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The Green Streak Continues! +$1,500!

green streak

What’s up everyone? All right, so here we are, Thursday morning, another green day. Four green days in a row. I’m happy with that, $1,500.00. Still, you know, not home run days.


These aren’t five, eight, $10,000.00 days that, you know, I was having at another time in the year, but it’s a green day and I’m happy with that. All right, we’re going to break it all down in the midday market recap. Any questions, any comments, leave them below, and we’ll come back and answer them later this afternoon. All right, enjoy.

What’s up, everyone? All right, we’re going to do our midday market recap here. I’m just going to put up my cam there. So, we’ll go over the trades from this morning. Another green day, which I’m happy with. Right now, it’s kind of just focusing on consistency, rather than trying to hit home runs, so finishing the day here, up $1,556.72. It’s the 175th trading day of the year, for me. I’ve missed a couple of days, you know, throughout the year, whatever, that’s fine.

Tomorrow’s our last day of the month. I just really wanted to finish the month, you know, kind of with another green day. That’s what I’m going for, in terms of consistency. I’m going to mute the scanners up here just so they’re quiet. All right, let me drag up my trading platform. Okay, so here we go light speed. $1,556.00 and you’ll see global trading set to allowed greater than minus, $1990.00. If I’m down more than $2,000.00, I’m not allowed to keep trading, my account gets shut off for the day. This means that I dipped below that level for a moment.

Now, it was unrealized and I ended up getting back up into the green, but it was a bit of a close one. I’ll go over that trade, but my first trade of the day was on ACHV. All right, so, ACHV, you can see it popping up again right here. This was on our gap scanner this morning. This is the stock, in the entire stock market, that was up the most pre-market. It was up about 50%. If I do a historical timeframe on this scan for 9:15 am, or 9:20 am, you’ll see ACHV at the very top of the scan, up 44%.

It’s a $4.2-million share flowed stock, which means it’s got a very limited level of supply. That means if we have a high level of demand, the stock can move very quickly. I was watching this one over the pre-market high of $3.85, but before the bell rang, it actually popped up to $4.20and then to a high of $4.30. The market opens and we already have gotten this little bit of an extension and so, I’m thinking, first [inaudible 00:02:58] to make a new high, is where I want to get in, that’s $419.00. Well, the bell rings and it drops down for a second to $4.00 and it bounces off that level, hits $4.00 and starts to surge back up.

I jumped in with 3,000 shares and then another 3,000, 6,000 total at $4.10. All right, so, in at $4.10. Six seconds later, I’m selling half at $4.16, $4.18, and $4.19. I don’t even try to sell at $4.20. It popped and hit $4.20 and then dropped, as you can see here, $.40 down to $3.80. Then, it does a red to green move and surges up to $4.54. I didn’t back in. I felt like this was already a close call. It gave me $380.00 of profit, which is good. You know, it’s a green trade. I just didn’t want to push my luck on it. You know, made a little on it. I saw some of you guys did get in for this red to green move here and sold on this spike here, so good job for of you that took that trade.

You know, again, that’s really the name of the game here. You guys should not be following me trade for trade on what I do. You should be learning my strategy because there will be times where you may be willing to take a trade that falls completely within the strategy, that for whatever reason, I don’t want to take. Maybe because I’m distracted, or because I don’t have as much of a profit cushion the day, or whatever the case may be. Nice move on there on ACHV.

Second trade after that, was PTGX, also on our watch list. At a similar price as some of these big momentum stocks that we’ve seen in the last couple of days, ONTX, GONE, SAEX, and there’s ELMD, or ERDY, anyways, there’s been a couple of different ones. As this one, as I saw it starting to pop up, I was like, oh, looks like it’s running. I’m going to jump in. I jumped in it at $10.50, right here. $10.45 and $10.47, all right, for the break at $10.50. I’ve got 2,000 shares and it pops up to $10.71, at $.20, and then drops all the way back down to $9.82, and I’m down about $1,500.00 on that trade.

I think actually, as soon as I go red on the day, by any dollar amount, this pops up as a warning. I don’t think I actually did go down $2,000.00, but I was down about $1,500.00 on that trade, which plus my $380.00 of profit, put me down net, about $1,200.00 and I held it. You know, I held it and I kind of thought, well, I don’t like to see into flushes. I’ll give it a chance to pop back up and that’s exactly what happened. It pops back up and I’m putting out orders to sell on the ask, selling at $18.00, $24.00, $20.00, you know, partial fills, sort of unwinding the position, but I did up being able to unwind it for only a $560.00 loss.

Instead of panicking and taking that full $1,500.00 loss, I gave it a second to pop back up and was able to unwind the position, which is good. It ends up curling up and hitting a high of $11.17, so just my luck there, but whatever. I was happy to minimize the damage. Meanwhile, while I’m in that trade, RXII, hits the scanners. RXII was on the scans pre-market as a gapper, but I wasn’t confident that it was going to be, you know, a really easy one to trade. I was sort of like iffy on it. Boom, it hits the scanner, $.46, $.48, and $.53.

I see it pop up and it looks interesting, but then, it drops back down. Basically, the first few minutes looked kind of choppy, as you can see right here. It pops up to $.46, $.53 and then it drops all the way back down. It looks like a false breakout, you know, super choppy, doesn’t look good, all right. And then, all of a sudden, I notice a big 20,000, actually about 80,000 shares of buyers on the bid, at like $1.40 and when I saw that I kind of thought, okay, this thing is looking pretty interesting. It squeezes up to a $1.61, pulls back for a second. There was an opportunity to get in at $1.63. I hesitated, but I start adding at a $1.78, $.81, $.84, and $2.00.

Now, I’ve got 12,000 of this stock at $1.85, all right. I’m expecting a possible squeeze into a circuit breaker halt. You can see it hits a high of only $2.04 and then it comes back down. On this one, I sold at $.94, $.99, and $2.00. My add at $2.00 ended up being too high, but I was able to lock about $1,200.00, which is $.10 per share on 12,000 shares, so a green trade there. You know, after this one, and that one, I was back to green on the day by about $1,000.00. And then, we had a couple of stocks pop up that were a lower price.

The next one was SSLJ. SSLJ pops up on the scanners and I see it get it’s halted at $1.09 right here. I look at it and I realize that it had already been halted once at $.88. It resumed higher and squeezed up. I didn’t want to get in after the second halt up here, so I said, I’ll just watch it. It squeezes up to $1.37 and halts again. It then resumes and comes back down. I said, “Guys, I want to be shorting this into the halt going down because they almost always open lower.” Unfortunately, no shares available to borrow. No short on that. It resumes all the way down here at $.83 and then it squeezes back. Just super volatility, but no profits on it for me.

ATOS hit’s the scanner. It doesn’t really do much. JMU hits the scanner and when I see that one, I’m looking at the level two on that one as well. I saw a big buyer come out, the same as I saw on RXII, so I jumped into that one at $1.38, $.43, $.51, and then I sold out of the halt at $.57 and $.53, and $.29. This one, squeezed up, got halted, got to a high of $.63, and then came back down. But, another $480.00 of profit. Four trades, three winners, so total this week, I’ve taken nine trades and had seven winners, which is pretty good accuracy. I’m pretty happy with that.

You know, it keeps me right around, you know, that 70, 80% mark, which is good for the type of trading I’m doing. I’m not really being super aggressive. The RXII trade was the most aggressive one I’ve taken in a while, but you know, it looked good. That made a nice move there. I mean, no doubt about it, I mean, this thing just took off. I was watching it in this area as it squeezed up to $2.17, but it just didn’t really hold that level super well. Anyway, it’s kind of back down to a $1.75, but in any case, some nice moves on it.

All right, that’s, I mean, that’s really about it. Those were my four trades today, not overstaying my welcome. I really don’t want to push my luck, I just want to be consistent. I want to be green. You know, that’s kind of what I’m going for. Fourth green day of the week and now, I just need to try to finish the week, Friday, with one more green trade, right? One more winning trade. Even after my $300.00 right out of the gates, part of me was like, do you know what Ross? You can walk away right now. That’ll be your fourth green day in a row this week. You know, $380.00 is not bad. We’re not really in home run markets. It’s still a $500,000.00 a day type of market.

Today, I got a little bit more, but I’m averaging this week about six, $700.00 a day. You know, you take what you can get. I think this is definitely a time just to be grateful for, you know, the small wins and not try to push your luck too much. All right, so that’s about it for me. 1:00 today, I’m hosting our workshop. That’s going to be a lot of fun. I’m really looking forward to that. All of you guys on Facebook that are streaming, I want to see you there, 1:00. You’ve got about two hours, well, an hour and 45 minutes.

All right, hopefully, I’ll see you guys there. Everyone else, I’ll see you first thing tomorrow morning, back here in the chat room, around 9:00, 9:15, and we’ll do our pre-market analysis and hopefully finish up the week with some more green trades. Yes, 1:00 pm eastern time. All right, so 10:00 pacific time. Okay, everyone, that’s it for me. I’ll hang tight. You know, no more trades, but I will talk with you guys a little bit more in the chat room. Some of you are logged into our new chat room doing a beta test, so we’ll keep this open and test out a couple more things for you guys. All right, everyone else, I’ll see you first thing tomorrow morning.

Oh, hey. I didn’t see you there. While I was just working on the dream board for my next home run trade, hopefully, it comes soon. Until then, make sure you subscribe to get email alerts anytime I go live or upload a new video. Until then, happy surfing.