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Ross’ Trade Recap: The Face of Victory +$3,763!


What’s up, everyone? All right, day three trading in the new office. Up $3,700. Man, the hot streak continues. That puts me up close to $40,000 in the last five days. That right there, totally changes the way June was looking; because a week and a half ago, I didn’t have that extra $40,000 of profit.


Now things are looking really good. I’m sitting today up $645,000 in the account that I started 18 months ago with $583. Less than $600 to almost $650,000 in 18 months; pretty crazy.

What we’re going to be doing to celebrate being in this new office, and everything that’s been happening. Tomorrow, 1:00 p.m. Eastern, we’re hosting a free workshop. It’s going to be a lot of fun. It’s totally free, but the seats are limited. If you want to register, click the link in the description below to register and I’ll see you at 1:00 p.m.. It’s going to be a lot of fun.

All right, so now, let’s get on to the midday market recap, breaking down my trades from this morning.

What’s up, everyone? All right, so another green day. Here we are finishing the morning up $3,763.64. Green is good. This has been a terrific week here. I’m going to write it in on my little calendar here, which I like just for kind of visually keeping track of everything. $10,000 yesterday, $10,400 and then $6,700 on Monday, $3,000 today. I’m looking at a $20,000 week here. It’s only Wednesday.

That is not bad at all, and this is my worst day in the last week. Worst day in the last week, only made $3700. Life is good. I’m not going to complain. That is really, really nice.

Today, you can see from my P&L, a little choppy. I had a big winner on CLDC, but I gave up a decent amount on DFBG, and then I had a couple small winners. There were also a couple of stocks that I didn’t trade at all, PED. This is one that I just felt like the train had left the station from 40 cents up to a $1.85. It’s even continuing right now, but I don’t usually trade below $2.50 super well.

The volume is seven and a half million shares. That’s not that bad, but I just didn’t know if I could trust it. I’ll pull up the level two on it. Looks like it’s about to get halted here. We traded a couple of halts yesterday during the midday recap, so who knows. Maybe we’ll do it again today.

This one’s been pretty wild. I just, for me, I don’t usually like trading stocks that are below 250, below a $1.50. I really don’t like them, and this one was just a little too cheap. I just kind of felt like I had missed the bulk of the move. If it starts to really open up here up towards 250 and three, that’s where I start to get a little bit more interested. At this point, I think the risk is too high.

In any case, today started just like any other day. All right, it started by going through our gap scanner. This is our gap scanner right here. We’re going to run this historical time. Let’s see, we’ll do it for 9:20 a.m. this morning. This is what the market looked like this morning at 9:20 when we’re putting together our watch list. We’re looking at the … usually the top five, top 10 biggest gappers in the entire market. Out of the entire stock market, these right here are the top five stocks gapping up the most.

The leader gapper, DFBG, up 417%. That’s crazy. That’s a really big move. The thing on this one that’s kind of a bummer is that again, I kind of miss the move. The big move was in that … those first 15 minutes where it just took off, and then it kind of sold off from that point.

Having said that, right out of the gates, I was watching it. I jumped in it right here for a break over the half dollar of 550. This was a little bit of a … like a one minute opening range breakout right here. That was the range. I was looking for a break over that level. I jumped in at 550, and then I stopped out promptly as it dropped right here down to five, and I lost 3800 bucks, or 3600.

That was really disappointing. It looked good. I thought it was going to work. It had just popped from 440. It looked like it was breaking over the VWAP and it was going to continue, but it just couldn’t do it. I took a good size loss on that, biggest loss in the week. At that point, I was like, ‘All right, well,’ … Now I’m getting the warning on my account. It’s reminding me that all trading is allowed, but if I go down below $5,000, I’m not going to be able to keep trading. Down 2900 or so, … I was like, ‘All right, I got to be careful.’

Now, I did have a winner on UAVS. This one was also on our gap scanner. Let me just move this down here. UAVS was on the gap scanner right here. 240 was the pre-market high. 245, actually. 1.19 million share float gapping up 17% with news. UAVS, I was watching for a break of the pre-market high, which you could see here is 245.

The bell rings, I jump into UAVS. It pops up to a high of, let’s see … 287. I take my profit into that move. I booked $700. Not a big winner, but you can see it was a 30 cent move, but it didn’t hold up very long and came back pretty quickly. Kind of a small win there for me. That was okay.

Then CLDC hits the scanners. This is one that we had traded yesterday and done really well on. As soon as I saw it on the scanners, I was like, ‘Okay, second day continuation, follow through.’ This is one that I’m going to jump on and be aggressive on. As soon as I saw it on the scans, I’m jumping in down here at 495. At 495, there was a 20,000 share seller. When I saw that seller go from … I think it was 25,000, 24, 23, 22, 21, 20, 19, 18, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13 … Boom, that’s when I started pressing the buy button. Buy, buy, buy, buy, 10,000 shares. Next thing you know, it’s at 535 and I’m up $4,000.

It gets halted on circuit breaker. It resumes higher and taps a high of 650. I could have done better on this if I had held more of it longer, but I started selling on the other side. I made $8,500. $8,500 right there in these four candles; but then I got stopped out. I took a couple trades. I got in right here, as we broke over this trend line. I stopped out down here and lost about 1,000. I then got back in, where was it? Up here, I got back in up here for the break over the highs going into the halt. I stopped out and lost another 1,000, or 1200.

I took losses on it, and at that point, you know what, guys? I’m getting a little frustrated. When I’m starting to feel frustrated, I’m starting to feel my blood pressure picking up, that’s my cue to walk away. It’s really important to become aware of those internal flags. If your palms are getting sweaty, if your heart’s racing, if you’re starting to feel tense, that’s a good time to say, ‘Okay, my body is saying that I’m feeling stressed. I should ease up.’

PED just resumed with a high of two dollars. I’m usually a buyer over two, but this has been halted so many times, I’m not interested; but that’s typically the set-up, over two dollars. Right now, what it’s doing