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Trade Recap: Easy Trades, Big Wins! +$2,485!

easy trades

What’s up, everyone? All right, so here we are, Friday morning. I’m finishing the day up $25 hundred, and that puts me up about 5,500 on the week. That for me, right now, is great, considering we’re in a market that’s pretty choppy for small cap.


So we’ve been seeing a couple small caps this week that had a tremendous amount of volume with slightly higher floats, AXON, EDAP today. Both of them not easy to trade. I captured profit on EDAP and I think I got a little something on AXON, but just small wins. They’re not home run type of trades. It’s just really … It’s kind of like a scalp trading market.

So when you’re a scalp trader, that’s about being a base hitter, getting a little bit of profit and getting out. And using a little bit of smaller size, because if you’re trying to take 10 cents profit, you can do it on 25 hundred shares, you can do it on 5 thousand, you might be able to do it on 75 hundred. Doing it on 10 thousand and 15 thousand shares starts to become more difficult because of slippage.

So I’m in a market right now where I’m going to be happy with 500 a day, a thousand a day. This week, I averaged a thousand dollars a day, and that’s good. Green is good. And I’ll be back at it first thing Monday morning, and continue to try to rebuild the account a little bit after that big red day last week.

So right now, my equity curve, it’s been up and then down, up and then down, up and then down, generally still up which is awesome. And right now, after that dip on last Friday, I’m working my way back up. And so the first target is to get back to my all time highs. And I’m still about $10 thousand off that level, so I’ve got a little bit of work to do. I need have a good week next week and a good week the week after. Really, I need to have good trading for the rest of June just to get myself pretty much back to where I was and maybe with a little bit of profit on top.

All right so let’s break down today’s trades in today’s midday market recap. So just reviewing the trades from today. And I was just talking about the hot streaks and the cold streaks. And this last hot streak that ended last Friday was a $73 thousand hot streak. Made $73 thousand over the course of about a month, and then I lost $16 thousand at the end of the hot streak.

And the problem for me is that if the market was still hot, I’d be able to make back $16 thousand in a second. I mean, I can make it back in a day, in two days. But when a hot streak ends, you go into often a cold streak, and kind of just a choppy market. And so right now, we’re in a market where $500 to a thousand dollars today, that’s good money. That’s about the best I can do.

And unfortunately it means it’s going to take that much longer to get myself back to where I was before that big loss. And that’s kind of how it always is. When I have a $5 thousand loss in the middle of a hot streak, and the next day I bounce back with $5 thousand, to me that’s like, “Okay, the market’s strong, I just happened to have one loss, whatever. I’m right back at it.”

But this week, I haven’t been able to bounce back with $4 or $5 thousand winners because the market just hasn’t had set ups that give us that opportunity. And so it’s been a market where I’ve been forced to just take the base hits.

So $25 hundred today, up 5 thousand on the week. Makes back about a third of the loss from last week. So one big step down and lots of little steps forward. It’s going to take a little time, but hopefully by the end of next week, I’ll be in pretty good shape. That’s what I’m hoping for. If things start to open up, and today being the best day so far, I’m thinking maybe the tide is starting to turn. Maybe we’re starting to open up a little bit. So we’ll see what Monday has in store for us.

So you can see the stocks I traded today, TPIV, big winner there. Well, big winner relatively speaking. 13 hundred bucks. 500 on MBVX, 400 on EDAP, and 190 on DARE. All right, so I’m going to drag this down here to there. So remember, every single morning for us starts the same way. Now, some of you guys, many of you were in our webinar yesterday, which was a lot of fun, and as usual, we maxed out the webinar software.

So we only had 500 seats. But there were thousands of people registered. So the people who got in first got their seat, and everyone else wasn’t able to get in. And that was … We didn’t realize there was that cap on the webinar, but there was.

So we’re going to have an encore webinar today, and everyone who registered to the one yesterday, we’re going to email you the links so you can watch the encore today. So just heads up on that.

But as we were talking during the webinar yesterday, we were talking about how to find stocks to trade, that was one of the secrets. And this is something that a lot of beginner traders struggle with.

And you guys are so fortunate because your learning to trade in a day in age where technology has made the market so much more accessible, more accessible than ever before. So it’s no longer hard to find stocks to trade. You can literally find stocks to trade in 10 minutes each morning.

10 minutes each morning, you can find stocks to trade. Don’t believe me? All right, well this is how it happens. This is our scanner. This scanner right here is searching the entire market of 15, 20 thousand stocks, whatever it is, for stocks that are gapping up more than 5%.

If they’re gapping up more than 5%, they’re gapping up more than the standard deviation of the regular market, and that means there’s something there that’s worth taking a second look at. So I take a second look at all these.

So generally, I focus on the gappers that are in the top 10 of the list. Even if we … And so that’s like this area right here. Even though we have some others down here, I focus on the top 10. And so just like that, you narrowed down the list from 15 thousand stocks to about 10.

All right, now from 10, let’s go down to 3. All right, so the first gapper here, EDAP, 28 million share float gapping up 80% on 2.6 million shares of volume. You can see I made almost 500 bucks on that.

So EDAP, this one we pull up the stock, we see that there’s news this morning. Actually, it was after hours on FDA Clearance. It’s strong, it’s got a very clean daily chart. So we have a bias that this is one that we would want to be trading the the long side. Now, this doesn’t tell you where to get in. Right now, we’re just talking about how to find stocks to trade. So that’s EDAP.

Second one down is CVRS. This one has a 130 million share float. Wouldn’t trade it. It’s also below a dollar. DPW, below a dollar, not going to trade it. ZUMZ, $30, not going to trade it. [CREG 00:06:51], okay interesting, but only 200 shares of volume, so then we want to see well does CREG have news, and when we check and we see that it doesn’t, that makes us think, “All right, it’s probably not going to be worth trading, we’re going to leave it alone.”

So that one’s off the list. SVRA at $10, a little on the expensive side, you can take a peek at it. I like to find stocks under 10, so this one as it turns out though ended up opening and squeezing up. So there would have been an opportunity on this one. So that would have been a maybe.

APHB, this one’s a possibility, $8, 8.4 million share float. Not bad. 5 thousand shares of volume, again, not bad. PAVM, a little on the cheap side, around a dollar. This ones kind of a maybe, but that’s pretty much it. And then AIPT, that’s a maybe.

So we’ve got right here one stock that we’re watching. That one’s the one we’re going to watch the most closely because it’s our leading gapper. And these ones we’ll keep on watch. And so in my level two window, each morning I’ve got four stocks that I’m able to watch. All right, so this morning I was watching EDAP, and that was really it. I wasn’t really watching these others because I wasn’t that interested in them.

All right, the bell rings, EDAP starts to pop up. I get in for a break out. I buy this. I wanted to buy it at $4, but I got filled at 404. Pops up to 412, it drops down to 383, when it comes back up to 412 and double tops, I end up selling it for a $300 profit.

So I’m in and I’m out within this little two minute period. I then get back in at 419. It pops up here and does a one minute micro pullback. I add at 419, 25 hundred shares, and I sell at 424. I see a big seller at 425, so I sell, I take my profit. Two trades, two winners, $444. Green is good. All right, so at that point, I’m like, “Okay, I’ve got a little bit of profit on the day, what’s going to be next?”

And there wasn’t really anything on my watch list that was still looking good, so at that point I said, “Okay, gap scanners, I found EDAP, that gave me $400 of profit, almost 500, and now I need to depend on this scanner here.” Again, this is technology making the markets more accessible to you, making it easier for you to find stocks to trade. But just because you find these stocks doesn’t mean you’re going to know the proper entries.

That’s where the education comes into play. Knowing the right place to get in, the right place to set your loss, max loss, right place to set your profit targets. So TPIV hits the scanners. It starts squeezing up. Initially I’m not sure about it. It looked interesting, I wasn’t totally sure, so I waited.

I said, “I’m going to be a little bit careful on this.” I waited right here for a one minute micro pullback. Okay, so a one minute micro pullback, we talk about this in the webinar. That’s three, four candles moving up and then the couple candles of pullback. The entry is the first candle to make a new high. All right, so that’s why I got in TPIV right here at 740, 743, and yeah, so that was my entry right there on TPIV.

All right so that’s right here. Getting in, it pops up to 774 with 3 thousand shares. That’s a winner. That’s 700 bucks. So it pops up, I take a little bit of profit. It then pulls back. I sell. It consolidates and does another one minute micro pullback and then boom, off to the races. I was a little bit worried about it because I saw it double topping at this level here, and here, and one minute micro pullbacks don’t always work, so I was quick to take my profit.

But it ended up going and squeezing all the way up to $8.80. For my initial entry at 740 to 880. That’s not bad at all, right? That’s a really nice move. I got back in as it squeezed up right here with my best exit being 8 … Let’s see, my best exit was at 879. No. Actually, I had … I sold 15 hundred shares at 885. Two cents off the high of day. That’s not bad at all. All right, and then I sold the rest coming back down.

So in total, I made $13 hundred on this stock. $1,300, and that’s great. And this is the first one that we’ve seen in the last couple days that made this big of a move, so that’s why I’m thinking that maybe the tide is starting to change, because this is a pretty nice move.

Another one I took a trade on, MBVX, jumped in off the scanners at $1.40, pops up to a high of $1.70, and then it comes back down. So this one didn’t show strength. I mean, it gave me $500, but it didn’t really hold up. That was right off the scanners as well. So TPIV on the scanner, TDAP. DARE was off the scanners as well. I took a small scalp on DARE, $190, in at $1.50, selling at 52, 53.

It’s hits $1.58, it pulls back and then it goes back up to 165. So a little winner on that one, nothing super big. But right now, that’s what we’re doing. It’s base hit trading. It’s get a little bit of profit because it’s just trying to make a little something during this market.

Some traders would say, “Look, if there’s not home run potential, I’m not even going to take a single trade. I’m just going to leave the whole thing alone. I’m just not going to trade this market.” But the problem is then you start to get rusty. It’s good to stay kind of fresh with what’s happening and really just kind of be in the market, because then when things start to … The tide starts to turn, like they did today, you want to be able to really capitalize on it. So if I’d been sitting on the sidelines, I probably wouldn’t have traded today, right? I would have just been sitting and just kind of waiting.

All right, so that’s pretty much it for today. I mean, it’s kind of a slow day. We had a couple small trades here and there, MBVX, TPIV, but nothing really that exciting. It was just a little base hit, a little base hit there, but it totals out to $24 hundred.

So I’m happy with that, and I’d love to see this momentum continue going into next week. That’s what I’m really hoping for that we see good follow through on Monday and maybe we’re at the beginning of the next hot cycle. This has been kind of … Well, because last week, last week ended with a red day. But the first part of the week wasn’t really that great either. So we’ve actually been in, this is going to be let’s see, one, two. This is the third week of choppy markets.

All right, so 55 hundred is good. But I’m going to write third week choppy markets for small caps. All right, because it’s just kind of been base hits, haven’t been getting big winners or anything like that.

The biggest winner I had was, let’s see, two weeks ago when I made $6 thousand on a Wednesday, but I had lost 6 thousand that previous Tuesday. So I bounced back quickly, but that kind of was sort of the beginning of things really starting to slow down. So the next day I made a thousand, the next day I made 700, so things really started to slow down.

All right, so that’s kind of the way it is. April was really strong in the first two weeks and slow in the second half. May was really strong in the first two weeks and slow in the second half. Now, June is continuing the slowness from the end of May. And so this is where it’ll be interesting to see if June picks up in kind of the middle of the month. Usually, we’ve been seeing a lot of strength at the beginning of the month, but maybe this month we’ll see strength kind of in the middle.

That’s what I’m hoping for. I’m hoping we see strength somewhere during the month of June so I can try to make a little bit more money. But $55 hundred this week. That’s not bad. Thousand dollars a day. A thousand dollars a day being conservative is pretty good.

All right so anyways, that’s about it for me today. And we’ll be back at it first thing Monday morning. Again, those of you who were registered for the webinar yesterday but couldn’t attend, we’re going to have an encore today, so check your email for that and hope to see you guys there. All right, so I hope you guys all have a great weekend, and we’ll be back at it first thing Monday morning.

All right, I’ll see you guys on Monday. Oh hey, I didn’t see you there. I was just working on the dream board for my next home run trade. Hopefully it comes soon. Until then, make sure you subscribe to get email alerts any time I go live or upload new videos. Until then, happy surfing.