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Ross’ Trade Recap: Big Wins, Big Grin +$13,855!

big wins

What’s up, everyone? All right, so here we are, Thursday morning, and you know what? A big green day. Biggest green day of the month. I’m up $13,800 this morning, in less than an hour and a half of trading. I mean, that is awesome. Life is good.


Time to go enjoy the summer weather. I mean, that feels really nice. So this has been a choppy month, but had a great day on Monday. A $10 thousand on Monday. Little chop yesterday, went into the red.

But today, bounced right back. So I want to keep the momentum going, see what we can do Friday and see what we can do next week to finish off this month, because the reality is, momentum is back in the market.

This week has been a little choppy, it’s been a little bit different from how it was in April and in May, but we’ve been seeing big movers, so it’s time to dig deep, focus, and try to capitalize on these opportunities that we’re seeing almost every single day.

So we’ll be back at it first thing tomorrow morning, but before then, let’s break down the trades from today in our Midday Market Recap.

All right, everyone, so we’re going to break down the trades from today. This is the funny thing with the markets, as quick as it comes, it can go, and yesterday I lost $5,700. Seems like a pretty big red day, not a lot of fun. Today, I’m up $13,855.85. Boom. I’m back in the game, just like that.

So that’s just the way trading goes. Now, the numbers that you’re looking at here for me are big numbers because I traded with big size, and I’ve been doing this for a long time. So I can handle these types of whips in my PNL. Some traders, a red day would be down 5 hundred and a green day would be up 13 hundred if you’re maybe trading 10% of my size. And that’s totally okay.

You might be a beginner trader who’s down $50 on a bad day and up 130 on a good day, and that’s okay too. It’s all relative to where you’re at with your risk tolerance. But the reality is, this week we’ve seen a lot of momentum.

I’ve just had a hard time capitalizing on it because my go-to strategy of being aggressive right out of the gates has cost me a little bit because many of the stocks that we saw this week were really strong pre-market, and then by the time the bell rang, they were already starting to kind of roll over or be at the very top, and it wasn’t a good place to be aggressive. So that was part of why I actually … I went into the red actually every day for the last five days I’ve gone into the red.

Last Friday, I went into the red before finishing the day up 300 bucks. Monday, I went into the red 3 thousand before making a $10 thousand profit, and then finished the day up 75 hundred.

Tuesday, I went down 3 thousand, finished the day up a thousand, and then Wednesday I just went straight down, finished the day down 5 grand. Today, I was down $184 on my very first trade, on SBOT, and then made $11 thousand on XBIO, and another 3 thousand on ABIL. And so just like that, $13,855 on the day. There it is. Big arrow.

All right, so I have $73 thousand in my account this morning. My account’s up like 20% today. So tomorrow, the account will be up at like $86 thousand, which is awesome. I mean, I could take this money out on Friday, tomorrow, and go spend it this weekend. But I won’t. I’m going to leave it there for right now. But anyways, this is a nice bounce back today.

I wasn’t really expecting it, but hey, I’ll take it. I’m not going to say no to a $13 thousand day, it’s my best day of the month right now. And it definitely makes up for starting the month in the red. So I’m happy for that.

But the fact remains that the market has been a little bit choppy for small cap traders, especially because we’ve been seeing so many of these big moves happen pre-market. So let’s look at the stocks that I traded today and kind of break down the moves. So very first trade was on SBOT. Today, like every other day, we start by looking at our gap scanner.

This scanner right here, this is our secret weapon, our holy grail. This is finding us the stocks that are going to open higher than they closed yesterday. Now, the only reason stocks open higher than they closed the previous day is generally because of some type of catalyst, some type of news event.

So here you have the gap scanner this morning. These are the stocks gapping up more than … Dang it. I thought I changed that to more than five percent. In any case, I’m going to change it now. I’ll do it later, whatever. Four percent is still fine. These are all the stocks gapping up more than four percent.

It’s a pretty short list. So people who are thinking, “Geez, Ross, it’s got to be hard for you to find stocks to trade.” It’s not because I use this tool. So just like this, I look at the top 10 gappers each day, and our leading gapper this morning was SBOT, gapping up 50%, 1.2 million share float, 3.6 million shares of pre-market volume.

This was the thing that had me a little concerned. That’s a lot of volume pre-market. Before the bell had even rung it had over 4 million shares of volume. Now the bell rings, and it ends up squeezing up as you can see here. And I was a little bit, I was hesitating on it. I didn’t really know if I could trust it. On the one minute chart, you can see how it popped up from 64 up to 79, did a little one minute micro pullback, and then from there, squeezed up to 311.

I was nervous in this area that it was going to be choppy, and because I’ve lost money the last couple days trading right out of the gates, I decided to sit tight and wait. I ended up getting in right here on this little one minute micro pullback thinking that we were going to break over high of day.

So it popped up and then I stopped out on this drop right here. And then, of course it ends up running. So just again, difficult price action to trade. I went with small size, so my loss of $184 wasn’t that big of a deal. So $184 in the red on that one. And that was the only stock that was on our watch list this morning. XBIO, my big winner, that wasn’t on the watch list.

But shortly after the bell rang, it was on our scanners. So I’m just going to run this scanner here. Let’s go back here. I got to run historical data on this. Okay, so timeframe, we’ll do this morning. So I added a new scanner here for you guys in the classes. Warrior Pro students, active Warrior Pro students, you’ll be able to download this new scanner. This is going to show you stocks as they get halted.

All right, so we’ll let that load for a second. So let’s see, XBIO, it first hits the scanner down here at 410. Let’s see, actually it might have hit the scanner even earlier than that. No, I guess not. Okay, XBIO, it first hits the scanner at $4.10. It hit the high of 736. So even if you were just trading right off the scanner, that’s a huge win.

But it hits four and I see it pop up and I’m kind of like, “Well, it’s interesting but the spreads are pretty big, so I’m going to give it a second.” So it pops up here to 432. I see it hit the scanner several times. It then pulls back for a second, and I get in on this one minute micro pullback.

It’s the same set up that I took on SBOT, but this one worked. So I jumped in this with 75 hundred shares at the half dollar of 450. Next thing you know, boom, it’s hitting 490. I’m up 40 cents per share. So that’s really big move. That’s like $3 thousand of profit. I’m holding the entire position. It’s halted on a circuit breaker for 10 minutes. Why is this thing not loading? It’ll sometimes go to yesterday and it’ll load faster. It doesn’t look like it is, but anyways, this was halted at 490. So halted on a 10 minute circuit breaker halt because it had moved more than 10% within a five minute period.

All right, so it pops up. The volume was light on it, but the set up was decent. And it was showing that it already wanted to move. So by the time I was getting in at 450, it was already up 80% on the day. So that’s the thing. This thing was taking off. And this is going to go with or without me, because all the traders all around the world using these scanners are seeing this stock squeezing up in real time. So I jump in and try to ride the momentum on it. And my entry is at the half dollar of 450. It pops up, squeezes up to 618, continues higher, goes up to a high of 736, all the way up here, and just like that, from 450 to $7, it’s a 50% move, $11 thousand of profit.

Boom, just like that. All right, so this was a good trade. It worked out well. It was a one minute micro pullback set up on a stock that was on the scanners, already up 80% on the day. So let’s see, I still want this … No, don’t do that. I still want this thing to load. I don’t know why it’s not loading. But anyways, so this pops up here, it pulls back, consolidates a little bit. I end up taking a couple more trades on it. I buy the first five minute candle to make a new high, right here. So that candle is the first five minuted candle to make a new high from 606 up to 650. On that one, I held, looking for a retest of high of day and I ended up losing 300 bucks.

I get back in right here, again, trying to go for that retest of high of day, and I lose another 500 bucks. So I lost $800 on these second two trades. Both of them were winners, but I was holding for a bigger move and it kept not happening. So I think it was worth a stab. To me, any day where I’m up $13, $14 thousand in the first 40 minutes of trading, that’s a day to dig a little deep, look for that next opportunity, keep trying to push it, because it could be the day where you finish up $22 thousand, or 25 thousand. If I had just walked away after XBIO I would have missed this $3 thousand winner on ABIL.

So ABIL also hits the scanners. I’ll scroll up here, you can see XBIO all over the scanners. RTTR hits the scanners, I didn’t trade it. XBI … ABIL. ABIL hits the scanners, and at first I wasn’t really sure that I liked it. I said, “It’s worth watching over the half dollar of 250, but I’m going to wait to see if it gets a little more confirmation. I’m a buyer around the $3 spot.” It squeezes up and I get in at 289.

It gets halted on a five minute circuit breaker at 309 and then squeezes all the way up to a high of 363. So from 240 to 363, another 50% move. I mean, it’s crazy. By the time I was getting in, it was already up 30% on the day, so I’m chasing it a little bit, but these are days where I feel okay chasing it because the stocks on the scanners, because we’re seeing momentum in the market.

So these scanners, this is how I’m finding stocks to trade. If I didn’t have these scanners, I would never see a stock like ABIL. I’m not going and researching these companies, I’m finding them in real time, as they’re spiking up. So this is really the most valuable tool that I have. So those were my three trades today, XBIO, ABIL, and SBOT. Was up about 14,500 at the high of day, and finished up whatever it is, $13,855. So I’m happy with that. SBOT, little chop, but that entry on XBIO, that was the winner. So really happy that I was able to get a little bit of redemption there, and makes up for yesterday.

Yesterday was a little bit of choppy day. I didn’t get good follow through, but today, I bounced back. So just like that, things can … The tide can change quickly. That $13 thousand, that really changes the way my month looks. Right now, it puts me up $283 thousand on the year, and up $619 thousand in my account that I started with less than $600 a year and a half ago. So from $600 to $619 thousand in 18 months. Not bad at all.

All right, so today is the 112th day of the day, still averaging right around $25, $26 hundred per day this year. So not bad. I’m happy with it. Tomorrow, Friday, we’ll just see if we can finish up the week strong. I’m not going to try to be a hero, but the reality is we are seeing some pretty good momentum and when the markets are hot, that’s a good time to put the pedal to the metal and be a little more aggressive.

So I’m going to continue to be a little bit more aggressive. But the reality is on XBIO, I only took 75 hundred shares. I’m not trading huge size. On ABIL, I only took 5 thousand shares. So I’m not maxing my share size, I still have room to go higher, I’m just been a little bit careful. I just … Mostly because I had a rough start to the month, and so right now, I’m not really in the position to swing for the fences. I’m more in the mindset of base hits and trying to recoup some of those early losses and get myself up to green on the month, and them up maybe $10 thousand, $15 thousand.

This is not going to be a month where I’m going to be a hero or do anything. It’s not a $75 thousand month like last month, but June has just been a little bit choppy. So that’s all right.

Green is good, progress, every day making progress, and I’ll be back at it first thing tomorrow morning, 9:15. We’ll be doing our pre-market analysis using these same scanners, the same gap scanner, and hopefully we’ll find some decent stocks to trade. Students in the Warrior Pro classes, you can download my latest version here of these scanner settings, which will include this halted stock scanner.

For whatever reason it’s not loading right now. I don’t know why that is, but it’ll show stocks that get halted so you’re able to at least see right there, “Oh, this stock just got halted.” All right, so that’s it for me. I’ll see you all back here first thing tomorrow morning. Hopefully we’ll finish up the week with a couple more green trades.

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