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+$6.9k in 30min during the Snow Storm!

snow storm

+$6.9k in 30min during the Snow Storm!


Hey guys. All right, so I’m finishing the morning up $6,978. Another solid day of trading. I’m up like $18 thousand in the last two days. So before we get into today’s mid-day market recap, it’s a snowstorm. For those of you that aren’t in New England, aren’t in the north east, I want to give you a little walk around outside and show you what days like today are all about. So let me put on my jacket and then we’re going to go outside. All right, let’s do it. So not only is it cold out, it’s also really pretty windy. What I’m thinking is let’s go for a little drive. Let’s see what the roads are like. I’m going to have to shovel off the car at least a little bit. Well, you know what? The wind cleared up the windshield pretty good.

All right, let’s do this. All right, so let’s put this into snow mode. Like that. Gravel and snow selected. What was that warning? Oh my god, I’m running low on the diesel fluid. You know what? That’s crazy because I haven’t done anything to this thing except take it for oil changes. No engine restarts in 244 miles. What does that even mean? So this an encore of our driving with Ross video. It’s been awhile since the last time we did this. And I think the last time I remember I was wearing a et-shirt. So the weather has changed a little bit, but you know, that’s New England.

Hot summers, cold winters, 17 degrees right now and it’s actually kind of warm. The other night it was like minus 20 with the windchill. So last night, I had this dream that I’ve been thinking about all day today. And so in the dream, I was back in high school. And I don’t know how many of you guys have had this dream, or if anyone know what it means, but you can comment below if you do. So I’ve had this dream more than once. So I’m back in high school. It’s me, right now, back in high school, and it’s like this time of year, and I’m in my senior year, and I know that I’m not going to be done with school until June or whatever, and I’m thinking … I’m basically like sitting there and I’m like, “I don’t even know what class to go to. I have no idea what I’m doing. You know what? Do I even really need to finish school? Like I’m a successful trader. I made $11 thousand yesterday. Why do I … Do I really need my high school diploma?”

And in the dream, a teacher came up to me and was like, “Ross, what class are you supposed to be in?” And I was like, “I’m not sure. I lost my schedule.” And so I had to go to the academic dean’s office, find out my schedule is. I go to the dean’s office, and she says, “Ross, you haven’t been to class in weeks.” And I’m thinking, “I know. I haven’t been to class. I don’t even remember the last class I went to. This is crazy. But honestly, do I even really need to finish school? I’ve kind of got it figured out.” Maybe that’s a stress dream. Beginning of the year, new year, new me. I’m putting a lot of pressure on myself to get to that million dollars, so maybe it was a stress dream. I don’t know. Anyone have any insights on what that dream meant?

Because I’m a little bit lost. So anyways, just driving around outside near the office, and going to head back to our mid-day market recap, break down the trades from today. Another almost $7 thousand of profit. Man, this market is just so strong. Every single day there’s huge opportunities and I just … I’m so pumped to get my IRA, my IRA account up and running so I can start building that up. I’ve been waiting to get the funds transferred over. But that’s going to be coming soon. Says I have 230 miles left, no engine restarts in 239 miles. I don’t even know what to do with that kind of information. I guess I’m going to call Land Rover and say, “What’s the deal? I didn’t put in any diesel fluid, so saying, ‘Incorrect diesel fluid detected,’ is … That’s not on me.” I didn’t do anything.

All I do is drive the car. All right, well I guess that’s about it for this drive. I’m going to head back, do our mid-day market recap and get into breaking down today’s trades. All right, I see you guys there. All right, everyone, so let’s get into it and break down the stocks from today. So finishing the morning up just under $7 thousand. Great. The third day of the month. CNET continuing to go stronger. We’ve just been seeing really decent momentum today, which I just wasn’t sure what type of opportunities we would see, but today has really just been fantastic.

So we’ll break down the trades from this morning, and I’ll show you my PNL here. So let’s drag this up. So jeez, I’m getting close to $50 thousand in equity. I started the year with, what was it? Around $30 thousand? Something around 30. And so it’s nice to see those numbers boosting back up. I guess I’m sitting right now up about $14 thousand on the year. Which means I’m up … Today is day 239 of the one million dollar challenge. And I’m at $348 thousand. So getting close to 35% of the way there. It’s one of these challenges that is a … This is a marathon. It is not a sprint. It’s not about hitting a million dollars in one month, or even in one year. This is a long push.

I don’t expect to make $700 or $600 thousand in 2018. You know what? If we have awesome trading, and I do, I’m going to … I don’t know, I’m going to do something really special. Buy a cool car or something. But I don’t think that’s going to happen. I’m not going to set that as my intention. It’s probably going to be 2019, but you know what? That’s okay. So anyways, just grinding along, another day, another dollar, and sitting here up $6,978. So you can see the four stocks I traded today. Yeah, Adam says, “Buy a Volvo.” There you go. Safety first. We don’t want anything to happen to me, God forbid.

So we’ve got four trades today, four stocks I traded, four green names. That’s the type of accuracy that I love. Actually, let’s see, yeah, not a single loss today. No losers. So just really slow and steady wins the race. A big improvement over Monday where I traded I think eight times and I had four winners and four losers, which was not super impressive. So anyways, first trade of the day, let’s scroll back up, was on CNET. All right, so CNET’s at five bucks right now. I bought it at three dollars. This is the one, [Guzzee 00:08:27], I think I might have gotten the symbols confused. C-E-T … I was getting myself all confused. But it was C-E-T-C. What is it? Wasn’t there a China stock that was something like that? C-E-T-X.

I get these guys all confused. CNET is the one that [Guzzee 00:08:51] made $43 thousand on. Nice job there. Beautiful trade. He had a big position, but really, really awesome. So anyways, I jumped into this right out of the gates as it started to squeeze up, I was long at three bucks, 75 hundred shares. Sold half at 312, quarter more at 311, sold the rest 316, 309, and 305. Quick $800 right out of the gates. Yeah, Bobby fat fingers’ older brother is [Guzzee 00:09:22]. So F-T-F-T was the next one. This one hit our scans. We had it on watch as a possibility because it had made this big move pre-market, so when it started to squeeze up, I jumped in it at 620, 75 hundred shares. Sold half at the half dollar. Was tempted to add back over the half dollar, and I had a question during our mentor session yesterday.

And the question was, “Ross, you do sometimes you add at places like half dollars, another times you sell?” So in this case, the reason I decided to sell over the half dollar instead of add is because on this red candle right here, I got in on the green candle, 620, spikes up to 650, but then it drops all the way back down to 618. Came all the way back down to my entry, which I didn’t like. And so when it came back up, I felt like if I added at 650, what I’m doing is I’m increasing my cost basis up to like 635, but I actually can’t increase my stop because it just came down to 618, so I’d be taking too much risk.

So in this one I said, “You know what? I’m just going to sell on the other side of that half dollar,” and so that’s what I did. So I was selling at 44, 54, 58, and the rest at 44. So hey, $2,178 is not bad, right? And Chris, so yeah, I’ve had a couple people say the percentage gain over invested capital. So this to me is kind of … Like I don’t really actively track this, but the first trade on F-T-F-T was a three and a half percent winner. The trade on CNET was a three and three-quarters percent winner. The trade on COOL was one percent winner. And the trade on G-B-R was a 12% winner. So those were the percentage gains. And my account is up more than 10% today at 42 thousand starting and at 6,900 right now. So like 15% gain.

All right, so anyways, so yeah, that was F-T-F-T, then we had COOL. Hit the scanners. I jumped in, a little aggressive. I thought, “You know what? We’ve been seeing these stocks squeeze up, get halted, so I’m going to jump in.” It pops up to the half dollar of 350. It actually squeezed all the way up to 380, but it didn’t hold that level, and I sold as it came back down. So I only made two and a half cents roughly on 10 thousand shares. And then I got in CNET again. This was pullback at 370. So we look at this here, let’s see. So on this one the pullback was right here. First candle to make a new high was my entry. So you can see here, entry was at 370, 369.

We pop up to a high of 385. I sold at 377, 374. And it just didn’t really hold up, so it only added a couple hundred bucks. And then G-B-R hit the scanners. G-B-R hit the scans, I jumped in that one at a $1.84, $1.90, adding at 222. And then selling at 36, 13, and the rest as it came back down. So that wasn’t really the best trade, and I was almost about to trade C-P-A-H, but that one ended up doing the same thing. It popped up and dropped back down. So at that point I was like, “You know what? I’m done for the day. We’re not seeing good follow through. I’m just going to take the $7 thousand and be done.”

So those are the four trades today, I guess five trades total because I traded CNET twice. But yeah, C-P-A-H, you can see it squeezed up, got halted, but it didn’t hold up. And we saw this a little bit yesterday as well on … We saw it on CONE. CONE popped up and then dropped way back down. So when you start seeing those, you got to pullback on jumping into stocks right off the scanner. And another question I had is, “Ross, when do you jump into stocks right off the scanner? And when do you instead wait for the first pullback or something like that?”

And when we’re in a really good, strong market, I’m going to be more likely to jump into stocks right off the scanner with a 10 to 15 cent stop. 20 cents max. Because we of often see these stocks that just go from whatever, $2 to $3 without pulling back. And often times they get halted and the open higher. But when I start to see stocks do what CONE is doing, which are false break-outs, I stop. I take the hands off. And there was one other one, I’m trying to remember the name of it. Oh, A-P-H-I. This was the last one that ended up popping up, hitting the scans, getting halted, opening a little bit higher. I think it got halted anyways, maybe not.

But opened a little higher, but just didn’t to me look safe. So you never know. But basically, once I have the first loss or the first close call, and COOL was sort of a close call, and G-B-R didn’t hold up, then I say, “Okay, I’m going to step back, slow it down for the rest of the day, and I can always get back in if we start to see better momentum.” So that was about it for me today. And you know it’s a snow day. The wind’s blowing. All I see outside is snow going sideways, so I’m going to push my luck. I don’t want to lose power and end up having a screw up. So take the money, be done, and be back at it first thing tomorrow morning. Hopefully we see some good opportunities.

And yeah, Chris. So I was done trading by the time CNET did the V-wap break. And yes. That was a good opportunity there. If I had still been trading, I might have taken this pullback, because what I probably would have done is been watching it on the five minute set up right around here as soon as it broke the V-wap. I don’t buy it before it breaks usually. I usually wait for it to break, pull back, and then get it. So you’ve got a couple pullback set ups here. You’ve got a bull flag here, here, and here. Three nice bull flags. So those are all great opportunities.

And one of the reasons that I try to really empower you guys to understand the set up is so if I lose power, if I’m out in the snow, whatever’s going on, you guys don’t have to wait on me to take these trades. You see the set ups, other people are calling them out. You know the opportunity is there. So I definitely encourage you guys to think independently and take those trades on your own if you like them. On a day where I would have still been trading, I might have taken it. I just today happen to say, “You know what? Seven grand is good. I’m just trying to rebuild that cushion. Build the cushion on the year right now.”

Once I have a good cushion, then I don’t mind being a little more aggressive, but right now it’s about building up that cushion and that probably means getting myself up more that $50 thousand on the year. So I’m only $10 thousand or $14 thousand of the way there. I’ve got some work to do over the next couple weeks, but once I get myself a little bit of a bigger cushion, then I can afford to risk it a little bit more. So anyways, if you took that, great trade. And yeah, if I had been still trading, I probably would have taken it with you.

All right, so yeah, so with the scanners, as soon as I see a stock hit the scanner, my process is if it’s giving me the audio alert, if it’s beeping at me with the boing noise, the boing, boing, boing, then I’ll look at it and I’ll see, “Okay, I got to pull up the symbol.” I pull up the symbol real quick, I look at the chart. If I like the set up, I then will type it into my level two, and sometimes I just press shift one, and I’m buying. Just like that. Other times I look at it and I’m thinking, “Well, I don’t know. Not quite sure. Maybe, maybe not.” So I wait a little bit.

All right, yeah, and this is a decent five minute set up here. Once again, I’ve lost my nine moving average on these charts. These charts are so ridiculous that you lose your averages like all the time. They just disappear. But yeah. It’s okay. The only problem is it’s the second, third, fourth pullback, so it is getting a little extended. And it’s the lunch hour. So anyways, that’s it for me today. If you guys have questions, those of you watching on YouTube, check it out. You can leave comments. I’ll come back and check them later and try to answer as many as I can. All right, so I’ll let you guys enjoy the afternoon, and I’ll see you all first thing tomorrow morning around 9:00, 9:15 for our pre-market analysis. All right, see you guys in the morning.

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