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Ustocktrade Broker Review

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Ustocktrade is a company that provides sophisticated financial technology to traders at an affordable price. The affordable rate was put in place as a way of lowering barriers of entry to stock trading. Furthermore, it helps individuals participate in capital markets.

Tony and Cindy Weeresinghe started Ustocktrade LLC which is the parent company of Ustocktrade Securities Inc after spending 20 years automating global stock exchanges. They realized that customers are disadvantaged pertaining to stock trading. Not only were the costs high but the trading requirements were complicated, affordable resources lacked and there existed poor trade executions.

Thanks to the efforts of Tony and Cindy, Ustocktrade has funded the Cainan Foundation, a 501© non -profit organization that is dedicated to educating the world’s disadvantaged children. The foundation is funded from the profits earned from Ustocktrade.com.

Today, the CEO has ensured that the company not only continues to provide affordable sophisticated financial technology but they have democratized wealth finally bringing Wall Street to the Main Street.

Products and services

Alternative Trading System

Ustocktrade is registered with the US SEC as an alternative trading system provider and as a result, they offer peer to peer stock trading. This service eliminates the need of another broker to facilitate trading. So, if a trader wants to sell a stock, Ustocktrade will match the trader with a willing buyer on its network facilitating the trade.

The service eliminates the need of routing or selling your orders via a middleman. As a result, traders end up paying lower fees and experience faster settlement. For a schedule of fees charged by Ustocktrade, follow this link.

Same Day Trade Settlement

In financial trading, settlement day refers to the date buyers are required to settle their trades. It is the norm for the seller to deliver the shares purchased after payment is confirmed. If you opt for the traditional method where two different brokers are involved, it will take three business days to settle which is symbolized by (T+3). What does this mean?

In a cash account, the buyer will be required to settle the account before selling. This definitely delays everything. Furthermore, it’s frustrating especially if you want to buy and sell multiple stocks within a day.

Thanks to the facilitation of orders with Ustocktrade network, traders are assured of Same Day Trade Settlement which means trades are paid for immediately and your cash is available from every settled trade immediately too.


Online users do need help when it comes to interacting with new systems they don’t understand. Even for experienced traders, there are features they may not be familiar with. To ensure that users are able to interact with Ustocktrade better, the company offers support via email. There is a FAQ section that provides Questions and Answers pertaining to products, services and features offered by Ustocktrade.

This is a free trading simulator which is an upcoming service offered by Ustocktrade. The platform will allow users to learn the ropes about trading. It will offer virtual cash and access to real time market data to help train and prepare users for the real stock market.


When it comes to pricing, Ustocktrade offers the most flexible packages. For starters, membership fee is $1 per month. The amount is renewed automatically and it’s non refundable. $1 Trade fee per trade is charged when buying which is charged when selling per trade. Please note; there are applicable regulatory fees when selling.

Bank fund transfer fees are nil while returned bank fund transfer on ACH items is charged at $20.

Final Thoughts

As said earlier, Ustocktrade was founded with a two pronged social approach. For starters, the profits accrued from Ustocktrade.com are used to fund the Cainan Foundation. Lastly, the company is on course to democratizing wealth by bringing Wall Street to Main Street via affordable financial systems. If you are in search of a sophisticated Alternative Trading System provide that charges affordable rates, then choose Ustocktrade. For more information, visit ustrocktrade.com


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