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Watch Me Day Trade Two Accounts! +$4,725 | Ross’ Trade Recap


What’s up guys? Well, they say making videos on train tracks is cliche. They say using smoke bombs is cliche. I guess I don’t care much about that because I’m up $4,725 on the day, another green day, really solid. Guess what? Tomorrow 1:00 PM Eastern, I’m going to host a workshop where I’m going to walk you through my strategy of how to find these stocks, how to manage risk, where I get in, where I get out. So make sure you guys register and I’ll see you first thing tomorrow morning for our live pre-market analysis and then the workshop at 1:00 PM.

All right everyone. So we’re going to do our midday market recap here, go over the trades from this morning. You will see that I am up over $4,000 again for the second day in a row. So that puts total profits at about $10,000 for the last three days of trading. I traded in both my main account and my retirement account today, making $3,278 in the retirement account and then $1,448 in my main account. After I hit the first winner on YUMA in my main account, I switched to my retirement accounts and I’m going to trade DPW in this one because I feel like it’s a little riskier and I just kind of want to lock up profit on one side and start over for the day. So when I did that on DPW, as soon as it broke right here, 8.50 I was pressing the buy button, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom to get in. I actually tried to buy 9,000 shares. I stepped up to the plate.

Unfortunately, it gave me a rejected notice of no buying power. So I had to call Lightspeed real quick and say, “Hey, it says I have no buying power in my IRA.” They said, “Okay, yeah, yeah, we see what’s going on. We reset it.” By the time they reset it, it was pulling back here. So I did trade it through this area and made 900 bucks on it. But boy that’s some sad stuff to miss that trade because from 8.50 it’s squeezed up immediate … I mean this was the apex point of the pre-market chart. It was 8.68 and I was jumping in 8.50. It’s probably going to add at 8.70 or whatever. That’s what I was watching, this 8.68, 8.70 spot.

That gave us an immediate break of a 9, a hit to 9.74, a pullback, a tap up at 10.68 and then I had to tell myself, “All right. Don’t let the frustration and FOMO of missing that really good set up because of your buying power issue, convince you to market order into it up here.” Because then I could stop out down here and just like I went from potential winner, a potential huge loss. So I gave myself a second and then bought this dip for the scalp right here and bought this dip for this scalp right here. So two little setups there and a third one right here and then that was my last trade of the day on DPW. Was it? Yeah. Yeah, I believe so. Yeah. Because then it rolled over here.

So DPW, this one was on our watch list this morning. We knew it had potential, right? Tomorrow during the workshop, 1:00 PM Eastern. Those of you guys who have some time at 1:00 PM and are interested in registering and joining, I’m going to be walking you through my strategy. So it’s basically a two and a half hour long course on day trading. I’m going to be talking about the five criteria for a stock to have home run potential. We could talk about DPW tomorrow because it met all of the criteria. Now I’d like you guys in the chat room to post how much you made on DPW this morning. I see Felipe. Oh my gosh. Wow. Okay. Good job. You’ve got some profits on both DPW and YUMA. I see by this logo right here that you’re trading in our simulator, which is awesome. So simulated trading, which is great.

Shay, $7,500 real money. David, down 800. Chris, up 600. Let’s see, 1,200, 3,000 in the sim done. Good job. I think there were some people that posted PNLs up here a little further. Tyrone, 1,700, awesome. 300, nice. 660. good job you guys. Eric, 1,600. So a couple of those that you called out earlier. So I mean really very, very good stuff. $4,500, 220. You guys are hitting your daily goal. Every single one of you guys who are watching this back on YouTube or Facebook, I want you to get excited because there’s a community of traders right here every single day trading the markets.

DPW, we knew pre-market, we knew way back here that this one had potential. I only pulled $900 of profit out of it, but that’s because I missed the one really good setup. Sometimes that happens. Sometimes right before the bell, your internet drops. Sometimes these things happen and you have to roll with the punches. You can’t let it get you frustrated because the problem is if you let it get you frustrated, then that’s where you end up overcompensating by being super aggressive up here and just totally screwing yourself up.

So on this one, I missed a potential trade here. Now, if I had gotten my 9,000 shares at 8.70, what do you think I would’ve done when it broke 9? I would’ve sold half. I wouldn’t have held the whole thing up $2 a share without selling any of it. I would never do that because I trade for income. I trade to make money every single day, which means I need to consistently take money off the table and I have it. So I would’ve sold half at 9. I might’ve sold the rest at 9.50. I might have added back at 9.75 for the break of 10 and then sold another half up here. So realistically it could have been four, five, $6,000. But it didn’t work out. So anyways, DPW coming back down now. So that’s no good. So that was our leading gapper.

Second leading gapper was YUMA, Y-U-M-A. Up 196% pre-market with a float of less than a million shares under $10, with volume with a catalyst. I jumped into it as soon as the bell rang. All right. The bell rings and I jumped in expecting an immediate rip here from 3.70 up to $4. We knew we had a daily level around 4.08, which I drew on this chart as per chapter four of the day trade course. So on this one, the market opened and it actually, I guess it opened the low. I don’t know what happened, but it opened and it dipped down for a second, says 3.40 and then ripped up. I jumped in anticipating the break of 4. It squeezed up to 3.90 and then came right back down.

So I sold this for a $1,400 profit right here. This was the first trade out of the gates and I took 12,000 shares. So I made like 12 cents per share. Really, a little more than that. It wasn’t a huge winner. It was kind of disappointing because I was holding it when it hit 3.90. I was up over $3,000 and then it dropped right back down. So that wasn’t ideal. It came back down, but here it curled back up. So right here you can see this break of 35. I got in as soon as it broke that level to scalp this move thinking we were going to do a red to green on the five-minute set setup. First five-minute candle to make a new high was right here. So is that candle broke, I jumped in at 30, 35, right in that area. It squeezes up to 3.85.

Pulls back. I buy the pullback, I tried to a scalp here. It does a false breakout right here. I lose a little bit on that. I then get back in right here, give it a second try and it rips up to 4.20. I add here thinking it’s going to continue and I stop out here. I then get back in right here and it rips up to a high of 4.85. So this one faked me out a couple times. It kind of faked me out at the open. It faked me out definitely right here. It faked me out right in here. But when it went, when it ripped, it moved fast. So it was one that I said I’m going to keep giving it a couple of tries because it might fake me out a couple of times, but when it rips, I want to be holding it for that breakout. So I ended up doing a pretty good job with that. Well, the profits show for it.

So again, today trading in both sides. I don’t do this every day. In fact, a lot of days I don’t trade in my retirement account at all. I only trade in my main account. But trying to, I think, kind of be a little more conservative and be a little more consistent about taking the profit when I have it. Taking it off the table and then coming back to the market with smaller share size initially is sort of what I’m thinking. Although trying to take 9,000 shares of DPW was not actually smaller share size. But in any case. So a nice little hot streak here. Awesome trading on Thursday. On Friday, we had an amazing move on PSTV. PSTV on Friday ended up going into the close, squeezing up to $17 so we got nice continuation there. This morning it sold off so no trades on it. It’s below the 200 moving average. You can see all these lines on my charts. I’ll remove some of these here now that I don’t need them anymore.

But yeah. Good, good action. So we’ll finish up plus $4,600 this morning, just about. So that’s more than 10,000 in the last three days and I want to keep this hot streak going by having another solid day tomorrow. We’ll see pre-market what the scanners look like. If we see some good stocks on it the way we did today, we’ll know that we’re going to have some more potential. So I would say buckle up, we’ve got some volatility and this is a time to capitalize on it. Typically, I probably would be even more aggressive than I’m being right now, but I’m trying to be mindful that it is still August. There’s a lot of traders who are probably on summer vacation and stuff like that and it might not be really smart for me to go super, super aggressive until we come into what is traditionally a hotter time of the year, which is when we come into the fall.

So anyways, that’s it for me. Again, hope to see you guys tomorrow, 1:00 PM Eastern in the webinar, and everyone else, I’ll see you guys of course, tomorrow at 9:15 as usual for pre market analysis. All right. See you guys in the morning. If you’re still watching, you must’ve really enjoyed that video. So why not subscribe and get email alerts anytime I upload new content? Remember when you subscribe, you become a member of the Warrior Trading family.