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Turning It Back Around +$3,173! | Ross’ Trade Recap


What’s up everyone? So here we are, Tuesday morning, green day, back in the saddle. That feels good, I can be really happy about that. You know, couple red days in a row, back to back. But turning around here with a nice green day. I took four trades on IMRN which was gapping up over 100%, and I was green on three out of four. So $3,000, green day. That keeps the 9:00 to 5:00 job away. In fact, it’s been more than 10 years since I had a 9:00 to 5:00 job, so it’s been working for a while, which is great.

I’ll be back at it, as usual, first thing tomorrow morning, 9:15, hoping for another green day. Hopefully we can finish up this week, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday with three green days, so I’ll be green four out of the five days this week. That’s my goal. All right, see you guys first thing tomorrow morning.

All right everyone, so we’re going to go over the trades from today. Back in the saddle, green day after two red days, Friday and Monday. So I’m glad to be green today, making back most of what I lost yesterday but not all of it. Finishing about $400 shy of my personal high of day. I was up about $3,500 then gave back a little bit on IMRN. The only stock I traded today was IMRN. It was the leading gapper this morning, up 123%. It currently has 8.2 million shares of volume afloat, of just under three million shares.

So it really had pretty much everything I look for. News, float, volume, price. Everything checked out. The spot I was watching this morning was really a red to green move. I was looking for a little bit of a dip, and then on a squeeze back up was where I was thinking about jumping in. So my very first trade on it was in the first 30 seconds of the market opening.

So let me back this up here a little bit and show you where I jumped in. So the bell rings, and it dips down to a low of 6.45. It then surges up, and as it broke over 6.50, I pressed the buy button three times. On those three orders, I got filled at 6.55, 6.60, and 668 all in the same second, that’s how fast the stock was moving up. It popped up to a high of $7, I took profit, 6.98, 6.94. We were not able to break seven. Yesterday, I took a trade very similar and I didn’t sell any of it. It came back down, and I only ended up making 750 bucks.

So on this one, I took the profit when we were up at seven. Of course, I was hoping we would break through the pre-market high of 7.39. But I didn’t want to hold my full position for that to happen, and when we had resistance at the half dollar, or the whole dollar, I started selling more. So right there in that first 25, 30 seconds of the day, I was up over $2,000 which is awesome.

Second trade, I got back in right here for a quick little scallop on the one minute micro pull back and made another $1,500. So at that point, I was up just about 3,500. Took one more trade right here, and on this one … Sorry, actually, I didn’t take this trade. I got in right here, then I got back in right here on this little pull back, and that’s where I lost 1,500. Went from up 3,500 to up only $2,000.

Then the last trade I took on it was right here, as we were breaking over the view app, I got in at 6.30 and scalloped the move up to 6.50. We had a pretty impressive false break out right here. So what happens when this type of pattern forms? And that was at this time. Is that it looks like it might be the first camel to make a new high. In fact, it makes a new high by two cents, but only two cents per share.

Then what ends up happening is, it hits a wall here of a big seller, and people that just bought it get scared and they bail. Then short sellers hit it, and now you have a combination of just an imbalance to the sell side of both short sellers and long traders bailing out and you get that flush back down. So it failed there, it then came back up towards the view ab right around, let’s see, this level of 6.20, 6.30. I got in right here as it broke.

Volume came in, it spiked up to a level of 6.48, yeah, no, sorry, 6.79 is what it says. Couldn’t break over 7.00, it wasn’t able to make new highs and it then came back down. But on that trade, I made another $1,100, so it got me back up to 3,100 on the day. Which is more than the daily goal. Doesn’t make back the 4,000 I lost yesterday, but it’s a step in the right direction, progress is being made, and I’m perfectly happy with that. So hopefully this week, I can be green Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, have green days at least four out of the five days each week. That’s kind of what I allocate, one red day per week. So four red days a month.

Which sometimes, they do get clustered together, but that’s kind of what I look at. So I already have two red days this month and we’re already halfway through. So I need to finish this week green, then coming into next week, I’ll be able to afford another red day. If I have one, it won’t be a big deal. So that’s about it for me. Fairly straightforward day, only traded the one stock. Took, let’s see, one, two, three, four trades and had three winners and one loser.

So finally broke out of the red streak that started on Friday and now, it’s just time to keep growing the account. So again, reminder today, 1:00pm eastern. So in about two hours, I’m going to host a free workshop. So those of you who haven’t already registered, make sure you’re registered. Show up a few minutes early, we’re going to start right at 1:00pm, we’re going to pack it in. You’re basically going to be learning the first class of the day trade course, where I’m going to talk about risk management, stock selection, and where I get in and where I get out.

The trades on IMRN, all of this right here is straight out of the scallop trading class that’s part of the day trade course for Warrior Pro students. Being able to scallop using level two in the first few minutes of the day, very volatile. But with that opportunity, with that volatility is opportunity. So locked it up today, green day, try to do it again tomorrow.

All right, so I’ll probably see most of you guys around 1:00pm eastern and everyone else, I’ll see you first thing tomorrow morning around 9:15, live streaming, our pre-market watch list. All right, see you guys all first thing tomorrow morning.

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