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Audacity Lives in the Courage of Executing


Audacity Lives in the Courage of Executing

Here I am, after one more week on the journey of trading. Moreover, it’s been another week of trading and traveling for me, which is becoming a sort of addiction to me. Since I love both of them considerably and noticing how well they work together it’s just amazing. Within myself, I know that trading and traveling is something that I like so much and the idea of keep doing it represents a strong form of motivation which I feel profoundly grateful to experience.

Considering the fact that I’ve been “green” on each day this past week, the journey of trading and traveling seems to be very well promising. But that’s a chapter that I’ll go much further in detail because I’m sure it will be the main topic for future articles. Instead, here I want to stay focused on one topic I’ve hinted to in some of my past writings but that I think it totally deserves its own space of expression. That’s about the audacity of each trader when it comes to the courage of executing on the plan.

It might look really easy to just push that “buy” or “sell” button to either open or close a position. It seems to require zero effort to play the game of a trader. At the end of the day, we’re all sitting on a chair for some hours each day in a very comfortable position. That’s what a life of a trader looks like from the outside. Now, we all know that being there to actually experience the real life of a trader can be everything but easy.

Trading is Not for Everybody

That’s why we should be always careful about judging a situation by just knowing it partially and not feeling it into our own bones. Indeed, there is no other solution than being personally immersed into something to know for sure how it feels like. Honestly, trading is not for everybody. Otherwise there would be many more people doing this job for a living. This is because, despite how it looks from the outside, the audacity lives in the courage of actual executing on it.

 The only fact that we’ve scarificed the comfort of many other possible careers to put our own best effort to be traders makes us real winners. And here I want to really congratulate with each one of you about it. If you’re playing this game, that’s a proof by itself that you’ve decided to take responsibility of your own actions and you’re determined to succeed by accepting to learn from every failure that will come along the path.

In fact, there’s no greater achievement than making ourselves truly accountable for everything that happens in our lives. So, it’s time to forgive ourselves for that one trade where we figured there has been a lack of discipline or for that one technical issue that may have caused a bigger loss compared to what we would have considered inside our own risk parameters.

Now it’s time to move on by keep reminding that, despite every loss and beyond every struggle, we are all winners and that, in the end, it’s with the same mentality that we will continue to climb that mountain. All the way to the top.  


“Because in the end you won’t remember the time you spent working in the office or mowing your lawn. Climb that goddamn mountain!” ― Jack Kerouac


See you in chat-room.


Trade safe,


Roberto Barbaro