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Warrior Trading is the Largest Chat Room for Wall Street Traders

Warrior Trading runs the Largest Chat Room for Wall Street Traders


Founded in 2012, Warrior Trading has grown to be the largest premium community of Wall Street Traders.   When I first built this chat room I set out with two simple goals.  The first was to provide a hub where traders could come together to exchange ideas in a safe and moderated environment, and the second was to provide educational content for new traders.  There were already other established day trading chat rooms, but I felt that none provided the type of market education that new traders need in order to be successful.  This was based on my first hand experience of struggling to learn to trade, back in 2010.  I lost over $30,000 making completely avoidable mistakes in my first year of trading.  I know what it’s like to struggle as a beginner trader and to feel like all the odds are against you.


Over 80% of our Students are Profitable

I learned lessons the hard way and I wanted to find a way to bring the best quality education to the trading community.  I didn’t want new traders to struggle the way I had.  In 2014  I complied all my knowledge of trading into our Day Trading Course, which has now been taken by hundreds of students.  A cynical person might say I am profiting off traders who are bound to fail.  I’ll counter that argument by pointing them to this Survey of 100 Trading Course Students.  Of those students, 82% are profitably trading the markets, while less than 20% were profitable before taking our classes.  We are helping traders achieve success and live the life they had always wanted.  Financial freedom is obtainable to those who are dedicated, disciplined, and have the aptitude for trading.

Setting a New Standard

Warrior Trading has become known in the trading industry as the premier community for education and a chat room with actionable market ideas.  We have been featured presenters and been recognized by our partners at eSignal, Speedtrader, Trade-Ideas, Benzinga and Lightspeed Financial, to name a few.  In our recent trading webinar, we were impressed to see over 2000 attendees signing in from all across the world.  Warrior Trading has gone global!  This small community I started in 2012 has blossomed.  We take great pride in the success we help students accomplish, and we’re honored so many traders want to become part of our community.

As Warrior Trading continues to grow month over month, we will be working in 2016 to develop new partnerships and bring exciting new tools to traders in our community.  Stay tuned for exciting updates from us!


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