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Trying To Be Consistent +$1,800! | Ross’ Trade Recap


What’s up everyone? All right, so here we are, fifth consecutive green day. I’m going to feel good about that. A little bit of a… Well it’s a green streak. It’s not exactly a hot streak, I’m only up about $15,000, $16,000 in the last five days. Progress is being made, a really nice green streak would probably include some back to back days that are five, 10, maybe even $15,000 or $20,000. So not quite there yet, but moving in the right direction one day at a time. Right now my goal for the rest of this trip here in Italy is consistency. Just to be consistently green because man, it feels good to hit a $1,700, $1,800 winner and then know that I did it in just one hour and I can enjoy the rest of the day. I did that today, $1,800 of profit. Live to trade another day. I’ll be back at it first thing tomorrow morning.

All right everyone, so we’re going to do our midday market recap here. We’re going to go over the trades from this morning. It’s going to be my fifth green day in a row, but even though momentum has picked back up a little bit, it’s been not as much as I would like. Today I’m kind of just dealing with choppiness in general, a couple of green trades. I had SOLY, that one ended up being pretty nice. I’ll put up the chart on that. LEDS, some small gains on that. XSPA, a $.02 profit on that with 9,000 shares. And then AYTU, a $450 loss. I made $800 and then I gave back about $1,200 so put me right on the name.

I got back in AYTU on the five minute setup for the break over 235, and it pretty much instantly dropped, failed to hold that level and so I stopped out. That actually put me red on the day by $200 because as of that point on AYTU I had only traded XSPA and AYTU. So I went from being up about… well up about $1,000 on the day to down $200, which is never great to go from green to red, but the next trade we got a breakout on SOLY and things started to turn back around. This morning the watch list was pretty light. There just wasn’t a lot that looked good. We had XSPA, the top of the list right at 9:27 the company came out with news, so that one popped up but it didn’t end up really doing a lot. It hit a high of $210 and then dropped back down and just retraced the whole move.

I jumped in for the break over $2. It hit a high of $2.04 and once it couldn’t immediately break $2.10 I sold almost all my position for a $.02 profit and then had a small position that I held down to about $1.90, $1.88. Not perfect but could have been worse as well. That was the first straight out of the gate. AYTU was the second. AYTU this morning was gapping up about 10% with news. Pre-market high was $2.25. The bell rings, it kind of goes sideways, doesn’t do much, and then it rips up right here up to $2.40 and I jumped in as it was breaking. This level right here, scalped the break of the pre-market high, which went from $2.25 up to $2.40, $.15, $800 not bad. It pulls back, comes back up right here, and I got in on this one minute candle right here. It hit a high… For those of you guys watching on screen share and watching on YouTube, it hit a high of $2.35 but then pulled back and then squeezed up right here. I got in, it failed, and I stopped out right here.

That, in those two candles, was $1,200 loss. Put me red on the day. Next trade SOLY, with news this morning as well. This was a five minute setup, which you can see right here. First five minute candle to make a new high, worked out really well. Then it did a nice ABCD setup here. A, B, C, D breaking through that level. I didn’t end up trading that one because I had gone from up $2,800 on the day to up $1,700 and so I’d already given back $1,000. I didn’t want to give back more and I figured you know what, at this point maybe it’s better for me just to sit tight and not push it. I’m proud of myself for being disciplined there and not pushing it. This is a day where very easily I could have gone from up $1,000 to down $1,000 if I had just been a little too aggressive. I stepped back a little bit. Maybe missed an opportunity there, but that’s okay.

LEDS is the last one that I traded, and this one just basically took off off the scanners, squeezed up. I jumped into it, I only got 2,800 shares. It got halted at $3.58. I was holding going into the hull. It resumed, I added at $3.80, it squeezed up to $4.02. I sold at, I don’t know, $3.95, $3.98, $4.00 and then the rest as it came back down. I got back in right here thinking that on this one minute setup maybe it was going to make a move back up and then stopped out right here, and so right there gave back $1,000.

Was up $2,800 at the high today. Will finish up $1,799. Fifth consecutive green day. Last week was about $1,300, $1,400 of profit, which was pretty good. This week a little bit of a slow start here today. I’m not quite hitting my daily goal of $2,000 but really not a lot of follow through today. You look at most of these stocks, LEDS has come back down, AYTU hasn’t held up, XSPA also didn’t hold up, XSPA, and SOLY is the only one that really is.

I saw a couple of you guys watching and trading SLGL. That one I looked at and the spreads were too big so I decided just steer clear and leave it alone. Better to be safe than sorry right now, especially when I’m kind of in this mindset of trying to have consecutive green days. I’m still digging myself out of the hole from the losses I took towards the end of June. I’m green for the month of July, I want to keep it that way. At this point the bar is set kind of low after having such a bad… I had an amazing first two weeks of June, and then a terrible last two weeks. I gave back more than half of my monthly profit in those last two weeks. Finished up only around $18,000, which for me is well shy of the $40,000 monthly goal, and so at this point I’m just glad to be green for the month of July and see how many consecutive green days I can have.

Try to kind of grind on these smaller numbers until we see a stock really open up, until we see something make a really big move… Sorry, five in the afternoon here. Until we see something make a 200%, 300%, 400% move I’ve just got to grind. I might get some days here and there that are bigger winners, but I don’t think I’m going to have a real big big win until the next big momentum stock. Anyways, that’s about it for me here. Kind of a short recap, not as much to cover today. Green on three out of four names, but really none of them were great trades. They were all just base hits, but base hits can pay the bills.

All right, that’s it for me. I will see you guys first thing tomorrow morning. Live streaming around 9:15 and hopefully we see a little bit more momentum on the gap scanner pre-market.

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