Verified 86% Gain Day Trading in 1 Month

+$34,765.95 in 1 Month of Day Trading

Hey everyone! What an amazing month it’s been! As we close the month of June, I’m coming to the end of what has been the biggest month ever in my day trading career. This month I made a verified $34,765 in my Speedtrader account by Day Trading Momentum, Reversal, and Gap and Go Trading Strategies. Most of the month my balance remained in the 45-55k range, making this a nearly 75% gain in just 1 month. In my video below, you’ll see that my biggest winning day and biggest losing day were both around the $4.5k mark. I was swinging for the fences this month and that meant either big wins or big losses. This month was a conscientious decision to be more aggressive, and it was in response to what I felt was a very strong market. As it turns out, I was right. In the first 3 weeks of the month I made nearly 30k. Remember that in March I took a $1000 trading account with Suretrader and turned it into $8653 for a 763% gain by the end of the month.  This month my challenge was to see how much I could grow a larger size account during the same 1 month time frame.  During both challenges I used the same exact strategies.  We will compare the results of both challenges in the video.  The trades discussed are all examples of the strategies taught in our Day Trading Courses and called out in our Day Trading Chat Room.


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Momentum Day Trading Strategies Gave a Verified Accuracy of 69%

This month I maintained an accuracy of 69% over the course of around 100 total trades. I was disappointed that I traded this month with a negative profit loss ratio, meaning my losses were bigger on average than my winners. My average losses were just under $600 (18 cents per share) per trade while my average winners were just under $500/trade (14 cents per share). The only way you can be profitably despite a negative profit loss ratio is by having a high level of accuracy. I noted in the video that I think one of the causes of my bigger losses was the fact that I was trading with larger size. With smaller size I sometimes will bail out breakeven, knowing I can usually get filled pretty quickly. But with 5-10k shares, hitting the sell button can mean 5 cents or even more in slippage. This means I don’t want to jump in and out, I’d rather get in and hold as long as possible. In some cases, that meant holding through a pullback I might have ordinarily sold on.


Interested in Growing a Small Account? Check out my Suretrader Challenge


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Finding Day Trading Stocks to Trade

Almost every single trade I took during the month of June was based on either the Gap Scan or my HOD Momentum Trading Scanner.  These are all powered by Trade-Ideas.  As many of you know, we are an educational partner with Trade-Ideas, eSignal, Lightspeed, Speedtrader, and Trade-Station.  We have recently been recruited by several stock brokers to begin providing education to their clients.  Brokers understand that a well educated client has a higher likelihood of making a career out of day trading and being a life long customer.  In turn, we have encouraged brokers to begin partnering with Trade-Ideas so they can provide their traders with the tools required to profit from the market.  If you want to be among the 10% who succeed as a trader, you need to be using the best tools.





July Day Trading Goals

As we set our sights on the month of July I will adjust my goal back to the standard $10k, or $2500/week. If I’m able to end the month in the 20-30k range, I’ll be extremely impressed, but I’ll be content with $10k. I know that some traders who feel comfortable being more aggressive might consider my monthly goals something they could accomplish in a single day, but I’ll remind them as I remind myself, not to compare yourself to other traders. Simply be the best trader you can be. I am competitive with myself. I want to be better than I was last year, last month, and last week. And I always feel I’m only as good as my last trade. For that reason I get very frustrated when I have losing days, or losing weeks. The bigger picture is that in June, despite losing $12k in 5 days, the fact that I made over $47k on green days gave me a net profit that is very respectable by almost any standard. If you have any questions please feel free to email me or leave comments!

Verified Trading Reports

Verified Day Trading Profits

Verified Day Trading Profits

Verified Day Trading Profits

Verified Day Trading Profits

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** Note that there is a $242.94 dependency between TraderVue total and StockUSA total.  This is related to misc fees that were charged to my account including wire transfer fees.


** Note that there is a $242.94 dependency between TraderVue total and StockUSA total.  This is related to misc fees that were charged to my account including wire transfer fees.