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100% Accuracy on Five Trades! +$2,700! | Ross’ Trade Recap


What’s up everyone? All right, so here we are finishing the 13th consecutive green day. Today is Friday the 13th for me, and I am so happy about this hot streak. This couldn’t have come at a better time. It was the beginning of the year, and the beginning of trading in my IRA on a near daily basis. I started the week with $29,000 in the IRA, and as of today I’m up close to $37,000, almost $8000 of profit just this week.

It counts up 30%, which is ridiculous. I mean, that’s more than I would’ve made having it in the market for the last two and a half years just in mutual funds. I mean, I’ve been really doing well here, and that’s been the goal, to grow the IRA. It’s tax-free gains, it’s for retirement, grow it as much as I can right now, and then if I want to put some of it into mutual funds once I get it up to $200,000, $300,000, that’s fine.

Right now I can just fast forward all of that compound interest just by actively trading it again and again and again. Really solid today, $2700 of profit. Took five trades on three stocks, green on all of them. Super solid, great way to finish the week, and we’ll be back at it first thing on Monday morning. As usual, any questions, any comments, leave below, I’ll come through and answer them over the weekend, and I’ll see you guys on Monday.

All right everyone, so we’re going to do our midday market recap here, go over the trades from this morning. The raccoon is back, I have destroyed the market this week. I’m 29% in my IRA account in the last four days of trading. In the last four days, I have made more than if I put this account into mutual funds for the next three years statistically speaking.

I certainly have done better than if it was in just mutual funds for the last three years, and I did it in one week. The account at the beginning of the week started at $29,000, and as of today, the end of day profits, it will be at 30 … Let’s see, just about $37,000, which is really pretty awesome. I just had a really nice stretch here of a couple of big green day’s, and it’s exactly what I needed here at the beginning of the year to start building the cushion.

With my IRA account, as you guys know, you’re restricted to being able to only add … For the last several years it was $5500 per year. This year we were able to add $6000, which is great. I started the year with $29,000, that was a combination of three years of deposits, ’17, ’18, and ’19. I was able to deposit about … Let’s see $10,000, $11,000, $17,000, and then I had separately made about $12,000 last year trading in it.

I started this year with $29,000, and now here I am getting close to $37,000 just making $8000 of profit this week in that account alone. I had profits in my main account this week also. My total gains on the week … Let’s see, that’s $12,000, $13,500, $14,000, $15,000, $16,000 just this week, so that’s good. That puts me ahead of my $10,000 a week goal, which I’m really happy about.

This is a time of year where I really need to be trying to get a little bit of head way. This feels like it’s being at the marathon. Each year is its own separate marathon. It’s the beginning of this challenge, this yearly goal. You guys know that I am a big fan of my reality TV shows, which for me is just zone out, watch some of that TV at night while I’m working on my laptop, doing emails, other stuff like that.

I’m always multitasking, so I’ve got my laptop, and something on in the background. One of the shows that I really like watching, as you guys know, is Gold Rush. With that show, they have such a short season, that they have it dialed in. This is what they need to bring in each week, in order to hit their season goal of X amount of ounces of gold.

Sometimes at the beginning of the season, you’ll see that they have setbacks trying to set up their wash plant. They have setbacks trying to get the ground ready, get down to the bed rock. Those set them back a couple of weeks, and then what it has the effect of doing, is making it so their weekly goals have to be that much higher every single week, in order to get to the same yearly total.

Similarly, at the beginning of a marathon, if you’re a road race, you do any type of marathon, you have two approaches. One approach is to try to get the lead early on, and then just hold the lead. Then the other approach is just to pace yourself, know your pace, and know that you can finish really strong. I have a really hard time doing the second one. I always like to try to get my lead as early as I can in a race, and then just feel like I’ve got the wind at my back a little bit.

I’ve got a little bit of confidence, and then that confidence gives me the adrenaline to keep pushing. When I’m behind and I’m trying to play catch-up, it just emotionally puts me in a place where I’m more likely to take risk, and I’m therefore more likely to make mistakes. I get myself into trouble, both with trading, with sports, with all of those things.

I start to just get a little bit more desperate to make up that ground. It’s really nice to have a good start to the year. Last January, I made almost $120,000, which was awesome. That was the best month of my career. In fact, I didn’t have a better month in all of 2018, that was the best month of the year in January. Then in February, I ended up having a red month, I lost about $10,000. I got really aggressive, and then had a setback.

This year, if I can do $45,000 this month, and I can do $45,000 next month, I’m actually going to be pretty much at the same place as I was last year by the end of February. There is something to be said for pacing yourself a little bit, versus going big and then having a big setback. We’ve started this year, today is actually for me, Friday the 13th, because today is my 13th consecutive green day, and it’s a Friday.

I was a little nervous about that this morning. That’s why I wore my Trash Panda sweatshirt for good luck. This hot streak began just before Christmas, it’s carrying me through here the first two weeks of January. I had small green days last week, $2000 a day, $1700 a day, wasn’t being super aggressive. Monday, I didn’t see any A quality set ups, and so I didn’t take any trades. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday really, really solid this week.

We’re starting to see the momentum pick back up. $6500 on Wednesday, $5500 on Thursday, $2700 today. Today I wasn’t as aggressive as I could have been. For those of you guys watching on Facebook, I’ll turn this around, so you guys can see the P&L. There’s $2768 of profit this morning on three stocks. Green on all three names, I took a total of five trades on three stocks, and was green on all five trades.

Accuracy really solid, $34,000 starting balance in the IRA this morning. Will be at $36,700 or so on Monday morning, so making some nice progress. Overall market down 150 points, doesn’t matter, finding the momentum here with small cap stocks. Let’s go over the watch list from this morning, and how I turned that into today’s daily gains. The biggest winner for me was TBLT up $1589.31 on it, and this one was straight off the pre-market watch list.

Every morning starts the same way for me and for all of you guys that are part of the Warrior Trading Community. We start by looking at our gap scanners. I’m going to go run this historical date of 9:25 AM. This is how we saw the market at 9:25 before the market even opened. We were already seeing, during the light volume pre-market trading session, that we had a couple of stocks that were gapping up quite a bit.

FTK was actually gapping up 100% versus the close yesterday. However, this stock is not one that I was interested in trading. Their headline was a little bit … It was about selling a chemical to ADM for $175 million, I just wasn’t super into that catalyst, and the float was 54 million shares, that’s a little too high, so that one was off the list. TBLT next one down, $1.60, good, that’s a good price. Up 35% with a 4.6 million share flow, that means there’s 4.6 million shares outstanding available to trade, that’s the level of supply.

32,000 shares of pre-market volume, and it had a catalyst. It actually doesn’t show up here on eSignal, but it does show up on Lightspeed right here. Titan Advisors reports a 14.4% passive stake in tough built industries. That was the catalyst, the pre-market chart, as you can see right here, showed consolidation with a high of 59, $1.59, and a pullback between $1.40 and $1.50. I had a bias to jump in this stock to the long side for a break of $1.50.

Well, before the bell rang, this ended up actually breaking over that level as it squeezed up to $1.60, and a high of $1.78 pre-market. I’m already thinking, “Wow, this thing is really strong, it’s taking off. As soon as the bell rings, I’m looking to jump in.” The bell rings, we have this a little pullback here. The high was $1.78, the bell rang, it opened at about $1.65, and I started punching that button, jump in.

I took a total of 9000 shares, in at 77, 81, and 84. Jumping in as soon as the bell rang at 9:30:01. By 9:30:09, seven seconds later, I’m selling half at $2.00 for a nice profit. It hits a high of $2.08 within the first minute. It pulls back a second, pulls back, pops back up to $2.00 right here. In this first opening range, I ended up making about … I think it was about $1000. I then got back into it at 95, and 97, and sold it 99 and 97, as it was unable to break over $2.00.

That was at 9:32, that was on this one minute micro pullback right here. I then ended up taking one more trade on it a little later, which was right here. This was the first five-minute candle to make a new high, a break over 94. I jumped in at 90, I’ll just scroll down to that trade. In at 90, 91, and 92, selling at 95, 95, and the rest at 89. Scalping that quick little break, target was a break of $2.00.

It wasn’t able to do it, there were some big sellers on the ask, and so that was okay. I said, “You know what? I’m not going to push my luck, I’m just going to take my gains and be done.” Basically $1300 or so on the first trade. $100 on the second, another $100 or so on the third. Three trades, three winners, but really only one solid trade.

That was TBLT, straight off the watch list, we were watching that at 9:30, 9:25 this morning. Now WINR and SAEX, these were not on the gap scanner, these ones were continuation stocks. A continuation stock is when the previous day was strong, or the previous day was really volatile, and we’re looking for that volatility to continue this morning. SAEX in the last couple of days … Three days ago it was a $2.10, and today it hit a high of $4.83, up over 100% in the last three days.

On this one, we had a pretty big move yesterday, it was pretty volatile. It ended up pulling back just a little bit this morning. I was watching it for a break over this descending resistance line here. A break really of $4.50, $4.60. Well, in the first couple of minutes this thing pops up to a high of $4.45, it then pulls back, and I ended up jumping in on this little one minute micro pullback.

Watch this carefully, because we’re going to come back and look at this same pattern in another minute on the WINR trade. Hits a high of 45, it pulls back. As it comes back up, boom, I jump in there, 6000 shares. It hits of high 54, I’m taking profit in this move. The way I take these trades, is I do one of two things. Number one, I press shift one. By pressing shift one, I am buying 3000 shares five cents above the current ask price.

If I press shift one right now on SAEX, I’m placing an order to buy 3000 shares at $4.39, all right? I basically get in right away. The other way I take these trades, is by going ahead and typing the price right in my order entry window here at 54 or whatever I want, and pressing buy. I do about half-and-half, when I’m really watching the stock pretty closely pre-market like with TBLT, I have time to go ahead and type my order in here, and then I’ll do that.

The other reason it’s important to do that, is because you can see within a period of 5 or 10 seconds, these stocks can move so quickly, that you really want to dial in your entry price to within a few cents. The safest way to do that, is to go ahead and type it right there. On SAEX, I had my order typed, I pressed buy, buy, so in at 43, added again at 48. This is within one second, and I’m filling five cents apart.

3000 shares at 43, 3000 at 48, that is how fast it was moving when I jumped in. It pops up to 49, I sell half. Actually, the thing here for me, is I go ahead and put the order to sell half sometimes without even knowing exactly what my cost basis is. CLPS is halted, let me look at that. Okay, so it just squeezed from $5.00 up to a high of $5.64 while we were doing the midday recap. I’ll put it up here so we can look at it.

It’s got the H, it’s halted on a circuit breaker. Ooh, only 55,000 shares of volume, it’s pretty light. Anyways, we’ll look at that in a second, so SAEX, my approach here is I jump in buy, buy, and I’m watching this level too so closely, the current price, the time and sales, that when I put out my hockey to sell half, I haven’t always had a chance to check my eye up here, and see what’s my current position, and what’s my current price, I’m having to move so quickly.

In this case I went ahead and sold half only one cent higher than where I actually got in, but that’s 30 bucks, that’s okay, not a big win, but it’s fine. Sold more at 53, more at 48, 46, and 47, so only made $221 on that trade. It didn’t end up holding that level, it dropped back down, but it did end up coming back up later as it broke over this $4.50 spot, which was a pretty critical line in the sand breaking that flattop area. This, I would say was the flattop, $4.55.

It broke that level, popped up to a high here of $4.75, pulled back, and then tapped $4.83. All right, so that was SAEX. Now, on WINR I was watching something similar, all right? This one we had a pre-market, we had a high of $4.20. This one was very strong yesterday morning, but then gave back a lot of the gains. However, what we have found, is that a lot of times when stocks make that type of move, they will bounce off the lows.

By the way, for those of you guys watching on Facebook, I’m going to upload this to YouTube, so you can re-watch, or you can just jump over there and watch the whole thing with my actual charts to get a better understanding of some of the things I’m talking about here. Anyways, WINR, really strong yesterday, but then sold off. However, a lot of times these will put in a little bit of a bounce off the low.

It’s called a dead cat bounce, it’s not uncommon, and so I was watching this to see if that would happen. The bell rang, and it squeezed up from $3.60, all the way up to a high of $4.20. I was like, “Wow, okay, this thing is showing some strength.” It then consolidates here, and as it comes back up, you see that second little break. On this one what I decided to do, was take a starter trade at $4.00, a starter position at $4.00, $3.97 and $4.00 right here.

My target was a break of high of day, which was $4.20. I’m in this at $4.00, but my max loss is $3.70, because it had just dropped down all the way actually to $3.50. I didn’t want to let it go that far, but I had a $0.30 stop on it. I’m it with a $0.30 stop, 6000 shares, risking about $1800. When it got up $0.20, I wanted to go ahead and sell half to reduce my risk.

I sold half at 19 just under the double top of high of day. I was concerned about the possible risk of double topping and failing, and so I took some profit there. It ends up hitting a high there of 29, and as you can see, dropping back down to 74. I sold the rest of my position at 08, but sold some 23 and 28. On that trade right there, I made $957 just within the period of this breakout right here. In at $4.00, out up here.

Now I’m watching it, watching, watching, watching, and I’m thinking, “This looks like it’s going to break back over $4.20,” and so what I ended up doing, was trying to get back in it at $4.15 right here, but I did not get filled on my order. Wanted to get in at $4.15, and there’s the break to $4.15, ended up hitting a high of $4.40, which is a nice break. I mean, it’s not huge, but $0.25 there.

Pretty solid, but I didn’t get filled on it, and so that one went without me. It’s now coming back down a little bit, we have three daily doji candles in a row, so it’s probably done for a while. CLPS, we can go look at that one now. This one was halted, the current halt time was 9:45:31. It is still halted, which means it will be a 10 minute long halt, but with only 55,000 shares of volume, I’d have to be …

I’m not going to trade it, but I’d have to be a little careful. Oh, there’s the resumption, okay, so 50 x 68, 62,000 shares of volume, 68,000. Mental target would probably be $6.00 on a stock as volatile as this. It’s making the first daily candle to make a new high here over $6.00, has room back up toward $7.00. 52 x 67, 73, 93, look at how fast that just popped there.

Now you want to see, is it going to break over $6.00? Right here $6.20, $6.35 is limit up, limit down, that would be the next circuit breaker. Again, not a lot of volume on it at the moment, also getting to a time of day where I think a lot of traders have already hit their daily goal, and are probably leaving for the day, they’re not going to keep trading. That’s the case with me at least.

Anyways, this was a pretty good week. You never know, what was interesting this week, was that most days, my watch list didn’t end up playing out as well. I didn’t take trades off of it, my trades were mostly based on stocks hitting the high of day momentum scanner. HYRE is an interesting one. This hit the high of day momentum scanner at $3.62 this morning, and ended up going all the way up to a high of $4.37.

The thing is when it hit the scanner, I looked at it first, and I was like, “I’m not very familiar with this stock. It’s not a former runner, it’s not a stock I know a lot about,” so immediately I’m a little unsure. I see that there’s a catalyst, but I’m not sure how significant it really is. I look at the chart, I see it’s got a history of being a recent IPO, but I’m just not totally sure about it.

It has a high there of 62, 65, it drops down for a second, then it pops up to 72. Then it drops down and pops up to 87, then it drops down and pops up to $4.10. From right here it goes from $3.60 to $4.10, $0.50, but without a clear one minute pullback, right? It just goes, and then it does a pullback here, but at this point I was like, “Man, it’s to extended, I can’t get in it right here.”

From $4.10, it did end up going to $4.20, pulling back, and then going up to a high of $4.37. This one went without me, I wasn’t willing to be as aggressive as I needed to be to take that trade, but that’s okay. Anyways, this ended up being a nice one off the scanner. Some of you guys hit it, I ended up not taking the trade on it, but that’s okay. Let’s see, for those of you guys watching on Facebook, again, I encourage you guys to go check out the YouTube channel.

I’ll put the link down below here. In a few minutes I’ll jump onto YouTube or to Facebook, and put the link, so you guys will see where the video will be. That will be up and running later this afternoon, all right? I hope you guys all have an awesome weekend, get some rest. Those of you that are in the classes, study up, Monday morning will be here before you know it.

Made $16,000 this week, let’s just see what I can do next week. I’m looking forward to continuing to grow this IRA account. I didn’t take any trades in my regular account today, because I didn’t need too. I didn’t need more buying power than I had in the IRA, so I’m already getting to a point where I can trade almost entirely in the IRA, especially after today, and a couple of more days like today. Above $50,000 I’m going to be in really good shape.

Yes, there will be some times where something like CLPS that’s $5.00 or $6.00, I might want to take 10,000 or 15,000 shares. I won’t be able to do that with 10,000 until I’ve $55,000 in the account. 15,000 would require $75,000 in the account, so I’m a little ways away from being able to take those positions. If I see something that looks that good, well, I’ll just trade it in both accounts. I’ll trade it in the main account, and I’ll also trade it in the IRA.

Then once the IRA account is large enough, I’ll be able to just trade in the IRA for probably the rest of the year. That was the goal to try to trade mostly in that account this year, and I’m off to a good start. All right guys, so again, study up. I’ve got a one-on-one session with an Inner Circle student here right at 11:00, so I’m going to switch gears for that.

Those of you guys who have been thinking about joining the Inner Circle, I’m going to do a special webinar next week where I’ll invite a group of students to become part of the Inner Circle here for 2019. Stay tuned for that, I’ll have some more info about that probably later in the weekend and early next week. That’s going to be on Thursday at 1 PM just so you guys know, all right?

Have a great weekend, and I’ll see you guys all first thing on Monday morning, bye everyone. If you’re still watching, you must have really enjoyed that video, so why not subscribe and get email alerts anytime I upload new content. Remember, when you subscribe, you become a member of the Warrior Trading Family.