to see where I’m going to go. All right, see you guys first thing Monday morning.

All right everyone. So we’re going to do our midday market recap today. Another green day, second green day in a row, which is great. Not the biggest green day here, but $1,300 is not bad. This is in my main account and I also grabbed $829 in my IRA, both on AXGT. So combined about $2,100, daily goal, 2,000 a day. So I did it and it wasn’t easy. Today we saw a good amount of choppiness. I was right at my max loss on just below or just shy of hitting my max loss on AXGT in this account and that’s why I switched over and took my next trade in my main account or my IRA. I was like, “You know what, let’s just leave that for now. I don’t know.” I’ll just put that aside and kind of reset, start over and made 800 bucks.”

Then I just switched back to this account and on this spike right here, this is where we got this kind of … Excuse me, I’ve been sneezing the last couple days. I don’t know what’s going on. So right here is where we ended up getting a squeeze and a sudden break of $7 right up to 7.42. Stock got halted. So right there I made back most of my loss. I was still down $200 and then right through here I got back in and got myself back up to green. So this was my redemption right here and this little one minute micro pullback is this is where I lost some money. So I thought it was going to work right out of the gates here and get this nice little micro pullback, red to green move, surge back up and that ended up being a pretty big rejection.

So got chopped out there, but then made back my money through this move and then through this pullback right here. This was where I did really quite well. So all’s well that ends well. Definitely wild card Friday. Had some choppiness. Thought it was going to be my fourth red day of the week, but fortunately got myself out of the hole finishing green. So that means this week I did have three green days, which is disappointing, but it feels like maybe I’m on the other side of it as I come out here with a green day at the daily goal. So I’m going to put on the calendar, starting to see momentum pick back up, MOMO back. Hopefully that continues into next week. At this point, the goal next week would be to try to have five consecutive green days.

I have now had four red days for the month of June and unfortunately those red days have been fairly substantial. I have also had some incredible green days in the month of June. I mean we’ve been seeing a lot of opportunity, but I really wish that I could have kept some of those red days just a little bit smaller. So things to work on for the month of July is we’ve got the month kind of coming to the end next week and then new month starts July 1st. It will be time to evaluate what worked last month and what do I need to improve upon and for me, one of them is going to be to be a little bit more patient, to try not to give into that FOMO, that urge to just jump into a stock squeezing up and hopefully see just a little bit of cleaner follow through. I can only do what I’m able to do on my side to mitigate risk. If momentum is not there, it’s not there. So I just have to be patient. Hopefully things pick up next week.

So yeah, so that’s, anyways, that’s the game plan here. A nice finish to the week and I’ll be back at it on Monday and on Monday morning I’m going to start a traveling trading challenge to see how much I can make on my traveling trading station over the next couple of weeks. So that challenge is going to start on Monday morning, trading on my laptop. All right, so I’ll be sitting on my laptop and I’m seeing you guys all bright and early on Monday. All right. I’ll see you guys there. If you’re still watching, you must have really enjoyed that video. So why not subscribe and get email alerts anytime I upload new content? Remember when you subscribe, you become a member of the Warrior Trading family.