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Trading Recap: $1K in 1 Day!

1 day

What’s up, everyone? All right, so here we are Thursday morning finishing the day up. 1600 bucks, which on the surface, hey, that’s a great day. $1600, boom. Green is good, but when you dig a little deeper, you’ll see that on my second trade, I made $8000. A huge $8000 winner and then I proceeded to give a lot of it back which is frustrating. I had a $5000 loss on one stock.


I had a $2500 loss on another and it just slowly ate away on those gains until finally I said, “That’s it. I’m done. I can’t keep trading today,” so I maxed out with red trades in a row and a little disappointed because I had such a great day. $8000, up almost $9000 on the day and then just to let it slip away, how does that happen?

We had one big stock that was making big moves, CHCI, and that was the one that I made $8000 on and what I thought would happen is I thought we would see sympathy momentum. I thought that the momentum that we were seeing on that stock would carry over to other stocks that were hitting our scanners, so when I would say another stock hitting the scan I was jumping in and being aggressive and after all, that’s how I’ve turned an $8000 today into a $29,000 day like earlier in the month.

What happened today is they would pop up and then just fade. I was buying at the highs and then they would just fade and then I would have to get stopped out and it happened three times in a row. A little bit disappointing because I would much rather finish the day with $8000 of profit and I was like, “Sweet, I’m at 85,000 on the month,” but I spoke too soon, so I gave it back and it’s just one less day that I have in the month to hit that 100k level, so as of right now … I see another stock hitting the scan so I’m not gonna trade it. As of right now, I’m sitting at about 78,000 on the month.

I’m basically break even this week and those four days I really needed to get myself up to the 100k level, but you know what? Just like today, in one trade I made $8000. If that happens on Friday, if it happens on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday of next week, just like that I can go from 78k on the month to 88k to 95k to 100k. That’s still the goal, $100,000 profit. It’s within reach. It’s just really a matter of the market. I suppose today I should’ve stopped after I gave back half of my gains and I took one last trade thinking, “Oh, it looks really good,” and that was a mistake. I should’ve said, “Ross, you can’t take that one last trade. You’ve already given up half your daily gains. You’ve gotta stopped,” but I pushed it and boom. Now, up only $1600 on the day.

All things considered, it’s been a great … Well, it’s been a slow week. It’s been a great month. It’s been a great year and I’m still green today. I still made more today than … I have more than I started with this morning so any day you’re in the green, you’re making progress, so anyways, we’ll break it all down in today’s midday market recap.

What’s up, everyone? All right, so we’re gonna do our midday market recap here, go over the trades from this morning. Boy, today, a green day. Up $1652, but not an easy day. A disappointing day only in the sense that I had an awesome win right out of the gate: $8860, and I proceeded to take two big losing trades. Now, you could say, “well, jeez, Ross, you should’ve just walked away with the 8000 bucks,” and I’d say, “Yeah. In this case, you’re absolutely right.” However, earlier in the month, remember I had two $29,000 days back to back and I wouldn’t have $29,000 days back to back if I hadn’t been up 8000 and continued trading and gone from the 8000 to 12 to 16 go 18 to 22 to 25 and to 29. I didn’t get it all in one trade. I got it by continuing to trade and by capitalizing on sympathy momentum. That’s what I thought we would see today.

I thought we would see sympathy momentum, so what does that mean? Well, when we have a stock that’s really, really strong like CHCI, what often happens is that momentum carries onto other stocks in the market. CHCI this morning literally squeezes from $2.30 up to a high of $5.25. That’s a three point move. That’s more than 100%. That’s really impressive, right? Now, my first entry on it was a little bit on the late side. I got in for a starter at 3.19 right here. I recorded this trade live. I will upload it for Warrior pro students. It’ll be on the website in the classes.

I got in right here for the first time at 3.19 and I rode this momentum. This was a one minute micro pullback. Volume was ramping up and so I jumped in. Ended up selling a 12,000 share position up here around 5.10. That was my best exit right around 5.10. I added into the halt and in general I did pretty well on this stock. Added it right here at 70 into the halt, sold some at 5.13, 5.09, $5, and then the rest coming back down. I took a couple more trades on it during the morning and actually, I think I gave back a little bit of profit on the last trade, but overall I did pretty well with it. You can see right here $8861.

What I expected is that the next stock that hit the scanner would take off because that’s what often happens. IFON, it hits our scanners down here at 10:07 at 3.89. I look at it and I’m like, okay, this looks good, and so I jump into IFON. I’m long at … Let’s see. 4.10. I add at 4.10. There’s a big seller at 4.15 and can’t break that level and I stop out at four and 3.82 and I lose 1000 bucks and I’m like, “Dang it. All right. $1000 loss. All right. Well, that’s okay. I’ll bounce back,” and it ends up curling back up and then squeezing all the way up to 4.44, and I added thinking it was gonna squeeze into a circuit breaker halt and then maybe continue higher and then it dropped.

I had 15,000 shares and I lost almost, I don’t know, 25 cents, so I lost another $3000 and boom, I’m down 4800 on the name and just like that, I gave back half of my daily profits. I was aggressive. It didn’t pay off today. It’s only paid off really well earlier in the month, but today it certainly … It bit me a little bit. Took a loss on that one and then CYTX recent reverse split. I jumped in this a little on the high side getting in for the break of $3 at 2.83. Hits $3 and then it drops. Had to stop out of that. 10,000 shares, 25 cent loss, and so just like that, gave back some of those gains from this morning, but here’s the good news. I’m still closing the day green.

I still have more money right now than I had two hours ago by $1600 and that’s great. I’ll mute the scanners here. The good news is I’m making some money. Would’ve really loved to have been able to capture $8000 of total profit today because that would’ve put me up into the 80,000, 85,000 level on the month, but I was thinking today’s a hot day. I’m gonna be aggressive. I’m gonna look for the next trade and turn this into a 16, maybe $20,000 day and today just wasn’t the day. We had one big stock and that was it. Today was like a one hit wonder. We just got this one big move and that was the only one. There was no sympathy momentum. There was nothing else that showed really strong, good opportunities.

This did end up pulling back and curling back up, but choppy through this move, so I don’t know. A little bit of a choppy day. I pushed it a little too hard, but I’m still up right now about … Well, I guess 76,000 on the month or right around there, 78,000, so life is good. I’ve got no reason to complain. I’m sitting at $280,000 profit on the year. Still tracking for a $650,000 year. That’s my goal. 665,000 is the actual goal, and I’m still tracking for that. Right now, let’s see. Today is the 93rd day of the year. I’ve been averaging $3012 per day. That’s my daily average. In order to finish the year with $655,000, I need to average $2800 per day for the next 137 days, so we’re not even at the halfway point, but I’m ahead of the curve. I’ve been averaging more than I need to average by $200 per day and $200 per day times 93 days. That adds quite a bit.

Let’s see. $200 per day times 93. I’m $18,000 ahead of goal right now and again, every day is an opportunity, so tomorrow we might sit down. We might not see a lot off the scanners, but then boom, you get a big surprise move like CHCI. This wasn’t it on the scanners this morning. It wasn’t on the watch list. It just hit the scans, the high day momentum scanner, and boom, we were off to the races. This might continue this afternoon. It might keep going higher, but I think the easy money, the big move, it was obviously right in here. This was a huge move and I guess the only thing I feel bad about is that it’s so nice to get a big $8000 winner and then to kind of squander it by taking a couple of big losses right afterwards feels, I don’t know, a little disappointing, a little discouraging, but I’m gonna try to stay positive. Green is good. Any day that I’m finishing with more than I started with is a great day.

You guys that are in the chatroom. I want to know how much you guys have made on CHCI and you can tell me whether it was in the sim or with real money. I saw John. He made some good profits on it. I’m sure some of you guys … Well, we’ve only got 1200 people still in the chatroom right now, so about 2000 are at … From 2000 earlier. Here are the profits from today. Real money. 4500, Brad, you killed it. FST, simulator, $1000 on a $600 account. Those are all profits. Some of it’s real money. Some of it’s traders that are students that are in the sim. Jay, $15,000. Awesome, man. Great job and yeah, you called it out. You were one of the first to call it out, so you jumped on that quick. I don’t know how you did on CYTX or IFON. You called out CYTX pretty early, also, so keep an eye on the things that Jay’s throwing in the room. You keep putting out good ideas like that. You got a moderator badge coming your way.

That’s exciting. Seeing you guys putting down some big numbers here is awesome. That’s what we do it for. We don’t really learn how to trade stocks in school. We go to school. We think you gotta go get a job. You either get a trade job … You get a job as a plumber, electrician, mechanical stuff, whatever, or you go to college and you try to get a degree to get some professional job. We never learn about this opportunity that exists every single day in the market. There are millions of traders all around the world profiting and they don’t talk about it in school. It’s like if you want to go into finance, you get an MBA or you go into accounting. It’s just so strange that there isn’t some type of accreditation program for becoming a trader, because it is absolutely a legitimate career and it’s a scalable career.

For me, $280,000 this year. Think about how much students accumulate in loans and in debts to get a degree like an English major. You know what I mean? What are you gonna do with that? A four year degree from NYU or Columbia in English. It’s like those are great schools, but I just wish that we were in a system where it really prepared you to have a good paying job. For me, I got my four year degree and what did I do at the end of it? I got a job making $45,000 a year and that was a great job, and I was living in New York City to get that job and my rent was $1600 a month. I was putting a third in my income back into rent and it was like paycheck to paycheck.

For those of you guys who are getting into the market and you’re seeing it, you’re the early adopters of this new career. It’s been around for maybe 30 years, but it’s been gaining popularity more and more so just as technology’s gotten better. More people can trade. It’s more accessible. More people have high speed internet. You don’t have to live in New York City or go down onto Wall Street to trade the markets. You can do it right from the comfort of your own home and that’s what all of us are doing this summer, right? Trading from home. The home office. Just keep studying and keep working it at it. The most exciting thing is when you sit down in the morning and you’re realizing you’re starting to get it. You’re starting to see the profits and even if it is in the sim, prove you can do it in the simulator and then from there, switch to real money.

Anyways, today’s another good day for me. A great day for some of you who really booked the profits and kept them in your pockets, but hey, $78,000. 76,000 on the month is fantastic. I’m happy with that and remember, half of my profits this month I’m donating to local charities in honor of Memorial Day. I talked about this earlier in the month. My grandfather was a solider in World War II. My grandmother was a nurse in the Army and they met when he got wounded. When I grew up, I always heard about my grandmother and we have he army uniform in the house still, and my mom, she grew up singing these Army songs and all that stuff and it was a big part of that side of my family.

I was thinking about Memorial Day. My grandmother passed away in her 40s. She was really young and they thought that she’d gotten sick from being exposed to things as a nurse. I don’t know if it was … It was something wrong with her liver, maybe hepatitis or something, but it’s one of those things where they stepped up and that was the thing to do in the 1940s to fight for your country and it’s still the thing to do and so many of you guys are doing it. We have a lot of veterans that are in our community. I know Memorial Day is to give thanks to those who have given their life, but I definitely want to give thanks to those that have served because … I know we have Veteran’s Day for that, but I want to give thanks to those who have served, as well, because it is sacrifice on your life, so this month, I’m giving half my profits to local charities in the Berkshires is something that I really wanted to do.

You guys can check out our Memorial Day challenge page. You can make a pledge. We’d love for you guys to do it even if it is only $10, $15. We’ve had a bunch of them coming in, so I’m pledging half my profits. It’s around $38,000 right now and I know Mike has made a pledge. Jon L., 10. Excuse me. He made a pledge. A bunch of our staff at Warrior Trading, they’ve made pledges and so I’d love for you guys to do it, as well, and to donate to your local community to keep money local as much as you can, because I’m sure there’s opportunities right where you live to help people that are in need or could use some of these services.

Anyways, just wanted to remind you guys of that and I’m gonna go enjoy the day. It looks like a beautiful day outside, so enjoy the day. We’re gonna have a long weekend coming up here, but we’ll be back at it to finish up the week strong Friday morning and then we’ll enjoy the long weekend. Hopefully, you guys will get some rest and be back at it on Tuesday morning. Those of you are thinking about studying, remember Memorial Day, this is a long weekend. It’s a great time to get some studying in because June is right around the corner and the question is what are you gonna do this summer? Where’s your office? Mine is right here, home office, and this is why I got into trading: to make a living working from home. I was fine with working eight hours a day, but then I found out you only need to trade for about an hour a day to make a good living, so the rest of the time you can enjoy your life, spend time with your family, your kids, enjoy summer, and give back when you have the opportunity to give a little back.

All right, everyone, so that’s it for me. I’ll see you all first thing tomorrow morning back in the chatroom, 9:00, 9:15, for pre-market analysis. All right, see you guys in the morning. If you’re still watching, you must have really enjoyed that video so why not subscribe and get email alerts any time I upload new content? Remember, when you subscribe, you become a member of the Warrior Trading family.