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Red On My Shirt, Green On The Day! +$1,300! | Ross’ Trade Recap


What’s up, everyone? Well, people said it couldn’t be done to wear a red shirt and finish the day green. I just did it, up $1,300. Solid green day. Second green day in a row, 3,700 yesterday, 1,300 today, so that’s $5,000 in two days. I want to finish off this week with one more green day tomorrow, Friday. That would be great. Then we’ve got, let’s see, total of four more days left in the month of July, so Friday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. My goal, if possible, is to have four more green days, but if I have a red day, I want to have it the smallest red day possible so I can just kind of reclaim a little bit of profit that I gave back during, not really this week, but last week and a little bit from the week before.

That’s what I’m thinking here as we come to the end of the month, just try to finish strong and go into August, the time of year that typically for me is the slowest, just sort of coasting. Just take it easy. Share size is going to still be smaller, not as aggressive. If I can make, I would say through the month of August, 500 to 700 a day, it’s going to be a great month. So adjusting the goals for the market conditions. That’s all right. That’s what you got do. Any questions, comments, leave them below. I’ll see you guys first thing tomorrow morning.

All right, everyone, so we’re going to do our Midday Market Recap here. We’re going to go over the trades from this morning. Another Green Day, $1,356.15, which is not too bad. Today, given the fact that the market has been a little slower in the last couple of weeks, I set my mental goal of 500 to a thousand dollars, and knowing that if I broke over a thousand, I could get my way to my $2,000 typical daily goal, that that would be great. But I didn’t really expect to get the full two grand today unless we had something that really took off. We kind of didn’t, at least as far as small caps go.

The first trade out of the gates was on EDAP, which actually was off the watch list for a break of the pre-market high of 3.12. I did not take that break. I saw the float as being 28 million shares, and I didn’t really think it had a lot of potential, so I underestimated it. It broke the pre-market high and squeezed right up to 3.37, which was awesome. Really solid move there. I took a trade on the first pullback down here, scalping the move up to a high of a .45.

I actually took my first trade right here for the break of .30 thinking it was going to go straight to the half dollar, and I lost $123, so I stopped with a loss. I then got back in right here. It was actually, the spot that I got back in was right there. Got back in right here to scalp this break through the highs up to .45. There, I made back the 123 I lost, plus $291 of profit. Trading that one with only 6,000 shares, being a little bit more conservative on it, but I think that that was the right move.

YOGA, yes, I did see this when making a bit of a move, which is nice. It’s a penny stock. It’s below a dollar, so I didn’t trade it. It’d break my rules to do that, but a nice 50% squeeze from 50 cents up to about 70, 80 cents, so that’s awesome to see. Once they get over a dollar, I get interested. Below that level, I usually leave them alone.

Then YUMA was an interesting one. It hit the scanners here at $1.94, and when it hit the scanners, I looked at it. It, I guess I had this pullback here, and I jumped right in for the break over $2. It hit a high of 2.04. It then pulled back for a second, and I added right here at 2.03, anticipating the break over this one minute candle of 2.07. Then it hit 2.15, and I was taking profit up there around 2.15.

This ended up being a pretty nice trade. I took 9,000 shares of this one being that it was a little cheaper and being that it was kind of similar to DMPI yesterday in the sense that a somewhat recent reverse split like DMPI, a pretty clean daily chart bouncing off the lows. Unfortunately, no catalyst. YUMA, you can see here, recent reverse split bouncing off the lows coming into moving average resistance, not perfect, but a history of being a former runner as we remember.

The big thing with this was no catalyst, unfortunately, and that probably was why it didn’t hold its levels very well, but I was able to make some money on it, so a thousand there, 291 on EDAP. That’s a $1,300 green day, which is terrific. For those that watch Mike’s trades, he had a really nice trade on Tesla this morning, just under $10,000 of profit shorting this early morning bear flag right here.

This is where he got short. He added on a break through the lows, and look at this drop from $230 all the way down here to a low of 225, a $5 per share drop. I know he said he was being pretty aggressive on the share size, but that’s awesome. Just about, I don’t know, $9,500 of profit or something like that for him on this one. Really a solid move.

I know that this is one of his favorite strategies, shorting these stocks that are showing weakness. Don’t just short right out of the gates. Let it pop up for a second bear flag, and then get short for the nice sell-off. Really solid move there on that Tesla short trade with Mike. Those of you guys who don’t already check out his recaps, they’re uploaded to YouTube. His chat room, you have access to his chat room as part of your subscription here. At Warrior Trading, you have access to all of our chat rooms.

My chat rooms, Steve’s futurist trading chat room and Mike’s large cap room. Of course, our member support room, and then the Warrior Pro Mentor Session room for those students. But yeah, so anyways, nice to see some follow through there for him. Nice big win. He’s probably gonna be in better shape on the month than I am, almost definitely, but I’m making progress, and I’m going to hope to finish the week with one more green trade tomorrow, and then…

I really want to finish the month without another red day. Of course, being down $123 today, I said to myself, “You know what, if you end up closing the day red, $123’s not a big deal.” Made 3,700 yesterday, so a small red day is okay. I’d like to finish, let’s say, the month without another big red day. That would be a good accomplishment considering the market has been a little choppy the last couple of weeks.

We had a great start to July. I made about $27,000 in 10 trading days, or actually eight trading days, but then things started to slow off, slow down. The last two weeks have been a choppy, so hopefully this week I can finish with a green trade on Friday, and then Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, wrap up the month of July, and then go into August with a little bit of momentum.

Having said that, we know that August is typically a difficult time a year. A lot traders do take holiday, and they’re out on vacation, especially big money traders. We can look, I can show you my stats for, my seasonal stats, not to discourage you guys. In fact, maybe the opposite that if you can be green in August, boy, you are setting yourself a really solid foundation for the rest of the year. It’s a good time to be trading in the simulator, a good time to be a just practicing.

Let’s see. This is the last three years. Performance by year. That’s nice to see. This year, got a little… Well, let’s see, this is net. Let’s do net. It’ll be still same curve. I’m already above 2016, which is great. Not to go to get above 2017 and a 2018, 500 grand. That’s my goal to match that. Now, obviously, getting up here to 650 so would be keeping with the curve, but it may happen, it may not.

Anyways, let’s see. Performance by month. No, this isn’t the one that I wanted because that’s this year. I want to look at detailed… and then here we go. This is performance by month of the year, and this is over the last three years, 2016, ’17, ’18, and including 2019 year to date. Of course, up through June, we’re already showing 2019’s numbers, so these are gonna be even higher, presumably, by the end of the year.

Maybe a better way to look at it would just be from 2015 here through January of 2019. That way it’s a little more even. Okay, so that’s three years of training. These are actually my worst months of the year. Now, this September, September was low because I had one year that I took a really big loss in September, and so I went red that month. That, unfortunately, drew down my profits in September. But typically August, September are times to be more cautious. This is what we’re looking at.

That means once we get through it, this is what we’re coming into, October, November, December, January, and then February, March, April, May, June, decent. Slowing down again August, September, and then picking back up, so get ready, study up so when things start to pick up October, November, December, you’re able to make some really good money during the hottest time of the year.

All right, so anyways, just wanted to go over that with you guys. Again, today, 1:00 p.m. Eastern, I’m hosting a workshop for those of you guys who aren’t already in the Warrior Pro classes, so encourage you to register if you haven’t already. There’s the link. I’ll see you guys in just about, well, two hours for that workshop. All right, everyone else, I’ll see you first thing tomorrow morning live streaming around 9:15. We’re gonna try and finish up this week with one more green day. All right, see you guys this afternoon, and then everyone else, first thing tomorrow morning.

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