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TechnicianApp Platform Review 2021

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TechnicianApp Platform Review 2017

TechnicianApp is a beautifully crafted mobile app that is available for free and allows traders and investors to have access to one of the best technical analysis platforms. A product of ChartIQ, TechnicianApp provides the following to users: 100+ indicators, drawing tools, access to 13 chart types and custom intervals.

That is not all. TechnicianApp also allows access to real time market data for US equities and currency pairs enabling traders and investors to trade. Thanks to this feature, the platform has been able to cut out expensive data fees by connecting users directly to their preferred broker.

Using the search bar, users can locate any asset they need. All one has to do is input the asset name in the search bar and let the app provide you with relevant results. Once you locate the asset symbol, add it to your stock watchlist.

Products & Services

Technicianapp is a mobile app that provides traders and investors with access to US and international asset exchanges. The app is powerful and intuitive plus it is completely free to download and use. Three versions are available. They include:
i. Technicianapp for Android
ii. Technicianapp for iPhone
iii. Technician Web app

The Android and iPhone versions can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, respectively. Technicianapp developers have created direct links from the website to the above app stores making it easier for users to download and install to their respective smart devices.

On the other hand, the web app is accessible via the desktop. It is free to use but first, users have to create an account and sign in every time they want to use the platform.


The TechnicianApp marketplace provides access to proprietary indicators and toolkits designed by the best in the industry.

Harmonic Pattern Collection

This toolkit is designed to make Harmonic trading to be easy. It has the ability of scanning and identifying trading opportunities thus doing all the work for you. The Harmonic toolkit was created by Scott Carney and is provided for free to traders and investors for 14 days. To access its full features, you have to pay $79.95/month.

WaveBasic Elliot Wave Power Tools

This is an intuitive platform used for technical analysis and the detection of Elliot Wave patterns. The platform has the ability of scanning and labeling charts using the valid Elliot Wave counts. As a result, traders and investors are able to find low risk trading opportunities. The tool is available at a cost of $169/month. To try out the WaveBasic Elliot Wave Power Tool at no cost, use the 30 day free trial.

Genius Investors and Genius Professional

With Genius Investor, you can select investments and construct portfolios that are based on your financial profile. You can also use the service to allocate funds according to market risk. Genius Professional is composed of robust analytics created to provide clear and precise signals.

As a result, the platform eliminates guesswork from price data analysis, market timing and position sizing. Genius Investor is available at $19/month while Genius Professional is available at $49/month.

WaveBasic Express

This tool helps to calculate and display automatic wave counts. It utilizes the same industry leading pattern matching and visualization engine created by smart developers. The tool has a Smart Heads up Display thus providing users with precise feedback. Access to all features is available at $99/month. You can try out some of the features using the 14 day free trial.

Visual Earnings

What you need to know is that Technicianapp is the only stock charting platform that integrates the visualization of earnings and revenue. This is available for both historical and future estimates. Visual Earnings is available at $29/month. You can try Visual Earnings features by using the 14 day free trial.


Technician mobile apps (Android and iPhone versions) and the web app are available for free. Traders and investors can download and install the mobile app without incurring any charges. Using the free mobile and web app, users have the opportunity of creating stock watchlists or access pre-set stock watchlists that include tech companies and ETFs.

The app can load charts and allow users to navigate, trade or share the charts. Furthermore, users can interact with premium toolkits, access the research section and change the app settings.

Final Thoughts

TechnicianApp is a revolutionary mobile app and web app that allows traders and investors to trade and have access to US and international exchanges. With the app, traders can create stock watchlists, trade with charts and access premium toolkits from the marketplace.


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