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Why I Founded Warrior Trading

When I founded Warrior Trading in 2012 I had the goal of creating a hub where traders would come to learn about trading and exchange ideas.  I started by creating a blog to document my experiences as I learned how to trade and developed my strategies.

This helped me process all of the new information I’d been learning and at the same time it helped beginner traders understand the new concepts as well.

The blog developed a good following and I started adding video content to explain some of the more complicated topics.  It didn’t take long before traders began asking for a live chat room where we could talk in real-time during market hours.

A Community For Day Traders

Opening a chat room helped achieve my goal creating a hub where traders could connect and exchange ideas.  Although our chat room opened with only 50 active members, even our earliest chat room software had live screen share and audio video.  This was a huge step up versus chat rooms that were already operating.

Many were text based only and lacked the educational component I felt was so important.  Education has always been the foundation of Warrior Trading.  Our chat room is an extension of the education we offer to the trading community on a daily basis.

Creating A Day Trading Course

Eventually traders in the chat room asked me to create a comprehensive day trading course to teach them the strategies I trade in real-time everyday.  I created the content that has become our Warrior Pro trading course and taught our first live classes in the summer of 2014.
This has become our flagship trading course and we have successfully taught thousands of students the strategies I use to trade the markets.  On a day to day basis I spend about 3hrs trading and 9hrs working with students and developing new content for our courses.
My life is dedicated to providing education so traders can avoid the struggles I experienced as a beginner trader.

Helping New Traders Reduce the Learning Curve

As many of you may already know, I spent 18 months of trial and error struggling to learn the markets.  It cost me over $30,000.00 in losses plus $70,000.00 in living expenses. I invested over $100k to learn to trade.

I want to make the cost to become a trader less than $5000.  Recently I took a $1k trading account and turned it into $8763.00 in just 1 month.  I wanted to prove that a trader with a good education can take $1k and use it to make a living.

My job is to provide the education so beginner traders can make a living from the comfort of their own homes.

My Biggest Lessons From Warrior Trading

The biggest lesson I learned as the founder of Warrior Trading, now home to over 2000 active members, is that success in the market requires a special combination of education and dedication.
Most traders who come through our doors are dedicated and desperately want to succeed.  When we combine that motivation with a comprehensive education, they greatly increase their odds for success in the markets.
If you are interested in learning more about trading, we’re here to help you along the way!


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