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Time To Go LONG and Stay GREEN! | Roberto’s Weekly Recap

What’s up guys, here is Roberto and welcome to today’s weekly recap. So this week it’s been a little bit unusual for me. If you know a little bit about the way I trade, you should know I predominantly go short, but this week I took an overall total of only three trades and all of them were long trades, So that goes to show about the importance of adapting your strategy and your attitude to the surrounding market condition.

So we had a pretty good, nice push to the upside for the S&P 500, together with some very good earnings. So it was all about going long. So what we’ll do, just jump over my shoulder and let’s go into detail into this weekly recap.

All right guys. So first of all, let’s take an overall… I kind of want a view of the full month, which coincided exactly with the overall look of this week. So June 3rd as being the first trading day of the month, and I ended up taking two trades that day on the same name. So to be exact, I actually ended up taking four trades this week, but to have two of those actually happen on the same name in the same day. So I took two trades on AMD, then one on Roku, and one on CIEN. As you may have noticed already, all of those were winners. So accuracy is still 100% for the month. The profit/loss ratio can’t be calculated because, in order to have a calculation for the profit/loss ratio, you need to have at least one loser for the month, which did not happen yet.

So that’s absolutely great. I just want to say, a side note that I’m not expecting to maintain 100% accuracy for the full month. And also that overall the stats are not really, I don’t think even worth too much spending time talking about, because of the amount of data being not much. So after the first half of the month, this is where I really started looking into my accuracy, profit/loss ratio with more detail. But it’s certainly good to know that we started the new month keeping that green streak alive that we started at the end of May. So with that being said, let’s jump forward and talk about the details of the trades. So first of all, I took a trade on AMD. So in order to be to be analyzing the trades they took on everything, it’s worth noting that another look at the spy.

I mentioned S&P 500 being very strong. And as you can see here, these last five candles, guys, represent of course, daily candles here on the right, represent the move for the week. And if you measure it here from the bottom to the very top, you can see guys, we have almost a 6% move. So a 6% push from the lows all the way to the Top. so as I said, it’s been all about going along. So in my stats, whenever you see a one here, plus one, it means I went long on a trade. And this week it’s happened to be all longs for me. And that’s also because of the overall situation here of the market being so strong. We’ll certainly be supporting some stronger moves to the long side. So it’s always good to kind of have a feeling of what’s going on and adapt a little bit more your approach to the surrounding market conditions.

Right. So with that being said, let’s jump in and talk about AMD. One last thing before moving forward, because a lot of you guys have asked about my own layout on Trading View. So just to be completely straight forward to you, Trading View is the platform that I use for my trades, and I happened to develop some custom indicators, that I dedicated time to code myself. So all those indicators are actually completely free, for as long as you have a pro plus subscription on Trading View. So Trading View is also my favorite, because it’s the one that I’m using, trading/charting platform. So in order to make you to make it very easy for you, if you go ahead, I put a link down in the description. If you click on that link and you decide to subscribe, whether on the pro plus or premium packages, the pro plus will be enough for what for what you actually need. But it’s to you.

You can then go ahead, after you click on that link, and go ahead and subscribe. And also sending me an email at [email protected], and that will answer you back, sanding you my exact layout, including all the custom technical indicators that I use. So just in case you guys are interested, because you have asked about this, I wanted to point it out as well. Now that’s enough about the introduction. Let’s jump into the trades. What did they take and why? So the first three that ended up taking, as we noticed here was a three minutes open range breakout on AMD. What’s a three minutes open range break out? It’s very important for you to learn because that’s been my go to strategy three out of four times this week. And has been profitable 100% of the times.

So what’s the three minutes open range breakout then? Well look, first of all, whenever I trade, on that day that I trade, I have these Excel session, high low custom indicator that I built myself. And I end up of course having it set up for the day. And that indicator, what it actually does is to give me a clear indication on where that pre market highs and eventually lows for a potential short trade are for that specific day. So in this case, this gray area signals the Excel session trading, right? So whether, whether it’s after hours or pre market, the high, as you can see here in the three minutes chart which is this one on the left was, 28.97 right? So for my three minutes opening range breakout, what I look for are many things.

First thing, one of the most important, is that the price has to push above. In this case for going long, has to push above during the three minutes and during those three minutes is is a time for me to be patient. Be patient and wait for the move to confirm that it can push above and hold. So that on the second three minutes, when I have a new three minutes, make a new high here. That’s the time for me to jump in, jump into trade and go long. Right? So that’s what I ended up doing here for my first and second trade. Now for my first trade, I decided to be a little more conservative. I ended up jumping in and giving it only room to the opening range breakout. So if the price would have fallen down from 29.15, my entry all the way to 29.97, 96, 20 cents I would have stopped out.

I would have topped out at that point. It it would have been, for me, a clear sign that the trade did not want to go any higher. Instead I jumped in and this thing started pushing. Started pushing, I take my profit here, my first parcel here, 29.45 here. So I take one third of my position off and then as this thing started selling off, I went ahead and closed the rest. The rest break even. Probably end up hitting the bid when it was a few cents below from the rest, but still ended up being a winner because of that. So as for my rules, whenever I hit my first target and the price comes back, and rejects, I just end up taking the rest off at about break even. And that’s what I did. Locked up a little bit of profit.

It was a decent trade. So as you can see, the target price was right there but ended up closing a little bit lower because of the fact that the stuff that’s coming out, and then I sold the rest break even. The second trade happened to be on the same name on the same day, and was as you can see here a three minutes continuation. Now what’s a three minutes continuation? Three minutes continuation is basically a retest of the view up that 13 EMA here in the three minutes. This orange line here, and hold. So if the move can hold and stuff push above the three minutes here, the test area, that’s when I want to get long again. So we can just move this one Fibonacci retracement data I re adapted to be my risk reward kind of tool.

And once again, I ended up entering at 29.15, and I ended up hitting, after a little bit of consolidation, my first target between 9.55, and then you’re rolled back over and stop me out, break even once again. So overall here I ended up locking some more profit. So two smaller winners, but together they added up for a decent day. So overall I was satisfied, and I was ready to move on to Tuesday.

So Tuesday I didn’t take any trade. There was just nothing I liked, and so as may always happen, whenever there’s anything that I actually like, I end up not taking the trades. As I said, I always say selectivity is the most important. So nothing happened for me on Tuesday, waited then to eventually trade something on Wednesday.

And Wednesday was the day Roku. Was the day when Roku hit one of the mark for first time, I was there to take the trade, I was there ready to take the trade. And as you may recall, this will look a lot like the same kind of approach and strategy, exact strategy I ended up taking on AMD. So what’s that strategy? Is the three minutes opening range breakout. How do I see it? Well, I’m now just for you, be able to once again highlight Excel session high here, which ended up being 97.60. So when I was preparing for my trading day in the chatroom, I was talking about this level, because it was the pre market high. And because we had a lot of room here in the daily chart. So if you can, you can zoom back to the daily chart then realize that we were basically trading at all time highs. So there was not any sort of visible or strong resistance that this one trade, and this one stock, could have encountered if pushing further to the upside.

And so I was ready. And once again, what do I do during the first three minutes? Well during the first three minutes of the market open, I just watch what’s the action, and what I noticed was a push here to the high, to the penny, and 97.59. So they basically retested the 97.60 area almost to the penny. It rejected it, but it held above into the close up of view up. And this yellow line, which is the 13 EMA on the 10 minutes. And so after three more minutes, this thing just started to push. So as soon as it started to push, and it went, as soon as you have this kind of reversals like this, that’s going to signal a very, very, very strong potential move to the opposite side.

Because at this point you may figure the short sellers are giving up on the trade. And if they give up on the trade, that’s going to cause them getting squeezed, and more buyers to jump in on the trade. And that’s goin to create this double force kind of move to the upside. So what I did end up trading, well, quite easy here potentially to see. So I had my targets. So I ended up entering the 97.60 and I had my stop here at about 97.10 so I would give me a good 50 cents room all the way towards the low of this candle back below the 13 EMA and the view up. But this thing just started pushing above. So I started scaling out at my targets here, 98.39, 98.90, all the way to almost 100. So I was looking for the last piece up here at about, 100 if we got the last push.

So, by that point I was still holding only one sixth of my original position. So I made most of the profit I was looking for. And so when you reverse it, I ended up just stopping out, and realizing my best trade for the week. Because we ended up hitting three out of our four targets, and that was it. Basically one of the best trades that I took lately, and the the best one for the week. And the day after, so yesterday, Thursday I ended up trading the symbol C-I-E-N. So it was strongly gapping up into earnings. And what did I ended up taking? Well I ended up taking a three meetings open range breakout. And this may start to be even familiar to you. But let’s take a look together.

So here is my extended session high. And the extended session high, in this case, was 42.95. We had the room here on the daily, as you can see on the bottom right corner, and we basically had room all the way from above here. This pivot here at 41 all the way to the high here, the 52 week highs which were here and above and about 45.70, so what did I end up taking? Well, same story here, right? Pushing up pre market, consolidating here below 43. first three minutes it just goes down but it ended up holding here, this 13 EMA here on the 10 minutes, and then it started pushing back up. When they start pushing back up. I actually did not go right away for this move, because it was getting here too much over extended, and if you’re wondering, yes, this one is another one of my custom made indicator that’s included in my layout, if you decide to subscribe to Trading View.

But because it was getting too much extended, I ended up waiting a little bit longer for more consolidation. But as soon as I then notice here this was holding I ended up hitting the buy button and entering at 43.20. My entry point was above here, on confirmation, above this pre market high pivot. Well this thing, I immediately put my mental stop here at about 42.50 back here at the 13 EMA back here. And for a second because it tested that, as soon as I entered this thing just did not continue right away, but instead it started to agitate. Start to agitate, and at this point I’m thinking, well this guy here, it may just end up stopping me out. But I had my stop here in place and I will not be being mad if I would have gotten stopped out, just because I know I would have followed my rules, and some trace just didn’t work out.

So that’s what I’m thinking at this point. But this thing ended up holding this three minutes low here, the 42.70 area, and started pushing just a little bit later than I thought. And here, the fact that I ended up trading my plan, basically, saved me from panicking out here, and just messing these one trade out. So instead I ended up following the 13 EMA here, and ended up hitting to all my target really nicely. And this as soon as I noticed this thing was actually trading a little bit weirdly, when watching the level two. So I ended up not trusting it so much anymore. And I think I jumped out here when it failed this intraday support here, I just ended up hitting the bid, and calling it the trade, still a very nice trade. Ended up hitting two of my target, which meant two thirds of my position. So another very nice winner out of a very simple strategy.

The strategy is all about selectivity, and it’s all about patience and discipline. For as long as you can do it, this, I feel, it’s really strategy for you. So I hope you enjoy this video by the way. I’m share all the details about the strategy in the Warrior Pro courses and, and all the Warrior members know that in the mentor session they can find all the details about what I trade every single day. And also just for your information, in our Warrior Trading large cap chat room, I shared all of those trades that I share with you guys live.

So that’s it. So I hope you enjoy the video, and if that’s so, just give this one video a thumbs up. I’m really thankful for that. And if you have any other questions, please just feel free to put those down below and I’ll make sure I come back and answer to all of you guys. As I said, four questions about Trading View. That’s pretty much done. I would be potentially sharing with you guys my exact layout that I worked on. So with that being said, I want to thank you guys again for watching. And I see you back in chatroom on Monday.

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