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+$8,931.45 As I Break $109,000 On The Month!

+$8,931.45 As I Break $109,000 On The Month!


What’s up everyone? All right, I’m taking June for a walk and just getting out of the office for a few minutes, because man, another crazy day of trading. Up $8,931.45. It’s nuts. I don’t even know what to say. It’s the best month I’ve every had in my trading career, and we’re just seeing this incredible momentum, day, after day, after day. The January effect, it’s in full force. I’ve never been able to capitalize on it like I have this month, and I just feel so grateful that it’s been such a great start to the year.

In fact, in this one month, I’ve made half of what I made in all of 2016. That puts it in perspective. And that’s kind of one of the nice things about getting outside. Just getting away from the computer for a few minutes just to be grateful and just step back and say, “Wow, $8,931, not many people in the world can make that much in one day.” Traders are one of the people that can, and this is a incredible career. Once you get good at it, you can really scale this up, and I’m just feeling really thankful, just great start to the year. Great month. Best month of my career, and I’m just looking forward to the next two days, we can finish this month strong, and go into February feeling really good. All right, so I’m going to run around and play with June for a few minutes, and then get inside and do our midday market recap and break down all the trades from today.

All right, everyone, so we’re going to do our little midday market recap here, go over the trades from this morning. Finishing the day up $8,931.45. Another fantastic day of trading. I mean, it’s just … This has been the best month that I’ve ever had. Best month of my career. I’m up right now a little under $110 thousand on the month, which is crazy. So we’ve still got two days left. Today is the 18th … Let’s see, no. It’s the 19th trading day of 2018. So 19th day of the year, day 19. And it’s kind of funny because I started the day in the red. You can see my trades here. So very first trade … Well, very first trade was C-H-F-S, and I did go into the green on this trade.

I got in at 441. I tried to take 10 thousand shares, and for some reason, I only filled 23 hundred, not sure why. But that was at 441. And I tried to take a full 10 thousand. I had the order at 495 because that’s where I was sort of thinking would be my entry, but I was pressing the buy button when the price was at 440, so there’s no reason I shouldn’t have gotten filled. But for whatever reason, I didn’t get filled. It then pops up to a high of 480, and it didn’t hold that level. As it came back down, I sold at 450. All right, so $197 profit.

Second trade, I get back in. This time I get filled the full 10 thousand shares at 464. And I tried to add at 468, I canceled that order. It pops up to a high of 475, and then it tanked all the way down to 427. And so on that one, I bailed out pretty quickly at 455 and 442. But I lost about $2 thousand. So I went from being up $200 to down $1,797. Or yeah, I guess that’s what it was. So at that point, I was like, “All right, well that’s obviously not how I wanted to start my morning.” I had said that today I just wanted to kind of build my cushion a little bit between me and 100K and not take any big losses and here I am, the first three minutes, down 17 hundred bucks.

But I said, “You know what? 17 hundred bucks isn’t that big of a deal. I think I can probably work my way out of this whole. And even if I do close down 17 hundred, I can make it back tomorrow or the next day. I can still be in good shape on the month.” So I didn’t really sweat it. I just kept looking for trade ideas. And the next one was M-T-B-C. So by the way, C-H-F-S was on our gap scanner, that’s the reason I took the trade. It was gapping higher. I bought it as it was curling up here. I was looking for it to break over pre-market high of 670 … Or sorry, 470, and then really I was watching this daily level of 490. Because if it broke 490, there was no resistance until 755. So a really nice big window there.

All right, so let’s see. And yeah, I agree with Danielle, let’s try to keep it clean language and everything in the chatroom. All right, so let’s see, C-H-F-S, first trade there, a small winner. Second trade, a good size loss. So boom, down $17 hundred on the day. Trade number two, M-T-B-C. This one came up and hit my scans at 421. I got in as it was squeezing up at 433 and 435. And with 10 thousand shares, it tapped 445, so I was up a thousand bucks, didn’t hold that level. I stopped out as it came back down. Selling the whole thing at 438. Now, the reason I sold the whole thing at 438 is because I immediately was switching gears, because look what hit our scanners, O-S-N.

I saw this thing. It was like, “Boing, boing, boing, boing, boing.” Kept hitting the scanners, again, again, again. It was lighting up the scan, and so I was like, “I got to sell M-T-B-C and focus on the stock that’s actually moving right now, and that’s O-S-N.” So I sold M-T-B-C, bailed out. Just sold on the bid, the whole thing. Made $389. Switched gears to O-S-N. But by the time I was really looking at it, the spread was pretty big. I saw at one point 538 by $6. And that’s a massive spread. So I was like, “Oh, you know what? Hold up. I’m not sure if I want to jump in this. I think that might be impulsive. I need to trade smart, so I’m just going to, right now, sit tight for a second.”

It ends up getting halted on a circuit breaker at $6 because it moved up so fast, it triggered a circuit breaker halt. So those halts are when stocks move more than 10% in a one minute candle, basically in a one minute candle. It’s within a five minute period, but it’s really when stocks spike up. So it’s halted on a circuit breaker. I was like, “Okay, that’s fine. I’ll watch it on resumption.” It resumes and it squeezes higher, as you can see here. I’ll put this up. So as it squeezed higher, I felt like, “Well, now I kind of would be chasing it. And jeez, this thing just went from $5 to $7. So I’m going to wait.”

It pops up here, and then what do we have? A little one minute micro pull back. High of day is at 737. It dips down, and I’m like, “I’m going to buy it as it curls back up.” As it curled back up, I got in with small size, as you can see. Only 25 hundred shares at an average of 716. And boom, it pops up here to a high of 765. It ends up getting halted again on a circuit breaker, resuming and squeezing up to 799. I sold at 798 half, more at 795, and the rest at 760. So that was a $17 hundred winner, which means after that trade, I was up 17 hundred bucks on that one, down 17 hundred on C-H-F-S, which gave me a net profit of being up $350 on the day.

So I was up 350 bucks on the day, and I was like, “All right, well, you know what? Maybe that’s as good as I can do today.” And so I just sat here for about half an hour. I didn’t take any trades. Last trade was 9:59, the next 10:26. And at that point, I was like, “Well, here’s my IRA account. Haven’t taken any trades in it yet today.” I didn’t feel good enough about anything to take a trade in it. I felt O-S-N was a little too high risk. Also, it was too expensive, because I can really only take trades below … Stocks below like $4. I can’t buy expensive stocks in my IRA right now, the account’s too small. So I was like, “All right, well I’m just going to … I don’t know. I guess I’m just going to sit tight and maybe not trade in the IRA today.”

So I put away the IRA account. No trades in that one today. I’ll come back and trade it tomorrow if I see a good opportunity. And then I’m watching O-S-N on the five minute chart. And I thought that it kind of pulled back too much here to buy the first five minute candle to make a new high. It really pulled back quite a bit, and so I thought, “Well, probably not going to buy it there.” Which was the right move. The first candle to make a new high was at 53, it tapped 53 and then it dropped back down to $6. So I would have been down like 50 cents. So that would not have been a good entry.

So it consolidates, and then it starts to curl up a little bit right here. You can see it curling. And so I watched it do this, and I had an order that I prepped for 675. And I was kind of watching it. And I thought, “Well, I kind of want to get in here at 675.” Look at how it’s kind of in this little consolidation. It’s sort of consolidating right here at 675, but that is below the V-wap, and usually we’d want to be buying these over that level, not below. And so I thought, “You know, I don’t know. This might be one I should just wait on for a second.”

So I wait. And then boom, it pops up in this candle all they way up to 725. So someone said, “I’m not waiting. I’m jumping in.” And they just went ahead and jumped right in there at 670. A lot of people did. There are 50 thousand shares. So I was like, “All right, you know what? It’s starting to move, I got to jump in. I’m going to miss this opportunity if I wait any longer.” So I got in at 718 and 724, as it pulled back right here, before it curled up right here. And then I added at 730 as it broke over in this candle. So now I have 3,750 shares. And my average is 716.

Or no, no, no, sorry. 723 I think, or 725. So I’m like, “All right, 37 hundred shares, that’s not bad.” It squeezes up, I add another 25 hundred shares at 789. I then put an order to buy another 25 hundred shares at 794. At this point, I’m already in the driver’s seat. I’m already up $3 thousand on the trade. Now, the order at 794 does not get filled. It’s saying zero, and the stock is halted on a circuit breaker. It’s halted at a high, right here, of 791. So the order at 794 doesn’t fill. It’s halted for five minutes. It resumes. It dips down to 785, it picks up my order. So I add at 794. Now I’m holding 8 thousand shares, average price of $7.62.

8 thousand shares at $7.62. It spikes up to a high of 880. I’m selling on the ask, 869, 879, and 853. I sell and I’m up $8 thousand on the trade. Total profit on that trade was, let’s see, $8,528. 12% winner, $1.07 per share, with 8 thousand shares from about 762 to 868 average. I ended up holding 950 shares through this drop as it dropped back down, and selling as it popped back up here to $8. And with that, I’m up $8,931 on the day. I went from being up only $350 to being up almost $9 thousand. Total shares traded today, only … Let’s see, 78 thousand. Only 30 executions. Didn’t trade massive size, really.

I mean, I was kind of conservative on O-S-N until I had profit, and then I started adding, being a little more aggressive into this five minute set up. So this ended up being a day where I went from being down 17 hundred bucks to up almost $10 thousand on the day. I mean, $8,900. That’s a great day and it puts me up almost $110 thousand on the month. Up $109,308 on the month. Up $444 thousand in my account that I started with $583 a little over a year ago, on January 1st, 2017. So 44% of the way to a million dollars. Not even at the half way point, but getting closer. And just having really a great month. The best month that I’ve ever had in my trading career.

Average daily gain, $5,700 across 19 days of trading. Two red days so far this month. So I’m going to write it in the calendar, make it official, $8,931.45. There we go. Nice. So that gives me a little bit of a cushion. I will now hopefully close the month over a $100 thousand. I’ve got two days left in the month, and we’ll see what we can do, if I can just keep having a couple of good opportunities like this. I’m going to continue to be aggressive. Right? I mean, look at my calendar. This is crazy. If there was ever a time to be aggressive, it’s right now. It’s when I’m making $5 thousand a day average. It’s definitely the time to continue to be aggressive, to continue to take bigger size.

When I have a big loss, I will scale back. I will have … I guarantee you, and I’ll knock on wood. Hopefully it doesn’t happen any time soon, but I will have a good size loss. And that good size loss may mark the end of this hot streak. But until that happens, I’m going to continue to push it. And so my approach is kind of like with skiing, I push until I fall down. I’m just going to … Because if I’m not falling down, I’m not pushing hard enough. I’m not being aggressive enough. So I have to continue to be aggressive until I fall down. And then I have to step back and say, “Okay, why did I fall down? Did I push it too hard? Did I lose control? What went wrong?”

But until that happens, I’m going to continue to be as aggressive as I can, try to really capitalize on this opportunity, try to make as much as I can here in the beginning of the year. With almost $110 thousand in profit, in one month, I’ve made half of what I made in all of 2016. All of 2016 I made $222 thousand. Looks like I’m going to make half of that here in January of 2018. And I think that speaks to the potential growth curve of a trader. You can see that type of growth in this career, which is really awesome. And it comes with confidence. Two years ago, I wasn’t confident enough to take 12 thousand or 15 thousand shares, or even 8 thousand shares of these types of stocks.

I was trading 4 thousand, 5 thousand probably at most. Occasionally 8 thousand. It’s just confidence. And once you’ve had more and more green months under your belt, you get more confidence to take bigger size. The profits add up and next thing you know, you’re having $8, $10 thousand days on a regular basis. And again, I’m sure things will slow down. I had a great start to the year in 2017. January of last year was, for me, a really great month. February was the best month of the year up until November. So February I made $68 thousand last year, and I didn’t make more than that until November when I made $81 thousand. So went through like a seven month kind of slower patch, but then came out on the other side strong.

$81 thousand in November. $84 thousand in December. $109 thousand here in January. Three months, $260, $270 thousand. It’s incredible. So I’m just, again, trying to keep it in mind that this is a marathon. This isn’t about really breaking over $110 thousand this month, or over 100 grand or whatever. This is about turning a $583 account into a million dollars. And I’m at $444 thousand right now. So this was a good day, continuing to make progress. But I need to continue to be very focused for another, probably at least another year of trading. All right, so anyways, that’s about it for me here today. Later this week, we are going to do a Behind the Trades episode of 2017, a year in review.

We’re going to break down all my metrics from last year, the biggest winner, the biggest loser, my profit loss ratios, the total number of trades, the total profit. Going to give it to you guys coming up this week, probably either tomorrow or Wednesday. So stay tuned for that. We’ll do it right after a midday recap. We’ll do a short midday recap, and then we’ll go into a Behind the Trades episode. Okay, so that’s it for me. I hope you guys have a great afternoon. I will see you all back here, first thing, tomorrow morning, 9:00 AM, 9:15. And we’ll do our pre-market analysis and hopefully we’ll find another couple of stocks to trade tomorrow morning. All right, that’s it for me, I’ll see you guys back here in the morning. If you’re still watching, you must have really enjoyed that video. So why not subscribe and get email alerts any time I upload new content? Remember, when you subscribe, you become a member of the Warrior Trading family.