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Ross’ Trade Recap: Finishing June with a Bang +$2K!


What’s up everyone? All right, so here we are, end of June. It’s been a crazy month. Some big ups, some big downs, finishing the month with another two thousand dollars of profit. Today is the day 118th trading day of the year.


I’m going to write it here, two thousand dollars. As of today I’m up three hundred and fifteen thousand dollars on the year. Six months into the years. That’s crazy. I’ve never had this good of a start to a year. Right now I’m tracking for, well, six hundred and thirty thousand dollars.

Remember, I needed to make six hundred and sixty five thousand dollars by the end of December in order to break a million dollars in the account that I started January 1, 2017, 18 months ago, with under six hundred bucks. From six hundred bucks to a million dollars in two years, can it be done?

The next six months will tell us but you know, this month of June was pretty crazy. Started with that big red day. It was, let’s see, one, two, three, well four weeks ago today. Stared with that big red day. Really disappointing. It got me into the hole. I had to spend the rest of the next two weeks digging myself out of the hole and then the last two weeks have just been profit. I mean forty-seven thousand dollars in two weeks. Really nice.

You know life is good. It’s been a great month. Up thirty seven thousand dollars. I’m happy with that. And we’re going to keep it going. Keep the momentum alive. Keep it going into July. Hopefully we see this hot streak continue. Today, no reason to think it won’t. GBR went from a dollar sixty to four dollars and fifty cents.

We are still seeing some crazy momentum. For all you guys that are studying, that are in the classes, that are trying to learn how to trade, this is the time to study hard because we’ve got this window right now of opportunity, of momentum and you want to capitalize on it as much as you can because once it closes well, then we might have two, three weeks of slow trading where we got to just sit on our hands. Just got to be making do with smaller profits until things open up again.

That’s the way the market goes. It’s the ebb and flow, the ups and the downs. You just got to roll with it. Remember what I said a couple weeks ago, you got to trade based on the market that you’re in today, not the market that you want to be in. When it’s a slow market you got to be able to sit tight and go easy knowing that you’ll get to the other side and when it gets there, it’s pretty awesome.

That’s it for me. Enjoy the recap today. Enjoy the questions, enjoy the comments. Leave them below. I’m going to come through over the weekend and answer every single one of them. All right, I’ll see you guys back here Monday morning, 9:00, 9:15 for pre market analysis.

All right everyone so here we are. It is the last day of June. This has been a pretty crazy month. Some big ups and big downs. In the last two weeks I’ve been on a hot streak that has given me forty-seven thousand five hundred thirty dollars and ninety-four cents of profit and another two thousand dollars today.

You know the last two weeks have been awesome but the first two weeks of June were really tricky. That’s kind of the way it goes. In May, I finished with what was it seven five thousand dollars of profit? And it really all came in the first three weeks. And then the last two weeks were kind of slow.

We basically had almost a month of sort of slow trading from the middle of May through the middle of June and then you know it’s picked back up and today we’ve seen a couple of really impressive moves. Those of you guys that were in our workshop yesterday, thank you so much. That was a lot of fun.

We were able to answer a lot of questions and I hope open your eyes to the opportunity that we see every single day in the market. Today’s another day. I told you guys about how my big discovery learning a trade was that every single day there’s a stock that moves 20 to 30%. Well today, no exception.

The big mover today, GBR. This is a stock that right now is up 89%. It didn’t just go up 20 or 30%, it’s up a full 89%. On this one I’ve got about eight hundred dollars of profit. I didn’t get a home run on it but I made some money. You know this is another solid solid day of trading.

Now early next week we’ll do a whole June in review type of session when I’ve got my broker statements from my broker and when I’ve got all the trades from today imported and we can look at the metrics. We can look at my profit loss ratio, my percentage of success, all of those things but for right now we can just kind of look at high level and I’ll look at the trades from this morning.

You can see GBR is still continuing. I’m not going to push my luck on it. I found that it was just a very, honestly a surprising move. This thing went from a dollar sixty and when it first started popping up I was like, “No, I don’t think I’m interested guys because here’s the deal. Yesterday it was so weak right?

Look at yesterday. It made this big move pre-market and then once the bell rang it just totally sold off. It dropped like 50%.” When I saw it popping up initially I just sort of thought, “Well, maybe it’s a little bit of a relief bounce. A little bounce off the low. I don’t think it’s really going to do that much,” you know. And next thing you know it’s at two forty.

I first get in a two forty right here. This is my first entry on GBR. We’ll just talk about this one first since it’s really been the big mover today. My first entry was at two forty. Let me just scroll up on GBR here. This is my first entry, two thirty nine and then adding it at actually two forty-four.

That was right in, sorry, this area right here. I got in. It pops up at two forty five. I’m in with seven five hundred shares and then it drops all the way to two twenty five so I’m down over a thousand bucks on it and I’m just like, “Dang it.”

You know this thing, it faked me out and I’ve been faked out already a couple times today so when it came back up I was trying to basically get out, break even. Thirty nine, thirty eight. Try to minimize the loss.

From being down a thousand, I ended up closing the trade down about a hundred and seventy bucks. I lost a hundred and seventy bucks on the first trade on GBR and I just sort of thought, “You know what, this thing’s choppy. It’s a pain. I don’t know.”

And next thing you know it goes up to two sixty and right at two sixty we saw this big seller sitting there, holding it down. Finally, it breaks over two sixty. It hits two seventy and then it flushes back here down to two forty five. And so just sort of thought, “You know what, I don’t know if this one has a lot of potential. I’ll just keep it on watch.”

And then right here is it started to open back up. I was like, “You know what, I’m going to go back in this one.” I get back in at two seventy-eight. I added two eighty five. I add more at two ninety five and I add another twenty five hundred shares at two ninety-nine for the break over three dollars. It breaks three.

Not as convincing a break as I was hoping. And look at GBR now, you can see it’s continuing. It breaks three. Not as convincing as I was hoping and then I sell at three, three dollars. I try to sell at two oh four. I don’t get filled. I basically sell the whole thing at three, three oh four and two eight four.

But this was the place where we finally start to take off and then you can see it dropped all the way back down to two seventy-three. Then it comes down, comes down, and then just here in the last few minutes it curled up back to two forty, dropped on this candle, I’m sorry three forty, dropped on this candle all the way back down to three and then it’s just popped up here.

We’re seeing a lot of this chop where it’s popping up and fading, popping up and fading and for me it’s not been the easiest one to trade. I’m quite happy with the eight hundred dollars that I have in profit on that one.

That was GBR. Wasn’t expecting it at all. It’s now up 100%. This just goes to show that when you have a stock that moves 100%, what you have is a big window. This is what we call a window of opportunity. Even if you only capture small pieces of it because the window is so big, those small pieces can add up to a lot of profit.

I’ve got eight hundred and eighty eight dollars and I’m happy with that. But this one has actually only been halted once today. I was expecting more circuit breaker halts given this move but the fact that it was only halted once shows that the way it’s moved has kind of been this grinding pattern. Up and down, up and down, up and down and not big clean breakouts. Really except for maybe two.

That was GBR. Off our watch list this morning I had VVPR on watch. Now this one we are watching for a gap and go but I had said that I was a little iffy about it because it had sold off a little bit versus the pre-market highs. VVPR was the first one that I got into. I’m just going to turn this down so it doesn’t distract me.

VVPR was the first one that I got into. Excuse me. I was anticipating basically just a break of three dollars. The bell rings and I got in at three dollars. Really it was right at three, the break of three. I think I tried to get in a little earlier than that. I thought I was in at two ninety five but any case, I guess I was in at three.

It pops up to a high of three thirty. I sell at three oh eight. I add back at three ten. Add back more at three twelve. I’m selling at three thirteen, three twelve. It didn’t really open up as much as I wanted. I then added at three eighteen, sold at three twenty-four, sold the rest at three eleven.

It’s kind of one of those … I guess I sold a little bit at three thirty two. It’s kind of one of those ones where I buy and I sell and it pops back up and I buy again and then I sell and then I buy again and then I sell. What I’m doing there is I’m scalping the little breaks over half dollars, whole dollars, over nickles and dime, expecting pretty much an immediate resolution.

This is the way I’ve been trading for the last well maybe two weeks where we’ve been seeing these stocks moving so quickly. I get in, I get profit, I get out. I get back in, I get profit and I get out. I just keep doing that and on this one I was holding a core position until I finally sold the rest of it at I guess three seventeen.

VVPR made five hundred dollars profit. Not a big win. Really didn’t hold up very well. It ended up dropping and isn’t really looking that great now but it was worth a stab. It kind of double topped against the pre-market high so a little tricky there.

Next one down was FRD. Also on the watch list. And this one, I was kind of bummed on it because I jumped in pretty high. All of a sudden I see it and it’s taking off. Like we were waiting it at eight dollars and next thing you know it’s at nine fifty. I was like, “All right, this thing looks interesting,” so I tried to get in a little bit smaller size, fifteen hundred shares but I tried to buy forty five hundred shares total at nine fifty four.

I only filled two hundred and sixty. I tried to get in there. It only filled two hundred sixty. It pops up to ten twenty-two and I had my orders ready to add so I decided to add at nine eighty-nine and nine ninety-eight but again, only getting partial fills. It then pops up. It breaks over the whole dollar. And as always, I try selling the other side of it scaling out at ten twenty-one and then I ended up selling the rest at nine ninety-nine and nine fifty-one as it came back down.

It just really didn’t hold up very well. It was pretty disappointing actually. You can it kind of curled around here but overall it was weak. Now this one had a catalyst. It was fourth quarter earnings, which was great. It made this really nice move from eight dollars to ten dollars but I really only captured the very top of it.

Again, when you have a window that’s that big even if you do only capture a small amount of it because the window’s so big those small amounts certainly add up.

FRD, kind of disappointing there. And one of the thing things I really encourage you guys to do is you want to find your entry point and take profit when you have it. That’s what I always do. I get in and a lot of times as soon as I get in and I’m up ten, fifteen cents, I’m going to take some profit. That’s the thing to do. Take a little profit.

And then I’m going to look inside. Okay, where can I add back or where I’m going to stop out of the rest of it. I’ll get in, I’ll take a little profit and then look for the opportunity to add back. On VBPR I get in, I take a little profit as it breaks over the whole dollar. It then shows strength so I add back at three ten. It pops up over three ten. I sell some at three, I guess in this case three thirteen. I then add back at three eighteen.

I keep adding and selling, adding and selling, and what that type of trading is it’s definitely, it’s scalp trading. It’s small win here, small win there and over time those add up. Now another strategy is to trade purely on five minute time frames. The problem with this in this case you could have gotten in at three and maybe still been holding on a five minute pattern. The only problem with this is your hold time is longer.

With a longer hold time comes more risk because you’ve got exposure risk. And of course here with an entry at two ninety and a stop at two sixty five, there are a lot of times where this might pop to three ten, which is a ten cent winner, and then come all the way back down. For me, the way I trade, I’m going to take the profit at three ten and if it comes back down, I’ll sell the rest, break even and I still have a winner on the name.

If it goes up even further, well I’ll add back and I’ll add back and I’ll add back and I just keep doing that until the next thing you know it’s whatever it is, four dollars. This is just seven point two million shares of volume, 120%, big squeeze there. Three sixty to three ninety-nine. Three ninety-three by four dollars right now, thirteen thousand share seller on the ask. I see buyers coming in.

Now four thousand. There’s a buyer. But here you go, this is a hidden seller. That right there is what we call a hidden seller because it only is showing a hundred shares. And obviously more than a hundred shares of volume just went through so that’s someone doing an iceberg order where they’re doing … Maybe they’re selling two hundred fifty thousand shares but they’re only, or twenty-five thousand whatever, but they’re only showing a hundred. What they’re showing versus what they actually are selling.

It’s a funny thing the way you can do that but you can and some people do. Especially if they’re trying to unload a position or take a short position. Those are the two examples where we see that. GBR is going to be a stock where I’m going to have to say, “Yeah, I left money on the table,” but I’m a guy walking away today with two thousand dollars of profit and you’ve got to know when to walk away.

And if you’re greedy and you always try to go back for more and more and more, eventually you’re going to get your hands slapped by the market and that’s what has happened to me many times.

Now PED, this was one that I got really frustrated on today. GBR, just want to see what it does here. Still showing resistance at that whole dollar ninety-seven so if someone tucks in under the ask a little bit. Now ninety-one. Someone tucks in a little bit lower. People trying to sell here it looks like. Profit takers. PED, this one got me twice. Really annoying.

My first entry on PED, lets see, was two eighty-five, two eighty-nine, two ninety, three dollars. I take a pretty good size position. My cost basis is two ninety-one right here and then it drops all the way to two fifty-seven. It does that big drop and then it comes back up and I basically sell it kind of as close to break even as I could but I lost a thousand dollars on that first trade.

It then curls back up and I get back in it right here thinking, “Okay, it’s going to go again. I’m going to give it another shot.” I get back in. Where was it, two ninety-five, and then it drops all the way back down to two eighty and then two sixty. It got me twice. Lost a thousand bucks twice on this one.

Really frustrating. I mean that kind of thing can really frustrate you and with that I went from being up a thousand on the day to being down about eight hundred on the day. The thousand dollars was on FRD and VVPR eleven hundred and then I lost two thousand on that.

A couple small trades on RADA. Not very exciting there. The stock just couldn’t really hold up. I got in at three oh four. Stopped out and this candles. It dropped back down and now it’s actually curled back up. That one’s whatever. Hundred and seventy dollar loss on that. DFBG, this is one you know that was in play a couple days ago.

I took a stab at it at lets see, the high was four seventy-one. I got in at four sixty-six right here. It popped up to a high of four eighty-nine but it couldn’t break that whole dollar of five. I ended up stopping as it came back down. A little bit of profit on that, eight hundred bucks. Seventy five hundred shares, ten cents, twelve cents, that’s enough to put a winner out on the P&L.

And let’s see, ABIL. This was another one that I was looking at this on a daily chart. This was a daily bull flag. It’s the first daily candle to make a new high and again, if you held this flag pattern you know your entry would be right here and you’d actually still be holding because it hasn’t broken the low of the previous day. But the reality is I can’t afford to hold that long.

I got in this, I took two trades on it. One trade out of the gates. Getting in here for the break of eight dollars. This one didn’t hold up at all and it came back down. I then got back in at eight, where was it, no sorry, my first entry was at eight right here. I got in at eight right here. It pops in at a high of eight thirty four. Doesn’t hold up and I stop as it comes back down.

I got back in right here at eight seventy five. It pops up to nine dollars and I sold this at eight ninety-nine. I was like, “I’m getting out of this. I’m taking my profit.” I ended up making money back on ABIL but it was a little choppy. One trade here and one trade here and now it’s kind of chopped out.

A little bit disappointing today in general. I’ve got two, four, five, I’ve got a number of stocks I traded but we just didn’t see really good follow through.

You know what, two thousand dollars, I’m happy with that. GBR for those of you that are still trading, it’s making a big move. I’m just surprised because there’s no news and yesterday it was so weak so I really don’t know the rationale for this but remember, the market can be irrational and you’ve just go to trade those chart patterns. It’s all about the technicals at this point.

Anyways, great job for those of you that made some money today. I’m finishing the month up about thirty seven thousand dollars. I started in the red very first day of June. Lost sixteen grand and had to spend the rest of the month digging myself out. Got myself out of the hole and I’m now up thirty seven thousand dollars on the month.

That puts me up three hundred fifteen thousand dollars on the year six months in. Six months into the year at three hundred fifteen thousand dollars, that puts me tracking for six hundred and thirty grand. That would be a great year. I’m sitting at six hundred and fifty-two thousand in my account that I started with five hundred and eighty-three dollars about eighteen months ago so pretty exciting there.

You can see the trade count here. Eighty seven trades, a hundred and forty thousand shares traded. Still trading a pretty big size. Being a little bit more aggressive. It seems like that’s the thing to do but yeah, it’s been a great two weeks but we’ll see how July plays out. First week of July with 4th of July might be a little bit slow.

Some traders who take the holiday, take the whole week off, things like that. All right, commissions today are going to be around four hundred bucks most likely. A lot of shares traded and a lot of executions but that’s okay. Green is good. That’s what counts. All right, another green day and we’ll do our full recap of the month of June early next week.

All right everyone so I hope you guys have a great weekend and we’ll see you back here first thing Monday morning, nine, nine fifteen for pre-market analysis. All right, those of you guys that are just joining the classes, getting into it, study up this weekend. The market’s hot.

Hopefully next week will be pretty good too and make’s you want to really be up to speed with the patterns we’re trading and the entries, the exits and everything else. Get into those classes, have fun and I’ll see you all back here first thing on Monday morning. All right, see you guys Monday.

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