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21st Consecutive Green Day +$415.84

21st consecutive green day

21st Consecutive Green Day +$415.84

All right, everybody. Let’s start breaking down the midday recap here, going over the stocks from this morning. Finishing here today, it’s the 197th day of the year, and it’s my 21st consecutive green day, so I am happy to have the hot streak alive, but as you can see from my P&L, it was a close one. I was in the red today, and I was able to get myself out of the red back to the green. You can see the P&L right here. I traded six stocks. I over-traded a little bit today.

If I had had a big winner right out of the gates, I probably wouldn’t have traded GCAP. I might not have traded XNET. I don’t know. That one’s a maybe. It was a good setup, but I definitely wouldn’t have been so aggressive if I’d had a green trade out of the gates, and I probably wouldn’t have traded SPCB. I would’ve just had those first three or four trades, been green, and then been like, “Yep. Finishing up, wrapping up shop, and not going to push my luck.”

This morning, kind of interesting because we didn’t have a lot on the gap scanner that I really liked. We had a lot of stocks on the scan, but nothing that I thought looked fantastic. I said to everyone, “I’m getting to that place where I’ve had 20 consecutive green days. I certainly want to see consistency and finish the month green, so it’s kind of a little bit of pressure here. We’ve got two days left and look, it’s like all of these days, I pulled it together.

Every single one of those days, and now we’re right here at the very end, and it’s like when you’re about to cross the finish line and then you take your hands off the bicycle wheel, or the handle bars, and you fall. Then someone else crosses the finish line ahead of you and you screw it up.” That’s sort of that place I’m in right now where I’m right at the end, right near the finish line for the month of October and today, when I got into the red, I was clenching my hands because I was starting to feel some frustration.

Today, looking at the gap scanners, there wasn’t anything that looked just absolutely incredible to me, which was certainly concerning. The stocks I was watching pre-market, we had SPCB. This one was on watch, and it was one of our leading gappers. You can see here pre-market a little consolidation around $3.78, but I was not sure how I felt about the way it dropped on that red candle. It also didn’t have a lot of volume pre-market, so I knew that it might be a little bit of a tricky one to trade. You can see the bell rang, and I know John jumped into this. He was much more aggressive than I was. I think he got in at $3.70 for the break of pre-market highs and sold on the move up to $4.24, $2,000 profit.

Now, I hesitated and I just sort of, I don’t know, I just hesitated. I didn’t take the trade on it and so by the time I saw it popping up, it hit $4.13. It pulled back, and I thought, “Okay. Well, maybe I’ll do a first one-minute candle, make a new high.” I had my order ready to press at $4.00, and I was like, “Ah, I don’t know.” I hesitated. It popped up to $4.24, $0.24, and then it dropped all the way back down to $3.73, so up $0.25, down $0.50, and that’s the type of day that we had. A lot of just ugly moves like that, and for those of you watching on Facebook, I’ll show you what this looks like.

This is that ugly move where it dropped down, and then popped up, and then came all the way back down there. Not clean at all. I didn’t trade it through there at all. I didn’t even touch it. My first trade on it was right at 9:55. I jumped in it with, let’s see, I think it 5,000 shares at $0.69. Let me just look through this here. My first trade on it was actually 5,000 shares at $3.80 and I stopped out at $3.69. Boom, lost 550 bucks.

I got back in at $3.94, thinking it was going to break over the whole dollar, so I got in right here for the break of the VWAP. It does a false break. It pops up and then drops down. Then I got back in. It pops up, it taps $4.00, I’m in at $3.95. It drops back down again, so I end up selling that one. I tried to put orders on the ask at $4.05, didn’t get filled, ended up selling at $3.84, so in total, I lost $1,394 on that stock.

That put me down $900 on the day. At that point, I was down $900 on the day, but the first trades I took, let’s go back to the beginning. I started with SPCB because that was the first one on the watch list. The second one on the watch list was MICT. MICT, pre-market consolidation, as you can see right here, right under $0.95, under the whole dollar. As soon as the bell rang, I jumped in this at $0.93 and $0.94, anticipating the break of pre-market highs. We got in, it pops up to $0.96, $0.97. It couldn’t break that level, and so I stopped out for a mere $160, which is 1.6 cents, with 10,000 shares. You can see it just popped up and then dropped, which is kind of what we were seeing a bit last week, so that wasn’t a very good trade.

The next trade was APVO. APVO was also on our watch list. It was a gapper. I jumped in this at $2.97. It pops up to a high of $3.10, and it just couldn’t go higher. I sold 400 shares at $3.09, the rest at $3.04, $3.03, and then, I guess, $2.96 and $2.93, so $278 on that one. After those two trades, I was up what, 400 bucks, or something like that. Right around $400, so I’m like, “All right, $400. That’s not bad.” Then I jumped into RGSE. RGSE all of a sudden hits the scanners. It’s squeezing up. Apparently, some chatter about, I think, something with Tesla and RGSE, which is probably not going to materialize, but it pops up, and I bought it as it broke over, let’s see, $0.60.

It pulled back for one second, hit $0.65. It pulled back. I got in over $0.59 for the break of $0.60, and then the one-minute micro-pullback. Then entry here, as you can see right here, and then that’s the drop. This one did not hold at all and as soon as I got in it, I ended up being down about 1,000 bucks. It popped back up, and I sold it for a $68 profit. After that one, I was up $470 on the day or something like that and that’s when I took that $550 loss.

I went from being up $460 or whatever it was to down $50, and I was frustrated because now I’m in the red, and I’ve got to try to get myself back into the green. What I think I did wrong on that trade is the one, on SPCB, is that I didn’t kind of recognize the fact that I had just taken three trades and none of them were really easy, very choppy.

When I went in for that fourth trade, I should’ve gone with smaller size knowing that I should just be grateful for the $400 I have and not risk giving it back, since today’s not clean. I went in too aggressive and then got stopped out. Then as it popped back up, I was frustrated, so I got back in it because I was frustrated that I was right on the first trade, but had still managed to lose money on it. I got back in it and then I was in a little too high and lost another 700 bucks on it, or whatever it was.

That’s how I went from being up $400 to down $50 to down $800 on the day. At that point, I was like, “Look. Take a breath. Being down $800 is not the end of the world. This would be your first red day of the month. You’ve had a fantastic month, up $33,000, $34,000. Losing 800 bucks, it doesn’t matter. Don’t worry about that. Just focus on quality setups and if I get myself back into the green, that’s great, but it doesn’t matter. If I go below $1,000 in the red, I’m going to be done for the day.”

But I was down $800, and then I was watching XNET for this bull flag. XNET is flagging out here on the five-minute chart, and I just simply got in this for the first five-minute candle to make a new high. You can see right there, the first candle to make a new high was over $0.27, so you can see here, I jumped in this at … scroll this down. RGSE had some trouble with SPCB and then there’s that one.

Then we’ve got XNET here in at $0.26 and $0.30 and preparing to add for the high of day break. This was my entry. Target was high of day. High of day was $0.59, so I was thinking if this could get over the half dollar, I might add. It just kind of was grinding back up, up to $0.40, up to $0.50, and so with that one, I made $1,187 and that got me back into the green on the day, which was great.

That put me back into the green and then my cool-down trade was on GCAP, G-C-A-P, and this was just a little trade that I took over $7.50, which you can see right here. Jumped in at $7.50 for this flat-top breakout, so I was along at $7.50. We pop up to $0.63. We pull back, end up getting up to a high of $0.71, which wasn’t too bad. Finished with $115 on that. You can see a lot more trades than I would probably typically.

If I’d had a better start to the day and was solid and green right out of the gates, I probably wouldn’t have felt the need to keep trading, but I wanted to get myself … it was kind of slow progress and then a bit of a setback, another setback, and then I had to dig myself out of the hole, but I did it calm, cool, collected, composed.

That puts me green on the day. Now, if I had instead gone emotional and revenge-trading and aggressive, well, I could have doubled my loss. That was the moment where I had to take a breath, and I had to say, “Look. There’s nothing wrong with closing the day red today if I close the day red. However, if I see opportunities to get myself back into the green, I’ll certainly take them.” Today’s another green day, 21st consecutive green day and for that, I really can’t complain.

So, JM, when I stopped taking gap strategy trades, usually it would be around 9:45. Past the first 15-minute opening range, I usually wouldn’t go for a gap-and-go any longer. Gap-and-go is usually just the first 15 minutes, so it’s really for the opening range. All right, so even though consistency today wasn’t as good as it’s been, my accuracy was only 71%, my average losers were $0.11.

My average winners were only $0.05, so really profit-loss ratio is not good this morning because I just didn’t get any really big winners and that was the challenge. Hopefully, tomorrow we see some better opportunities. It’ll be the last day of the month. Fingers crossed that we can make it the 22nd consecutive green day and make our way into November just riding this momentum. All right? That’s about it for me today.

I’m not sure what my afternoons or what my schedule’s going to look like later this week. I am going to fly back to the East Coast on Thursday, so I’ve got to check and see if I’ll be able to trade Thursday morning. I think I’m going to be able to trade Thursday morning, but I think Friday I might not trade. I think by the time I get home on Thursday night, it’ll be 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning.

That’s part of that pre-shot, pre-trade routine. You want to make sure you’re well-rested, focused. I’ll just see how I feel, but I might be out on Friday, but definitely in any case, I’ll be here Tuesday and Wednesday and probably Thursday morning. All right? That’s the game plan for this week and I will see all of you first thing tomorrow morning, hopefully for day 22. All right. I’ll see you guys in the morning.

Oh, hey. I didn’t see you there. Well, I was just working on the dream board for my next home run trade. Hopefully, it comes soon. Until then, make sure you subscribe to get email alerts any time I go live or upload new videos. Until then, happy surfing.