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Ross’ Trade Recap: New Office Luck +$10K

new office luck

What’s up, everyone? All right, so here we are, second day in the office. Yesterday was a great day. $6,700, really pumped. Today, well, … wasn’t sure what I would do. Finished up $10,400; a big win. I needed it. I’m really happy about that.


Four days of trading, $35,000 of profit, just like that. The momentum has picked up. Now we’re suddenly seeing these stocks go up 50, 60, 70, even 100% in one day. This is the time to put the pedal to the metal and capitalize on the opportunity. There’s a window in front of me, and I’m trying to make as much as I can in this window before it closes.

Here’s the thing: I did my Facebook live recap today around 11:00. While I was doing Facebook life, I ended up taking a couple of trades. It was kind of a surprise. All of a sudden, I saw some good opportunities and jumped in.

I want to give you guys that recap. Here’s the problem: when I download it off Facebook, it’s only 720. The quality is not as good as usual. All right, so be forewarned; but you’ll hear the audio. You’ll be able to see it, follow along. I think you guys are going to enjoy this, because it includes some live trading. All right, so here’s the day: $10,400. Green is good. $35,000 in the last four days.

The momentum is alive. We’re going to get back at it first thing tomorrow morning, so enjoy the recap. You have questions, you have comments, leave them below. I read them all, and I’ll come back and answer them later today. All right, I’ll see you guys in the morning. …

All right, what’s up, everyone? We’re going to go over the trades from this morning. Second day in the new office. I’m finishing the morning up. $9,387 and 54 cents. This is awesome. This is a great way to start my … the next five years of trading in this space with two big green days. I’m really happy about that. This month has taken a real turn for the better. It was off to a difficult start at the very beginning of the month, but in the last four days, I’ve made $35,000. Just like that.

That’s something I really needed this month. I got it. We’ve got three days left in the month. I’m on what I would say is a little bit of a hot streak. I just want to keep that momentum going. Last Wednesday, I lost $5700, so it was almost $6,000 bucks. I bounced right back on Thursday with almost $14,000, Friday, $7,000, Monday, $6700, and now today, almost $10,000. I’ve really bounced back quickly from that red day.

Now, I’ll say that last week, when I had that $6,000 red day, I was feeling max frustration. I was just like, ‘Ah man, this is so frustrating,’ because the last two weeks leading up to that red day had really not been that great. In that one day, I gave back more than I had made in basically the last … I don’t know. Well, it had been a little while. That was kind of frustrating; but I got out of it.

The thing is what I decided to do was put a max loss on my account of $5,000. If I’m down more than $5,000 in one day, I can’t take any new trades. Since I can’t take any new trades on Wednesday, I basically just sat tight. I was like, ‘All right, well I’m really annoyed. I want to try to get back, but I can’t. I’m locked out, so I’ll have to wait until tomorrow.’

That was good, because guess what happened on the very first day of the month for me? The very first day of the month, I lost five … I don’t know, it was like $3,000 on one trade, and then $9,000 on another. I kept trading, and then I lost another $4,000. I dug myself a $16,000 hole that I had to spend the next two and a half weeks digging myself out of.

Now, imagine if instead, I had, had that $5,000 max loss on my account on that day. I would have lost $5,000, maybe $7,000, but I wouldn’t have been able to take that next trade. I would have been done. That would have really changed the month. I mean, really I’m sitting right now … Let’s see, 20 … $27,000 on the month. Well, if I didn’t have that $16,000 red day. Let’s say it was only a $5,000 red day. I’d be up $37,000 on the month.

Of course, when you’re in the heat of the moment and you’ve got that tunnel vision, all you’re thinking about is how much you’ve made or lost today. You’re not thinking about if you end up … closing the day red. You’re not thinking about how long it’s going to take you to get out of the hole. You’re just trying to get back green in the day.

That can cause you to start revenge trading, start getting really aggressive, emotional, impulsive. The next thing you know, you’ve dug yourself a 10, $15,000 hole. You just can’t bounce back from that in one day. It just doesn’t happen.

I’ve been doing this for a long time, and I still from time to time fall victim to those emotions of trading; the fear of missing out, the frustration, and all of that stuff. I definitely bounced back. Week two of June, I made $5500. Week three of June … Oh, sorry. Well, the first full week of June, I made $5500. The second week of June, I made $1800. Last week, I made $22,000. This week right now, I’m up $15,000. The markets seem to be on my side right now, and I feel definitely fortunate for that.

You can see today, I only traded three stocks. I didn’t overtrade. I stayed focused on just a couple of stocks. I did take a number of trades, but I didn’t take trades on like five or 10 different stocks. I traded three stocks, and these three were all experiencing some strong momentum when I jumped in.

All right, so the watch list for today was basically there was no watch list. Nothing to me looked good for gap and go stocks. ACHV was on the list, but it was … To me, I just didn’t trust it. It’s a good thing I left it alone, because this is what happened when the bell rang. It sold off. You can see it dropped here. So it dropped, and then it started to curl back up. Really, this one, for me, was no good, so I didn’t trade that.

XBIO, this was on watch because it was so strong yesterday. I had this one on watch for continuation. Now, we got a trade on it. I jumped in this at 529 as it squeezed up here. Ended up getting halted at 530. It resumed higher. It hit a high of 568, and I sold my 5,000 shares for a $1200 profit. I got into the halt, sold on the other side of it, and then as you can see, it came back down. It’s currently back up a little bit now, but didn’t hold up super well.

ABIL. We were also watching this one for continuation. That’s because it was so strong yesterday. This one, for me, I was a little iffy about it. The price was a little on the higher side, but I did take a scalp on it. We hit a high … Let’s see, we came out of the halt right here. We tapped 1399. We dipped down, and as we curled back up, I jumped in this one at 1394, and then sold on that spike up to 1444. $656. Not a huge winner, but green is green. I was happy with that, so 600 bucks on that.

Then, the surprise move today was CLDC. This one, I wasn’t expecting. It just kind of out of nowhere it started to pop up. It hit our scanners … Let’s see. Actually, it didn’t hit my high day momentum scanner. It was called out in the chat room. Someone called it out.

They said, ‘Hey, check out CLDC. It’s squeezing up and it’s a China stock.’ Now, China stocks were really strong Friday, and then again yesterday. When I saw it was a Chinese stock and it was squeezing up, that made me excited. I saw it hit a high of 234.

I then said, “Okay, guys. On this type of stock, I’m usually going to be a buyer over the half dollar.” So I called it out before I take the trade, I say I’m going to be a buyer on this over 250. It pops up to 250, that’s where I got in. I got in for the rate of 250. Now, in this one, I also got in, in my IRA account. Finally took a trade on my IRA, but I only got a partial fill. Ah, so frustrating.

I got in right as it was halting at 293 with 800 shares. I sold that for a 50 cent profit, which was 400 bucks. So you know, hey. Finally, one trade this month in the IRA and it was a green one. I’m happy about that.

Yeah, good job, Ishmael, you did call it out. You get the credit for that, so good job on catching that one.

This could have been a $2500 winner, but small … Well, we only got filled 800 shares, so smaller winner there.

Here back in my main account, I jumped in it and … Let’s see, I added 250. It squeezes up, gets halted at 293. I then add coming out of the halt over three. I believe it was 350. We squeeze up to a high of 360, 370. I keep adding. Adding, selling, adding, selling, adding, selling. Then, squeezing up. This hit a high of 457. From 250 to 457, that’s a crazy move. Boom, that right there was about $6,000.

I then got in the five minute set-up for the first five minute candle to make a new high right here. My entry was actually 450. I got in a little on the high side. It popped up to a high of 484. We made new highs, but didn’t hold that level. In any case, I was able to sell at 467, 469. I booked another $1500, or $1,000 of profit. I was 7500 on that one, 1200 on XBIO, and 600 on ABIL.

XBIO, it’s curling back up here, back to high of day. Looks like it’s going to be halted. All right, so this is getting halted right now on a circuit breaker. That looks good. I mean, that’s nice. If you’re in this during the halt, I always like that. Look at that, that’s a move just now from five dollars to six dollars. This goes to show you guys. These go with or without you. There are times when I’m going to miss them. I just missed this one, but at a certain point, you have to know when to take the money and get out of the market.

I’m taking my almost $10,000 today, and I’m stepping out of the market. It’s just one of those things you got to know when to take your money. Traders who overstay their welcome often end up giving back profits. That’s what you want to try not to do.

Today, I really didn’t give back any profits. I closed pretty much at my highs. Yeah, XBIO, maybe I’m missing something here on that one. ABIL, there was a little bit more opportunity that I could have tried to capture on that one, but didn’t quite get it. The high was four .. 1455. All in all, really a solid day, really solid. $35,000 in four days. That is some good momentum; so you know the momentum is back in the market.

Now, what is interesting is right now is that this is a market where you can learn some bad habits. You have to be a little careful. Things like CLDC, jumping into that at 250 during a slow market, I wouldn’t have taken that entry; right? Because in a slow market, what’s more likely to happen is it pops up and then comes all the way back down.

Look at MTSL. This one … I mean, this is kind of an example of the risk. It pops up to 234, and then is back at a $1.67. It did kind of hold up a little bit for a second there, and then it rolled over pretty hard, and then it dropped. In a weak market, you see this basically on every stock that pops up. It pops up, hits the scanners, and then rolls over and sells off.

Kind of what we saw out of the gates for ACHV. In a weak market, you see this and it just continues going down. Now, when you start to see a little more strength, that’s when you start to see these moves where stocks start to squeeze up. They start to pop up. Sometimes it’s a little unpredictable. They just start to take off. They hit our scanners, and then boom, that’s where I want to be jumping in.

You can see XBIO was on my scanner right here. High volume, low flow, up eight percent in the last five minutes. … ACHV was on there a little earlier. MTSL was on there. I didn’t take a trade on it, just watched it. CCCL was on there, and that’s a China stock. BOSC, ZLDC, ABIL, TSRI. I didn’t trade that one because it has five cent tick. This one trades in five cent increments, which to me, made the risk a little too high.

Scrolling down … ABIL, XBIO, … Yeah, yeah. Yeah, I mean you can see that this scanner shows us what’s strong on any given day. Right now, let’s see … You’ve got XBIO. Now, this is halted on a circuit breaker. I’m just going to move this over here for a second. … XBIO got halted a price of $6.04 as it was squeezing up. I’m just going to move this down here. XBIO. … I’ll push this up a little bit.

All right, so XBIO was halted at … 1109 and 10 seconds. If it’s a five minute circuit breaker halt, it will resume at 1114 and 10 seconds. These are five minute halts. They pause the market because the stock has just made this really big move, more than 10%. It gives traders a moment to just kind of collect their thoughts, and … It’s supposed to … kind of limit volatility and minimize, especially downside flash crashes. It kind of just makes everyone stop for a second.

With this type of stock, we’re looking at the highs from a couple days ago of being 736. Yesterday’s high was 645. The volume on it is 1.8 million shares. It’s not super crowded. Generally, what I would do on this type of stock, and not usually at this time of day, but I would say, ‘Okay, the high before the halt was … $6 is what it says. So six dollars is the high before the halt.

Now, if it opened below six, if it opens at 570, 580, I will usually be a buyer for the break of six dollars. I put an order in at six. Maybe I’ll just do a small size, just to show you kind of what I mean. Then, if it opens above six, like 625, 650, that’s where I’d usually be a buyer, to scalp that move up towards … to the half dollar, maybe even seven. Typically, when they halt going up, they open higher. I would anticipate a possible resumption in the 620s, so watch this.

Now, if it dips down for a second, that’s fine. If it breaks now over 625, I’d be a buy. I look for a little bit of a dip for a second, and then there I begin for the break of 620. You see that pop there. Right now, it’s kind of touch and go. Is it going to break? As soon as it pops up, I put my order up on the ask. Right now, you’ve got a high of 639, so that’s where the spot I’m looking to break.

You can see a little bit of resistance there at 639. I already had my order at 638, but what I’ll do is I’ll cancel it for a second. Then, we’ll see, is it going to squeeze up? It could go either way. Looks like this one’s kind of dropping. The high is 639, so that’s still sort of the spot to watch. These ones, they move so quick right out of the gates. You have this opportunity to jump in. This time of day for me, obviously a little high risk. I’ve got some profit on the day, so I don’t mind risking it.

The back of the mind is that over six, you squeeze up. You break over that level, and then that first target would have been 650, then 675, and then potentially a tap of seven dollars. Right now, it’s a little touch and go here. I usually let these shake out for a second, for the first one minute candle to make a new high. Then, we see what it does.

The high of this current candle is 620. The low of that last candle is 571. Now, what I would watch would be a break of 620 for the first one minute candle to make a new high. Then, from there, a retest of 639, which is the highs. Then, I want to see a break over the half dollar, over 650.

That’s generally what I’m looking for with these types of trades. They almost always resolve better in the first 30 minutes to the first hour, because you have more participants in the market. You have more people trading. That gives you better follow through. Right now, I see some green on the time in sales, which is good. High of that last candle is 620.

Now, over 620 is going to be the first one minute candle to make a new high. There’s 620, but you see it’s not really opening up, so that’s where I start to kind of scale out. I’m like, ‘Eh, I don’t want to see a false breakout selling this one.’ I’m pretty much selling breakeven on the ask.

If it ends up ripping, then it will go without me, but when you go for the first one minute candle to make a new high, you pretty much want to see immediate resolution. You want to see it really squeeze right up there, and if it doesn’t, then I get out. Now I would say I would wait for it to break over 639. If it did break 639, that’s a place I would get back in with small size or whatever. 639, and then the break over the half dollar of 650.

The thing is with these, you have to be able to move quickly. Having the right tools is definitely to your advance. For me, the hot key is that you can see I can trade very, very quickly. I can get in. I can get out. It allows me to stay nimble. I can move fast. If you’re trying to trade from your iPhone or something like that. See watch here, so there I get back in at 39.

Immediately looking for the break over the half dollar. We see 37 on the ask right now. We want to see the break over 39, and then I want to see the break over on 650, which is the half dollar; so there’s 642, 648. … It’s kind of a little bit sluggish here, so I’ll sell on the ask at 642 for now.

Whatever, a little bit of profit there. These are small trades for me. On that one, I could have held on a little longer. It would have been obviously better up here from what is it? 38 to 68? It would have been a couple hundred bucks. On this one now, the high is 68; but it’s kind of flashing around. When I got in there at 39, I was expecting an immediate break, and it kind of did a little bit of a hesitation before opening up. I don’t usually like to see that.

The high now is 68. In a strong market, I’d be a buyer right there at 68, kind of watching to see if it’s going to move up towards seven. … Again, still smaller size than average for me at this time of day.

What I did on ABIL … Or no, what I did on CLDC today is I kept adding at these levels. So a spot like 89, I would add, and then sell on the other side. I’d be in at 89. I would sell at like 705. The thing with this one, so you can see actually this is very close to getting halted. Again, on a circuit breaker. Now, it looks like it’s going to get halted … You can see the way it’s trading, so now it’s halted. You see the A trick there. Yeah, … I sold too much of it too soon; but when you have that little sort of momentary … pause there, that is not what you like to see. Because see this broke over high of day right here, and it hit 44, and then it dropped down to 35.

A true breakout goes instantly. You don’t have to have that moment of hesitation. You just instantly squeeze. This popped up to 68, and then dropped to 51. You’re seeing these red candles mixed in. A really good breakout just goes. It just immediately takes off. You look at CLDC. If we go back here on this a little bit, … This kind of area.

This basically immediately went from four dollars to a high of 463. I mean, it just went straight up. That’s what you want to see, certainly in this area. It was just taking off. This is really strong momentum. You don’t see a red candle there up until 379. From two dollars to 379 without going red.

The way I trade, I really rely on reading the tape. I’m reading the level two. I’m watching the action right here. When I see that moment of hesitation, … it makes me nervous. I don’t like to see that. I like to see strength. I like to see these guys just really hold up. This is going to be one where a couple little scalps there … Whatever, made 20 bucks. Nothing too serious. It just didn’t really hold up very well for me at that initial breakout point.

Here you go. So halted at 690, and so we broke through the high from the other day of 645; yesterday. The high is now 736. Buying out of the second halt is always riskier. Typically, we don’t buy out of the second halt because they behave kind of like the way this just behaved. When it behaved this way out of the first halt, then out of the second halt makes me even more nervous that it’s going to do a false breakout. It’s going to open lower, or something like that.

At this point, I don’t really have a lot of interest in taking trades in it. It’s more of just try to … I was holding, ride the momentum, sell above seven. If I wasn’t holding, I would say, ‘Look, that train left the station. Look for the next one. Look at the next opportunity.’ Obviously getting in even where I got in at 625 was a little bit of high risk, but when you had that dip there, … you had that little dip. Usually when it comes out and breaks over that level, that’s when we make that move. It just didn’t really open up as much as I would have liked.

CLDC starting to move up again a little bit as well. This one, if it broke over the half dollar of 450, that’s kind of where I’d be interested. This range right now is still just kind of a little too low for me. I like to see them a little higher than that. 413 is the high. For me, breaking over the half dollar would be a lot more interesting. … Break over the half dollar, then you got a chance of it hitting high of day; which is 484, a better chance. This is still sort of in range, so not as interested in that one today.

All right, so anyways. Let’s see, XBIO is halted at … What was the time? 10:18, so basically 10:19. It’ll resume just before … Sorry, 11:19, so it’ll resume just before 11:24. … CLDC coming up a little bit more. Still, I’d go a small size if I took any trades on it at this hour. I’ve already got my good profit cushion. I don’t want to give too much of it back.

You see that green? You know that’s what I like. I’m watching this. I’m seeing the green. I’m seeing the buyers. That’s what I always look for. There’s 35. You … might think, ‘Well, geez. Buying at 40 is buying extended.’ It is, but then you start to increase the likelihood that it is going to go into a halt. We know that usually when they halt, they open higher. That’s where I want to kind of be getting in when it’s starting to trade at extremes. That’s when you start to see these big moves. You start to see them really open up. I’d watch it around the half dollar, 450, over 450. I’m a buyer. A lot of times, I’ll get in around 445, 446 as I see those buyers coming in. On this one, I’m not sure if I would do that, but … switch this to a one minute chart. … Your high is now 440 on this little pop. …

It’s kind of funny, we’re seeing a list burst of momentum here. This isn’t the time of day we usually see it. Definitely seeing a little bit of action. …

XBIO … There’s the resumption. There’s 719, so usually that’s where I’d be like taking profit, right? Taking profit on the other side of the whole dollar, but that flash down to 656. I don’t like that. The spread, so you’ve got 690 on the bid, 94, and then down here at 56. It shows you how quickly this one can change directions. You can be down 50 cents before you know. High of day is now 22. We’re at high of day. Buyers coming in, 24, 29. All right, so still showing strength, 36. That’s a dollar per share from my initial entries. Hindsight is 20/20, but the way it flashed down there to 56, it’s certainly not pretty. You now have a high of 735.

The five minute is no doubt extended. This went from five dollars all the way to 729, 730 in about 10 minutes. It’s … the risk is just very high to be a buyer up here. The only time you really can, in my opinion, is if you already have a good profit cushion on the name. Which, I’ve got $1200 on the name, so I’ve got a little bit of a profit cushion. Usually, over 735, that’s where I would be a buyer; but that would be during the time of day when we usually see the most strength in the market, which is the morning. At this time of day, I’m not quite as into it.

Watching CLDC as well, 415 by 428. It dipped down for a second. I think XBIO has got people’s attention right now anyways. Let’s see which of these is on the way. … There’s 33. Does it make sense that the stock is this high? No, probably not; but it is this high. As a momentum trader, we try to ride the momentum. That’s really what this style of trading is all about. It’s looking to catch a wave as it’s starting to open up. There are times where you’re wrong, and I almost got stopped out here on this as it dipped down to 71. This is a stock that clearly shows a lot of strength. 34 here on the ask. There’s a seller at 34, buyers there. Someone dipped under at 27; 5,000 shares right there.

It’s one of these things that once you’ve been doing this for a while, it becomes second nature. You just … The way you read the level two, which is what this is. The way you read the tape, which is all of these tickets right here that are going through. Those are actual trades other traders are placing. This is where I’d usually be a buyer is at 34 with a stop at 15. In a strong market, this little micro pull-back here would give us a good breakout. There’s 45, okay so I’d be selling. All right, I’d be taking profit on that. Just like that, you got to move from 35 to 50. That’s 15 cents of profit. Now you’ve got a high of day of 64. Remember, we are double topping just over 36. That was the little bit of risk because we had that daily resistance. Just like that, we’ve broken it.

Now you’re back to 36 on the bid. You could have taken profit. You could have made money, and now you’re back to break even if you held the whole thing. That’s why into those spikes, I usually like to sell and take a little profit. New high of day is over 60 to 64. As an aggressive trader, I’d be a buyer over 64, and then I’d be looking for 75 to 80, and then over 80, and move up to eight dollars. These stocks, when they get going, when the momentum really picks up, they get that fire. This could go up … The next resistance on the daily chart is $8.88. It may not get that high, but when you know that it has room up to there, it’s certainly makes you … a little bit more aggressive.

CLDC, this one almost started to get a little sympathy, and then it rolled over. Now it’s back down at 385, so rejected that level. For me, it didn’t trigger the entry, because it didn’t get … over the place where I’d really want to be a buyer, which is the half dollar.

XBIO, eh, kind of under … capitalized on this opportunity, but … a little choppy on that initial break. First out of the halt, and then a little bit indecisive at 635, and then it took off. This here, high of 64. A little bit of a one minute micro pull-back. Now remember, look at how extended the five minute is. Continue to trade on the one minute chart. There’s a lot of risk there.

Well, there you go. I mean, again, they’re not always rational. There’s 70, right? Popping up to high of day. 775. … Why did it do that? I don’t know. Someone jumped in, maybe a short seller covered a position. … That’s what we say. Stocks can be irrational. It’s not really our job to try to apply that … logic to it. It’s more of where’s the initial breakout point, and how long can I ride this momentum?

At this point, when it gets into the 70s and the 80s, it starts to have an eight dollar target. I’m going to add here for a scalp up towards eight dollars because you can see it’s got a high likelihood of breaking eight. There’s 805. Boom, boom, sold half. Holding 400 shares. That’s a quick little winner. Stop to be break even on the rest.

As we start to see those squeezes, it’s about to get halted on another circuit breaker up here at 805. It’s kind of hesitating there. I’ll hold my 400 shares now, and whatever. Looks like it’s going to be halted. Nope, not quite yet. … See, there it is. Okay, there’s the halt. A quick little scalp on that. Whatever, a couple hundred bucks. …

Does it make sense? No, it doesn’t always have to make sense. It’s just riding that momentum. Now we’re in daily breakout territory because we’ve broken over that 736 level. … I could have been trading on the seven. I really wasn’t planning on trading with real money at this time of day, but … just saw this little opportunity here. Halted. Now the halt time is 11:29 and 47 seconds. This will resume in five minutes. At 11:34 and 47 seconds, approximately. …

If I was being aggressive, this would have been … I tried to take 2500. I only filled 1600. You can see I got a partial fill. If I was being aggressive and it was the time of day that I make the most money, that would have been probably a 7500 share position for me. At this time of day, I got to … I’m not really interested in killing my day. Adding a little bit of profit is good. Don’t want to risk too much. …

Let’s see. … I’m just getting the trading sim here just loaded. … All right, there we go. … Oops, [inaudible 00:33:01]. … All right, [inaudible 00:33:13] down here for a second. … All right, so yeah. You can see … So XBIO in the sim here … I’ll just move this back up here for the moment. … Resumption is going to be in about, I don’t know, two minutes. …

Let’s see, a reminder, guys. This coming Thursday, one p.m. Eastern, we’re hosting a webinar. This is to celebrate moving into this new office, which you can see here. I am … will hopefully by that time, have … I don’t know, another carpet on the floor to get out some of the echo. Anyone that wants to register, we’d love to have you guys check it out. Those of you on Facebook and YouTube, if you go to … Let’s see, Webinar.WarriorTrading.com, you’ll be able to register for our webinar. …

All right, so we’ve got about … Well, a minute and a half to resumption. The way this halted, I mean it halted at 805; but again, this is now the third halt. I’m not a buyer, typically, coming out of the third halt. However, the stock is obviously going parabolic. It went from five dollars to eight dollars in the last 20 minutes. That’s what we call parabolic. It’s a big, big move. …

At this point, what’s the next resistance level? Well, 888 was the daily resistance right there that we’re kind of looking at. Actually, that’s the bottom … 888 is the bottom of the window that opens up to 973, if I go back on the chart a little ways. Those can be kind of resistance levels, so 888, something to watch.

I’ve got my 400 shares at 777. Be cool to close over $10,000 today, so … we’d need to sell that somewhere around … 850 to do it. Can it be done? I don’t know, maybe. I guess I am over 10,000 when you add these two together, 400 there. Maybe I’ve already crossed the line.

All right, so 11:34 and 11:29, so resumption is going to be in about 20 seconds. At 11:34 and 47 seconds. That’s where we expect to see resumption. Now, like I said, this is the third halt. There’s a possibility it could open lower, so be a little careful. Remember coming out of the last halt, we did see a little bit of flash down to 656 or something like that before popping back up. I’ll be quick to sell if it doesn’t hold up, but if it continues higher, I’d love to be able to sell it around 850.

There’s 829 … Watching, watching … not selling yet, 845, 847. Break over 850. Is it going to happen? It looks like it might. … Watching … We have a high now of 850, so typically I would be a buyer over 847. If it broke over 847, that’s where I’d be a buyer and give it a small size; but 847 for the break of the half dollar. … Just watch this for a second. It’s obviously extended. Getting in up here is pretty risky. I don’t know if it’s going to do a clean break, but it is in parabolic territory. It’s just taken off.

I would stop under eight dollars. There you go. There’s 855, 860, 870. Sold 200 shares. … Sold another 100. … Sold another 50. Trying to get myself up over 10,000 on the day. … There’s 895. … There we go, over $10,000 on the day. … All right, so I’ll hold the rest stops still at eight dollars. … This now is very small size, but whatever. High is 895. …

The momentum, it’s hot right now. I didn’t really expect this one to move up this much. The five minute chart … it makes no sense. You can’t … It doesn’t make any sense that this is up this much, but if you’re a short seller and you said that at seven dollars and took a big short position, you could be pretty big underwater. Then, that’s what sometimes creates these moves. Short sellers who are having to get out of their position take the loss. Long traders who are just kind of putting on the pressure. All right, I sold the rest as I’m starting to see a little selling there. You can see this red candle forming. So $10,035 on the day, plus the 400. There we go, $10,000 day. Nice.

Now I have 1800 bucks on XBIO. … High of day is 95. On the five minute chart, this is starting to take the look of a candle of indecision, a doji candle. It’s not looking super pretty, probably needs to pull back a little bit and can always watch this on a five minute set-up. Again, no one to take your money. I was close to losing a thousand bucks on it on this pull-back. Wouldn’t have been the worst thing in the world since I had a great cushion on the day, but … if I keep trading like that, next thing you know, I could lose a thousand bucks on the next one. If I was still holding this.

Look, it just came back down to 750, and it’s going to be halted on a circuit breaker going down. When they halt on a circuit breaker going down, they usually open lower. When they halt on circuit breakers going up, they usually open higher. We never like to be holding in this spot. Now, that candle of indecision, that doji was predictable. We could see it. When you learn these chart patterns, learning to notice those red candles, and when you learn to read the level two and see the time in sales, you can do really well. It allows you to get out before those drops, and get in before the big breakouts.

All right, so anyways, that’s about it for me. A little bit of a longer recap today. We got a couple little trades in there on XBIO. That was nice. We’ll be back at it first thing tomorrow morning, nine, 9:15, pre-market analysis in the chat room. We’ll see if this momentum continues. Right now, I don’t see any reason why it won’t. I’m going to be increasing my max share size. I’ll be comfortable trading 10, 15,000 shares again for the next couple days, and really try to put the pedal to the metal; make the most as I can during this hot streak because I’ve got to try to get June back into good shape. I’m up $27,000 on the month, and a lot of that’s thanks to the wins that I’ve had just in the last four days.

As of right now, I’m sitting up about $305,000 on the year. $305,000 on the year, so tracking for $610,000 on the year by the end of December. Sitting right now in my account that I started January 1st, 2017, $583 … from $583, that account is now at $641,316.79. That’s means I’m $358,000 from the one million dollar level.

My goal would be to make $358,000 by the end of the year, because I want to cross that million dollar mark by the end of the year. That might not happen, but that’s my goal. I’ll set the goal and set the intention. Even if I come up a little short, that’s okay. Crossing that million dollar mark, really it’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when. That’s the only question. When is it going to happen? Because it will happen, it’s just a matter of when.

All right, so that’s it for me. XBIO is out of play now for a while. It’s going to have to pull back, consolidate. Not interested in it, so I’m taking my money, getting out of the market. Going to enjoy the day, and I’ll see you all back here first thing tomorrow morning, 9:15, 9:30. Well, nine, 9:15 for pre-market analysis. All right, I’ll see you guys in the morning.

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