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Alaric Trader Platform Review 2021

  • Value For Investors
  • Value For Day Traders
  • Reliability
  • Cost vs Value
  • Customer Service

Alaric Trader is a multi platform broker-dealer and part of Alaric Securities Group, an EU licensed broker/dealer with its headquarters in Sofia, Bulgaria. As a broker-dealer, Alaric Trader provides prime and electronic brokerage services to active traders around the world.

To ensure quick access to market data, Alaric Trader has positioned its servers directly in NYSE and NASDAQ. In Europe, the servers are based in Frankfurt providing active traders in Europe and the rest of the world with the fastest execution speeds and connectivity to all markets.

Currently, Alaric Trader provides low cost and discount trading together with customizable leverage to all active traders. That is not all. Traders have access to their trading accounts together with a 24/7 link to the support team just in case one has queries they would like resolved.

Account Types

With Alaric Trader, you can now trade US equities, commission free. At the time of this writing, Alaric Trader had the following offer to new clients.

Open a trading account using the promo code “500KFREE”, fund it with $10,000 or more and you will get 500,000 shares of commission free equity trading.

Opening an account at Alaric Trader is quite easy. It takes five steps only. Input your name, email, select account type (individual or corporate), input the promo code and submit the electronic form. Follow the additional instructions and your account will be set up ready for trading.

If you are new to trading, you can try the demo account. This will allow you to trade with virtual currency and historical data. As a result, you don’t have to risk anything and you will gain the much needed trading experience.

Other account types on offer include Reg T, Portfolio Margin, Managed and Delivery Vs Payment.

Trading Platform

As an active trader, Alaric Trader offers you three trading platforms:

  • Sterling Trader Pro
  • Sterling LST
  • REDIPlus

Sterling Trader Pro

This is a full featured Level II Direct Market Access platform developed specifically for experienced active traders. With this platform, active traders can execute their strategies fast, have access to professional market scanning tools and also deep liquidity routes. The advanced terminal has the advanced pinpoint accuracy designed for order routing and management.

Sterling LST

Previously known as Lightspeed, this is a premier Professional Direct Market Access trading platform with a light architecture assuring users of speed and performance. Its features can be customized to the traders liking plus traders have access to over 100 order routing destination. This includes US exchanges and also deep liquidity dark pools.


This is a multi asset trading platform designed with efficiency and transparency. Active traders have access to a single platform with different trading styles. It offers end to end trade management allowing traders to execute orders from simple stock trades to complex trading strategies. This is possible across time zones and different markets.

Risk Management

Alaric Trader provides a wide range of risk management tools that helps active traders to view their positions and risks. Features included with the Risk management tools are Pre & Post trade allocations, Real time controls and analysis, Multi account linking, MiFID II Reporting, Market abuse prevention and reporting.


Alaric Trader is a premier broker-dealer that caters to active day traders, prop traders and other institutions which include high frequency hedge funds, asset managers and algo funds. Currently, the firm has partnered with other clearing firms in the US finally passing the savings of having no intermediary between the firm and the customers to its clients.

Since professional traders know that order routing and execution are higher than the commission, Alaric Trader has made it possible for its customers to seek and route to deep liquidity venues that are beyond direct exchanges.

To ensure continued provision of high quality services, Alaric Trader has provided the following pricing.

i. Platform fee – Sterling Trader Pro

Sterling Trader Pro – $140 a month
Sterling Trader Manager – $250 a month
Sterling Trader Options – $30 a month
Sterling Trader web/mobile – $50 a month

ii. Platform fee – Sterling LST

Sterling LST – $100 a month
Sterling LST Manager – $350 a month

iii. Platform fee – REDIPLus

REDIPlus – $100 a month

For all three platforms, the market data fees do vary. When it comes to Margin Accounts, Alaric Trader has based the leverage interest on Fed’s Overnight Funds Rate plus spread. Here is the pricing as provided by Alaric Trader.

Debit Balance: 0 – 49,999.99
Feds Funds rate – 1.25%
Spread – 550 bps
Interest – 6.75%

Final Thoughts

Alaric Trader guarantees its customers unparalleled execution speed and connectivity to major US exchanges (NASDAQ and NYSE) among others. Currently, the firm provides three trading platforms to its customers – Sterling Trader Pro, Sterling LST and REDIPlus. The platforms are built on professional grade software providing direct connectivity and hosting to major exchanges around the world.

All in all, Alaric Trader is a premier broker-dealer that provides the lowest commissions and the best executions, globally.


*Alaric Trader currently does NOT offer services to US citizens.


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