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+$4,811.02 As I Break $80k In Profits In January!

Profits In January

+$4,811.02 As I Break $80k In Profits In January!


What’s up everyone? All right, so here we are on the 15th day of 2018 and I’m finishing the morning up $4,811. That means I’m crossing over $80,000 in trading profits in 15 days. This January momentum is just so hot right now, we are seeing opportunity after opportunity and I’m trying to capitalize on it. I’m trying to take bigger share size and really make the most of these hot markets knowing that things will slow down eventually.

Just the way we’ve seen this 50% drop in the price of Bitcoin we will see things slow down when it comes to small caps. When things are hot you got to put the pedal to the metal, capitalize on the opportunity, know that it will tide you over during that inevitable slow period. When I woke up this morning I was feeling a little bit bummed out. I was missing Southern California because it’s so gray, this morning it was pouring rain. When I walked from my house to my office my feet got soaking wet, I stepped in a puddle, my socks were wet and I was like this is winter in New England, rain, sleet, snow. I love the snow but the sleet and the rain, I’m missing California, it was a great trip.

Before we get into the midday market recap let’s roll some of the memories of California. All right everyone, so we’re going to break down our trades from this morning, another solid day of trading finishing the day up $4,811.02, not bad at all. I mean, this January momentum is just, it’s super hot right now. As of today I’m crossing over $80,000 in profits on the year, $80,000 on the month, $80,000 in the last 15 days of trading. Today is day 15 of the year.

Now I started the year with a red day. My first day of the year I lost $4,000 and I was really frustrated with myself because I thought, “Geez, this is the worst way you can start a year, starting in the red.” I’ve done it before, it’s not the first time I’ve had a red trade in the first week of the month or of the new year but I was really disappointed with myself that that happened. Fortunately, I was able to use that just as inspiration to be super focused on being disciplined, taking profit when I have it and that’s exactly what I’ve done.

Here we are 14 days later on day 15 crossing over $80,000 in profits, which is really quite something. I definitely feel good about that but how disappointing is it that I fumbled my hot keys again, second day in a row, in my IRA account? I made $1,575 in the demo account. Useless, totally, totally useless, so frustrating. That’s a 15% gain on my $9,000 of equity but it’s in the wrong account. The problem here is that, look, when you log in it defaults to the demo account. This morning I was like, “Oh, I see GBR, I like it, I’m not going to use my hot keys I’m just going to type in my share size because they don’t have a hot key for 4500 shares. Did that and pressed the buy button. Boom, that’s how you get filled in the demo account.

I didn’t come down here and toggle down to my real account so just so, so frustrating. What I know I can do is, let’s see, where is it? Under order templates I’m going to change this to account and make it my main account and let’s see if I log out and log back in if these are updated. Anyways, that was totally a bummer because a $1,500 winner is a fantastic win. No, so I logged out and logged back in and now no account’s selected so … Oh nope, there it goes. All right, so I guess that maybe fixes it.

Anyway, so two days in a row fumbling on this account is really disappointing but whatever, tomorrow’s a new day, be back at it and hopefully we’ll have another good opportunity. GBR ended up being the demo and my IRA got in at 194 and sold at 229, three minute long trade. Let’s look at how that trade played out. I also took it with my main account so I made money on it, $1,800. GBR, it was actually the second trade of the day but we’ll go over that one first just since the one I’m talking about here.

Sort of surprise momentum hits the scanner this morning and as soon as it hit the scanner I’m like, “Oh yeah, I know GBR, I’m familiar with the stock, I’ve traded it before, it’s a former runner, it’s a stock with a history of making big moves.” Let’s see, where are we? Almost looks like this is yesterday’s scan which is weird. I guess, let’s see, so GBR 192. As soon as it hits the scanner I looked at it and I was like, “Yep, I’m going to jump in that.” Jumped in at 92 and 98.

Now, my scanner is set to not alert me of a stock unless the volume is more than 50,000 shares, which is kind of a low threshold but the stock, when I looked at it, had already squeezed up from $1.77 so it was already up 20 cents, it was moving so I was like, “All right, the stock is moving, traders are seeing it so I’m going to jump in here for a break of the whole dollar, two dollars.

I jumped in at two and I also got in my main account and we ended up having a high all the way up of 239. I got in at two and then I added at … Let’s see, I sold at 230 and then I added back at 226 for the break over high of day on this little one minute micro pullback. Right here I added and that ended up being, as you can see, a false breakout. It hit a high of 239 where there was a big seller up on the ask, like a, I don’t know, 30, 40,000 share seller and then it dropped all the way down to 195, which is obviously ugly. It bounced back up to a high of 219 and as it bounced back up I sold.

I ended up selling the rest of it as it bounced back up at 213 and then the balance at $2. I made 1800 bucks on it, which is a decent profit but I was hoping that it would hold up better than this. I’m a little disappointed that we’re seeing a couple days in a row of stocks popping up and dropping back down. A couple other names that we saw do this today, ARGS popped up, dropped back down. I didn’t trade it. LEDS popped up, dropped back down. I also didn’t trade it.

Disappointing though that we’re seeing this. CYCC popped up, dropped back down. We’re kind of noticing this pattern of stocks popping up and dropping down. You can profit on the pop if you’re in early enough but … NVTVT was another one, but obviously what we want to see is a stock pop up, drop down, and then curl back up. This one’s actually showing some decent strength, which is nice.

Anyway, that was GBR, and then the other name, the other big name on the board here is CNET. CNET was on our watch list pre-market, it was a gapper. Stock was gapping up on Block Chain Crypto News so we definitely like that type of headline. Pre-market high, as you can see, was 510. It pulled back a little bit, the bell rang, and this is kind of crazy, I pressed my order … I guess I pressed it just a second before the bell rang, I thought I was buying as the bell rang but anyways, I got filled at $5, it popped up to a high of 5.27 and I sold at 5.17, 5.16, and 5.15, made 1300 bucks on my first trade with 10,000 shares.

The second trade on CNET was down here, getting in at 4.90 as it curled, right in this area, so back this up. I got in here at 4.90 right here, added at $5, adding at $5. Selling at 5.06, half, selling at 5.01, 5.03, and the rest at 4.98. It didn’t really hold up very well, I was kind of disappointed. It dropped back down to 71 but was able to make some money on it so that was good. That’s CNET, then the last one was Ford, F-O-R-D, not Ford Motor Company, Ford something or other Industries.

This one squeezed from 2.40 up to 3.17. I jumped in for the break at $3 for my first trade. I like to get in these at whole dollars and half dollars so I was in right here for the break over three. Popped up to a high of 3.12, I sold at 3.11, 3.05. I then got back in at 3.10 right here, pops up to 3.17, it doesn’t hold that level. I ended up selling at 16 and 12 and 13 and that was it for me today, $4,811.02.

It would have been, let’s see, $6,200 if my IRA account was real money but luck of the draw, I screwed that up again. Hopefully, tomorrow … You know, I’ve done that twice now so I’ve made three attempts at trades and had one trade in that account. Those three attempts are a total of … I missed a $600 winner yesterday and $1500 today, that’s $2100 in profits that I lost because I screwed up but that’s part of learning a new platform or getting familiar with a new platform. You’re going to have a couple of screw-ups, you just sort of have to figure that’s going to happen and try not to sweat it too much. Not going to worry about it, I’ll just be back at it tomorrow and hopefully will keep having good opportunities.

For me, one of the things I was saying this morning is that I asked them to turn off the demo and they haven’t gotten back to me yet so I don’t know. I asked them yesterday to turn it off. The thing with this account is that I’m not going to take trades in it unless I think the stock can move unless I think there’s potential for a 20, 30% winner. With seeing that I wasn’t confident enough in it to take it in this account because I don’t want to, I only have three trades a week because I’m below $25,000 so I don’t want to waste one of those trades on a five cent scalp with 2,000 shares. It’s only $100 profit, it’s not worth it.

I want to focus on taking trades on stocks where I can get as many shares as I can, which would be stocks under $3 mostly or under $3.50 and on setups that I think are really strong and it can break out 25, 30 cents, maybe even more. That’s what I have to focus on. Obviously, if I blow all my trades for the week on small wins and then a good opportunity comes along I won’t be able to capitalize on it.

I was planning on being aggressive in this account in the beginning of the week, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, thinking that those are usually when we see our best opportunities and that things sometimes slow down Thursday and Friday. I’ll just kind of play it by ear and see how things look. I wouldn’t have minded taking two trades in one day if I saw good opportunities but I just didn’t.

Now, today my average share size is actually 11,500 shares. Trading with bigger size and one of the reasons I’m doing that is because I’ve had a great month. I’m up $80,000, I was up $75,000 starting this morning, this is the time to put the pedal to the metal. This is the time to be aggressive, when you’re having a great month. When you’re having a bad month and things are going slow that’s when you have to scale back and trade with small size until things start to get better.

I’m going to continue to be aggressive as long as I see good opportunities and hopefully be able to really capitalize on this great momentum that we’re having here in January. The goal is for me to cross over $100,000 profit this month, I’ve got six days left and $20,000 sitting between me and 100k. I think it’s definitely possible, this is the best situation I’ve been in at this point in the month so two, four, let’s see. Two, four, six, yeah, six days left and so if I can average $3,000 a day, 3 x 6 is 18,000, I’ve got to keep those averages high. No doubt about it, $20,000 is not a small amount of money but I think I can do it.

That’s the goal, we’ve got the intention set and we’ll be back at it first thing tomorrow morning, 9 am, 9:15, [inaudible 00:14:00] Market Analysis. Hopefully, we’ll see something really nice on that gap scanner that will give us a great trade. All right, so that’s the game plan here, I’ll see all you guys first thing tomorrow morning. If you’re still watching you must have really enjoyed that video so why not subscribe and get email alerts anytime I upload new content. Remember, when you subscribe you become a member of The Warrior Trading family.