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Ten Consecutive Green Days! +$1K! | Ross’ Trade Recap

consecutive green day

What’s up everyone. All right, so here we are finishing my tenth consecutive green day. Having 10 green days in a row feels pretty good. It’s something that not a lot of people really understand. I have a guest here today, one that you may recognize.


Well, I don’t know if he knows what’s like to have 10 executive green days. He’s going to get the red light today because he’s down a 1,000 bucks. I’m up a 1,000, he’s down a 1,000, so you can just hand the money right to me, and I’m going to be okay with that.

Today is one of those days where the market was tough. We had this big gap in the market, and that for large caps can be very difficult because you either chase the gap, or you try to reverse the gap. One of the things that’s really important to know are your metrics. Mike knows he doesn’t perform as well on days where the market gap’s up, so he’s not as aggressive.

Now, a $1,000 max loss is not a bad thing considering he had a $17,000 green day last week. It’s about keeping the losses small. Even for me today being my tenth consecutive green day, this is actually the smallest green day in the last 10 days. It was a day where the market, for me, wasn’t super high, and I had two choices. I’m either going to be aggressive and try to swing for the fences, or I’m just going to try to get a base hit. I got a base hit, made a little money, didn’t take a lot of risk, green is good, and we’re back at it first thing tomorrow.

All right, so I didn’t do my recap. Mike, we’re going to go outside and do some work today, and we’ll catch all you guys back at it first thing tomorrow morning. All right, see you in the morning.

All right everyone, so we’re going to jump in here with the midday market recap. I’m going to put my phone over here I think. All right, so finishing the morning up $1,103.28. That’s another green day. Those of you guys watching on YouTube, I will upload the recording with my screen share and everything. I’ll upload that to YouTube later this afternoon, so you guys will be able to watch that recap if you want to see all the charts and stuff.

There were only two stocks I traded today: UAVS and BYFC. I kept it simple. I didn’t overtrade. I made 1,100 bucks, so green is good. I’ll pull this down here. First trade of the day was UAVS. Now, this is a stock that I have traded a few times in the past. I’m going to go to timeframe, historical date, run this for 9:15 AM. All right, so I’ll back this up here. Let’s see. There we go.

All right, so UAVS this morning was gapping up … Let’s see. Historical date, 9:28. Where is it? There it is. All right, so gapping up 21%. In the workshop today I’m going to talk about this process that I have every day of finding stocks to trade. I do the same thing every day to the point where it’s almost … It is boring to an extent. I just sit down and look at the gappers, and generally I’m looking at the top 10.

Today the leading gapper was up 43%, but it was 55 cents. That’s a little too cheap for me, so no trades on it. Secondly leading gapper only a 100 shares of volume, so no trades on it. The third leading gapper is UAVS gapping up 21%. All right, it’s a $1.28. A little on the cheaper side, but the float is three million shares, so we’ve got a really low float on it, which is terrific, and it was moving up with a catalyst.

I look at the chart, and I see the pre-market high is a $1.34. And so right away I put out an order. I pull up the stock out right here. I type UAVS, and I say, “Okay, I’m interested in this around $1.35. All right, so I put the order there to a $1.35. The bell rings, and it starts to surge up, and as it surges up, I’m like, “Yap, it looks good. I’m jumping in,” so I jump in at a little early at $1.25. I take 6,000 shares at $1.25. It squeezes up to a $1.40. I’m taking my profit, and boom, I made $500 in the first one minute. In one minute of trading.

My orders here. I’m in at a $1.25, and I’m selling half at $1.34 adding back at a $1.37, selling it at $1.39. A Small, little scalp. All right, so that was a quick little trade there. Not a big deal. Just gap and go right off the scanners, and this one was also on our higher day MOMO Scanner, which was predictable because as soon as the bell rang, it started surging up. All right, so there we go.

We’ve got UAVS, $400 on the first trade. And then we have BDR hit the scanner. I skipped on that one, but we had BYFC, which we were watching pre-market because it was also a little bit of a gapper. BYFC it starts to squeeze up, and I jumped in this one at a $1.50. It pops up to a higher of a $1.60. I sell half of 55, more of 57. I wanted to add back for a break over 60. It didn’t happen. It came back down. I only made a $142 on it, so a small trade on that one. I’m a little disappointed I didn’t make more on it, but that’s okay.

And then I got back in UAVS. This one it dropped down here, and then as it surged back up, I got back in right here at 40. Let’s see. I jumped back in this one at 36 and 40, selling at 43, 44, adding back at 45 and selling at 47 and 50. 52 is my best exit, so scaling out and booking the profit. $960 on that stock. This has been another decent day. Let’s see. Let me pull up … Where did my Excel doc go? I thought I had this open earlier, but maybe I closed it.

On my Excel doc I track my trades. I’m not as religious about tracking them to the penny the way I was when I was kind of still learning and trying to improve my trading. I’ll use TradingView for tracking the exact metrics, so TradingView. Let’s see. Where is it? Trader view, sorry. Trader view is where I track my metrics. I haven’t uploaded them yet for October. I’ll do that probably later. I don’t know. Maybe next week or something like that.

That’s where I track kind of the exact metrics of what I’m doing right, what I’m doing wrong. If I go in here, I’ll just drag this up, reports, view. This is where I can see the reports in a nice, easy to view way. I use that for the reports, but I use y broker statement and the Excel doc just to see where I’m at on the year, and on the month and everything else.

Right now I’m sitting right around $412,000 profit on the year, so it’s been a pretty good year, but I had a goal of 660,000, so I’m coming up probably a little shy on that goal, but green is good. I’m making progress, and I’ll be back at it again first thing tomorrow morning. Every single day it’s pretty much the same routine. I book some profit. Some days are great, $5,000. Other days are a little slower, but every day that’s a green day is a good day.

So, a tenth consecutive green day, and we’ll try to make it an eleventh consecutive green day tomorrow, and finish up the week Friday with a winner and going to the weekend feeling good.

All right, so that’s the game plan for me. Again, those of you guys watching on Facebook, I would love for you to register for our workshop today 1:00 PM Eastern, and those who are in the chat room, of course, are welcome as well. If you haven’t attended one of these workshops in the past, I would really love to see you guys there. That’s coming up at one o’clock. I’m going to go get ready, put my slides together, make a couple of last minute changes, and then jump over and get started.

All right, so that’s it for me. I’ll see you guys in just a little bit. Bye everyone.

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