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Six Consecutive Green Days +$1,800! | Ross’ Trade Recap

What’s up everyone? All right, here we are, six consecutive green day, which is terrific. $1800 of profit for trades, for winners. 100% accuracy. That’s not a bad way to start Monday. I’m $200 shy of my daily goal at only $300 of profit, so a little bit of a smaller green day, but at this point green is good.

I’m really glad to be careful as I’m getting closer to this $1 million mark that I go a little smaller. I don’t want to get into that mindset of trying to hit that final home run to just blow it out. I’d rather just bring the risk down in this final move up, rather than try to swing for the fences, have another big draw down just before I cross that million dollar mark.

My goal right now is $2000 a day. If I can do that for the rest of the month, that’s gonna put me in really great shape, and it’s gonna put me right around the million dollar mark by the end of the month. That’s fine. Again, I’m not trying to be in my head about the day or anything like that, it’ll happen when it happens, and I just gotta focus on trading the market that’s right in front of me.

Today, a couple opportunities on SCATAI and BPTH. Nothing huge, but enough to get the $200 profit. Enjoy the recap, and as always, any questions, comments, put them below and we’ll answer them this afternoon.

All right, everyone, we’re gonna do midday market recap here. We’re gonna finish up a little earlier today. Today there wasn’t quite as much momentum, but I took four trades, had four winners. We’ll finish the day up nicely, $1804, about $200 shy of my 2K per day goal. I’m okay with that. Yesterday, or Friday, was a great day. Today is a decent day, and hopefully this week just continues to have at least good days or decent days.

This is my sixth consecutive green day, which is also pretty nice. The leading gap this morning was FCSC. This was right off our watch list, and this was the biggest winner for me. The two trades I took on it, I’ll go down to a 10 second chart just to show you how quickly these trades took place, and jump here up to FCSC.

On this one, the premarket action was pretty strong. This stock ended up with a premarket high of $2.95, the bell rings, and it dips down for a second. It then starts to surge up right here, and this is where I took my first trade in at $2.79 and $2.80. It pops to $2.90, but it doesn’t break the premarket high of $2.95. I sold at $2.87, $2.89, and $2.88, $2.87, $2.85.

I then got back in at $2.89, when it came back up right here. Came back up right here, it hits a high of $2.95, but again, it’s not able to break the $2.95 spot and so I sold it at 94 and 92. That was a different trade.

When it came back up right here, I ended up skipping it because I already had two trades that, even though I was green on them, they weren’t the best trades. It didn’t really open up that much, it didn’t give us a big move, so I was like, “I don’t know, I don’t want to risk it. I’ve already got a little bit of profit here, but whatever, not a lot.” And then that one ended up going all the way up here to $3.10.

That was actually one of the nicer moves. It then does a little pull back here, and squeezes up to a high of $3.17, which, again, I skipped on that because I felt like, “Well, if I missed it here, I don’t know if I should get in here.” And then it did end up going a little bit higher, but not too much higher. I only took two trades on it right, pretty much out of the gates in this area, and $1000 is not bad. I’m happy with that.

ATAI is an interesting one. This one came to my attention because it was making the first daily candle to make a new high, which is a swing trade setup that we often talk about. On this one, I jumped in … Where was this? The high here was $3.17. I think I jumped in right off the scanner. It dipped down here for a second to $3.00, and when it dipped down, I noticed a 10,000 share buyer at $3.00 and another 10,000 share buyer at $2.98.

There was selling into the $3.00 and then it held, so, boom boom, I jumped in there at $3.04, $3.07. It pops up to a high of $3.12, $3.17, and I took my profit on this one pretty quickly at $3.13, $3.15.

Quick little scalp, willing to always get back in, but it didn’t give me an opportunity to get back in here. It then goes sideways, it does come back up, it’s actually still above my initial entry point, but this just didn’t give me a clear setup to get back in. I missed the five minute setup that happened right in here.

FCSC, let’s see, what’s that currently at? This one’s at $2.84, so this one’s come back down a little bit. ATAI is still holding up relatively well, and then BPTH is also holding up relatively well. This one I jumped into right here on this one minute pullback after the fresh breakout. On that one, I jumped in at $23.70 for the break of $24.00 and put my hot key to sell at $24.15, which ended up being an awesome exit, only 500 shares, but still a really good exit there, one cent below high of day. No, actually, that was 15, then went to a high of $24.40.

Anyways, only $200, $220 on that one, small size, but I just didn’t feel comfortable trading big size. It’s a $24.00 stock, this doesn’t fit into my typical price range, the risk is higher, I didn’t want to have this be a trade that would … I knew it could give back my entire morning of profit very quickly, and if I gave back my morning of profit I might not have a chance, today, to get myself back to green, because there’s not a lot moving.

I didn’t have a lot of profit to take a lot of risk, so I only took 500 shares thinking that my downside risk was probably about $300 even through $300 of risk doesn’t really justify $220 of profit, I had the back of my mind potential that this might break $24.00, and then the daily chart $24.90 is a bit of a trigger here that then gives us room up towards $27.00.

Yeah, it did end up hitting that at that moment. Right now it’s forming an ABCD setup, so up, down, back up, and then we look for a break potentially, but I’m not sure that this one, for me, is gonna be something I feel like is worth sticking around and watching into the later part of the morning. $23.76 is the spot to watch, if that level does break here, so we look for a red candle, another red candle maybe, and then holding this level, and then a break of $23.76. But, if it does break that level, back to $26.00 is probably realistic, but you also have this funny premarket pattern, which isn’t super strong. The fact that it hit a high of $26.00 and then sold off to $20.00 by the time the bell rang.

In any case, I’m not gonna push it today. I’m still in the mindset of having green days. So far, this month, I have two red days. Last week was all green, which was great, but the first week I had two red days on Thursday and Friday. Trying to just be consistent, take profit when I have it, not over trade these stocks or overstay my welcome.

All right, that’s about it for me today. Kind of short recap, not as much to cover, only four trades, but hey, four trades, four winners. 100% accuracy, $1800 of profit, not bad for one hour of day trading.

All right, I’ll be back at it first thing tomorrow morning. I’ll see you guys in the morning.

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