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+$4,641 on my 19th Consecutive GREEN DAY

Consecutive GREEN DAY

+$4,641 on my 19th Consecutive GREEN DAY

We’re going to do our midday market recap here, but, remember, September was a little bit of a red streak for me. It really wasn’t in the zone, and so for the month of October I set the intention that every day would be a green day. Obviously, that’s a pretty aggressive intention to set. It’s very difficult to have every single day be green. In fact, I don’t think I’ve done that once this year.

January, I was really close, but I lost money on the last day of the month. For October, I set the intention that I would be green every single day, and it wasn’t to say that, if I didn’t finish every day green, I would be really, really depressed. It was just that I wanted to be very consistent.

When were in our circle seminar in New York, we were, as I’ve said several times, talking with the students who all are in this. They’re making money and they’re doing really well, and, for me, it was really helpful to surround myself with those traders who are successful because it reminded me of the things that I used to do when I was having trouble being disciplined to get me into the zone, and so one of them is starting the day with a healthy breakfast.

I’ve kind of gone into the habit of not eating breakfast or just grabbing something like a granola bar, which they’re very sweet. They’re very sugary. Yeah, they’re quick, grab it and you go, but this month I said, “No. I’m going to eat a healthy breakfast, uh, no sugars.” I’ve been having like even a handful of nuts, which is totally fine, some scrambled eggs, something like that, but laying off the sugar before I trade, and then, right before the bell rings, I try to bring myself in for a little meditation.

I’ve kind of been leading you guys on that meditation in the chatroom in just sort of that way of, “Let’s pull it together. Take a breath. Get focused. Follow the rules,” and I say it not just for you, but for myself as well, and the result of really bringing that focus back is $33,000 in profit this month.

I’m now at $203,000 on the year, so that feels really good. It’s nice to bounce back from a tricky month in September to have a really nice month here in October. We still have three days left, and hopefully in these three days, I can keep it together and not have a red day, but, today, I started in the red. I lost 300 bucks on my very first trade, so let me walk you guys through it.

The first trade of the day was on MYOS. Now, this one was on our gap scanner, but I said premarket, during the watch list, that we should be careful with it because of the fact that it has a history of … because of the fact that this week we’ve seen multiple stocks gap up and then sell off. [EVOK 00:03:28] on Monday, [RKON 00:03:32] on Tuesday, CAPR yesterday and, today, MYOS, four, the leading gapper, or one of the leading gappers, each of these days dropping back down, so I was nervous about it.

As soon as the bell rang, it sold off, but I thought, “Okay, well, it dipped down below 2,” and it looked to me like it was bouncing off of the 200 moving average, so I got in for that bounce off the 200. I thought it was selling off, it was going to bounce off this level at like 185 and pop back up and then go back over $2, so I got in long at 198, 7,500 shares.

It starts popping up to 206. I tried to sell. Sold some at 203 and 202 and 2, realizing this was not looking super great, and then I ended up selling the rest at 182, so I lost 300 bucks right out of the gate and I was like, “Okay, I’m down 300. That’s, you know, not a big deal. I can get myself back into the green. Let’s just, you know, keep looking for a good trade, look for the next one,” and so the next one ended up being … I’ll change this view here.

The next one was ACHV, so where did I find that stock? I found it on the high day MOMO scanner. I wouldn’t have noticed it, except for these scanners, so watching the scans and, boom, ACHV at 933 hits the scanner, low float stock, volume … strong volume in the last 5 minutes, both yellow because of the float and purple there because of the strong volume in the last 5 minutes.

As soon as I saw that, I was thinking the same as BONT yesterday and some of these others that’s popping up. I want to jump on this momentum. I see it popping up, and I prep my order for 250 and I jumped in. I’m long ACHV at 238 … sorry … 243, 248 and 268, so adding 10,000 shares. Not bad, pretty good sized position, and this hit a high, as you can see here, of 385.

If I’d held the whole thing, I would have made like $14,000, but I didn’t. I scaled out on the ask. I started, tried to sell some at 308, which was 50 cents, 5,000 bucks, didn’t get filled. I guess I sold 50 shares at 89, I don’t know, 2,500 shares at 02. Pops up to 59.

I keep trying to sell on the ask, and you see these are red because I keep canceling the order because I’m not getting filled. I kept trying to sell on the ask and then I’d sell some on the bid, a little more on the bid, more on the bid and then, let’s see, I tried to add back at 41. You can there, no fill. I sold, and I got back in at 34, 38, sold some at 53, tried to sell more on the ask, not getting filled, so a lot of canceled orders on this one showing zero fills just because my executions weren’t going through very well, but, in total, $5,745 on the trade.

Again, what we talked about, which is scaling in, scaling out, so adding at 250, selling some at 3, adding back in the 330s, 340s, selling more on the move up. Unfortunately, that top [tick 00:07:21] of 385, I just wasn’t able to sell any up there. As good as it looked and as much as I would have loved to, I just couldn’t get filled, so a little bit of a bummer there.

Excuse me, so that was ACHV, and then the next trade was [SKLN 00:07:38]. Took a trade on that, again, hit the high day MOMO scanner. This was ACHV on the scans, and then BTGN was on there. I missed that trade, and then we have, let’s see where was it, SKLN, boom, hitting the scanners. I pull up the chart. I’m familiar with the name because we’ve traded it before, and I see that it has a nice daily chart spiking up, so I jumped in at 190, 189, 190, 94, 93.

It pops over $2. I’m scaling out on the ask, 205, 213, 763 bucks, not bad, so at that point, I was up $6,000 on the day, and then I take my very last trade. I started with MYOS and I ended with MYOS. I started with a loser and I ended with a loser, so the last trade of the day, MYOS.

On this one, I got back in on the 1-minute setup. It just popped up on this candle, which now is red, and double tapped at high of day, premarket high. As I saw that, right here, I got in on this candle because I thought it was about to break over 25 and be the first 1-minute candle to make a new high. I thought we were doing a 1-minute micro pullback, so I added at 224, 7,500 shares and then, boom, it dropped, and I stopped out at 203 for like a $1,200 or $1,500 loss, so that put me down 1,800 total on MYOS, now only $4,600 on the day, but green is good. I can’t really complain about that.

I started with the green. I started with the red trade, ended with the red trade. Didn’t have much love on MYOS, but the other ones were pretty solid, so 19th consecutive green day, 19 days in a row, and it’s definitely been a pretty nice hot streak.

In these 19 days, let’s see, these 19 days carry over into the end of September, but in these 19 days, I’ve made about $38,000. $38,000 in 19 days is not bad, so hopefully we can keep up this hot streak, keep riding the momentum.

Now, an important note today, my accuracy. I took four trades. I mean, you could maybe say I took more because I added on ACHV, but it seemed like kind of four trades, and I lost on two of them and I made money on two of them. 50% accuracy, I was only right half the time today, which is my worst accuracy. Over the last 19 days, my accuracies have been about 30, 38%, so … or, sorry, I said 38%. It’s been 83%. That’s interesting. I don’t know that I’ve ever done an exact reserve, instead of saying 83, 38. That’s very interesting, but, in any case, 83% accuracy over the last 19 days.

Today, I was only 50%, but despite being only 50%, I’m still profitable, and why is that? It’s because my average winner was 3 times bigger than my average loser, so, with that, you only need to be right 20% of the time to break even. At 50%, I’m still profitable, which is always nice to have that cushion in your favor.

Anyways, finishing the day here, feeling pretty good and hoping that we see continued momentum through the rest of October, going into Halloween and then as we get into November. Typically, these are some of my strongest months of the year, October, November and December, so I’d really love to see that again this year. October, November, December, January, February, that sort of 4, 5, 6-month window is when I do usually quite well, so I’m hoping that we see that again this year and maybe able to finish the year in really good shape.

I have $203,000 right now. I finished last year with $222,000, so I’m $19,000 shy of my 2016 total, and, with all of November and all of December, I think there’s a good chance that I’ll be able to break over that level, but we’ll just take it one trade at a time, one day at a time, not get too caught up in all those numbers. Anyways, that’s on tap and kind of where we’re sitting here today as we finish the 19th consecutive green day.

All right, everybody, so I hope you guys all did really well. I saw some of you did a really great job this morning, so congratulations for those of you that were green today. If you’re not green, it’s okay. Just take a step back, focus tomorrow on being the best trader you can be, taking the best trades, not giving in to fear of missing out and just staying really focused. All right?

I’ll see all of you guys or most of you at 1:00 p.m., Eastern, so in about a little under 2 hours, and the rest of you I’ll see in the chatroom first thing tomorrow morning. Okay, thanks, guys. See you tomorrow or at 1:00.

Oh, hey, I didn’t see you there. I was just working on the Dream Board for my next home run trade. Hopefully, it comes soon. Until then, make sure you subscribe to get email alerts anytime I go live or upload new videos. Until then, happy surfing.