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+$1,101.39 in 30min, now time to giveaway some Laptops!


+$1,101.39 in 30min, now time to giveaway some Laptops!



Okay everyone, so we’re gonna do a little midday market recap; go over today’s trades. But, before we do, last announcement. Today, 1 p.m. — in less than an hour — we’re gonna host our special August webinar, which I’m really excited about. We’ve been looking forward to doing this for a while. We started planning it a while ago, and I got these three laptops, brand new Lenovo laptops, that we’re gonna be giving away.

So, one of these is gonna be given away to a random attendee during the webinar, and the other two will be given away to new students who join the Warrior Pro course today. So, that’s all gonna be starting at 1 p.m. Eastern, so we’ve go about 45 minutes until the webinar starts. All right? So I’m gonna put the registration link. Those of you, let’s see, streaming on Facebook, you’ll be able to see the link. Those of you in the chat room, let me grab the link for you right now. Let’s see, so … there we go. All right, so 46 minutes.

So everyone who is … everyone who attends is eligible to win one of the laptops that we give away, probably in the middle of the webinar to a random attendee, but you do have to attend. So, just registering isn’t enough, you’ve gotta be in the webinar. We’ll give that one away to someone who’s in attendance. Okay, so that’s coming up at 1 p.m., but going over the trades from today; today’s another decent day, finishing the morning up $1,101.39. So, 155th day of the year, and now in the last 1, 2, 3, 4 trading days, I’ve made about $7,500, which is really nice.

It’s nice to have a little stretch there with some big winners, and sort of make up for what had been a little bit of a slow stretch at sort of the beginning of the month. So, really happy about that. Hoping that we finish the week strong tomorrow with some more trades, and that we can finish the month of August really strong and then go into what might be an awesome Fall. Fall of 2015 was fantastic, 2016 was a little slow, so maybe it’s every other year. Maybe the Fall of 2017 is gonna be on fire.

I mean, right now it would seem like we’re definitely heading into that, because just the opportunity we’ve seen. RTNB has been really incredible. I haven’t been nearly as aggressive on it as maybe I could have been. I traded it twice today and made $831, almost the same as what I did yesterday. I wasn’t overly aggressive on it, you know, I just felt like I was overstaying my welcome and I didn’t want to do that. But from $2.20 this morning, all the way up to $3.32, I mean, what a move. Just really fantastic. So I’m hoping that that is an indicator of more of those types of opportunities to come.

So, to go over my trades on it quickly, very first trade of the day was on MOSY. MOSY was on our gap scanner, and I jumped in this right out of the gates at $1.20. You can see, the first candle to make a new high was at 9:33; that’s where I got in. We popped up to a high of $1.29, you can see my order, sell long; 9,000 shares at 21, selling at 25 and 23. So, only made three cents of total profit, which was $270.

Next trade, I tried to get in MRNS and I didn’t get filled. This was my swing trade idea and I didn’t want to chase it. It was the first candle to make a new high. It just kind of went without me, but then it ended up coming back down. So I don’t really know what to think on that, just not the easiest one to trade. So that was MRNS.

Next one was RNTB. My very first trade on this was, let’s see, I got in at … we had this push here. I got filled … I was looking for the breakout right here. I wanted to get in at $2.75, and I got filled at $2.85 with 10 cents of slippage. Got in at $2.85, we pop up to $3.05. I sold at $3.04, taking the profit on the way. I got back in, 7,500 shares, at $3.30, which was right here, and tried to sell at 45, no fill.

Ended up hitting the bid at 39, 37, and 35. So, finishing the morning up $1,100. Three trades. Pretty easy, pretty straight forward. Would have liked to maybe have done a little bit better, but I’m happy with that. So, that’s pretty much where we’re at today. Another decent day, the 155th trading day of the year, so we’ve got about 95 days left, 94 days left roughly. And I think I’m gonna get myself prepped for our webinar coming up here at 1 p.m.

All right, so that’s game plan here for this afternoon; 1 p.m. webinar. I will see you all in about 40 minutes. Okay, guys. So, I’ll see you there. We’re gonna give away a couple laptops and teach you guys about the three strategies I used to turn $583 into $100k in 44 days, and it’s gonna be a lot of fun. Okay, I’ll see you guys there.

Oh hey, I didn’t see you there. Well, I was just working on the dream board for my next home run trade; hopefully it comes soon. Until then, make sure you subscribe to get email alerts any time I go live or upload new videos. Until then, happy surfing.