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Best Stocks Under $10: This Years Top Performers

stocks under 10

The fortunes of stocks can change drastically in market volatility, as seen in the previous months. This can be attributed to the market’s difficulty between worries about global economic growth, unrelenting pressure on margins, changing market dynamics, and trade wars since the beginning of this year.

Best Stocks Under 10

The rising tide is, to a broad extent, lifting all ships. Small caps have seen plenty of winners and loser as the year unfolds. The following stocks are leading the pack in terms of performance so far this year so lets dive in and take a closer look!

Provention Bio

Ticker: $PRVB

Performance YTD: 383%

Provention Bio, Inc is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company centered on the commercialization and advancement of novel therapeutics. It also focuses on offering cutting-edge solutions to prevent and intercept immune diseases.

Founded in 2016, this company has its headquarters in Oldwick, New Jersey. Last month, the company posted its quarterly earnings and reported $0.32 earnings per share with a current share price of $4.00. The success of this company can be attributed to the effectiveness of PRV-031 drug in delaying patients from developing diabetes type 1. Remarkably, PRVB stock year went up by 309% in June this year.

By and large, Provention Inc. is yet to generate revenue and appreciates the role ‘research and development’ plays towards operational excellence. Consequently, Provention registered $4.3 million in R&D spending, signifying a 132% year over year increase.

This spending is linked to the dedication towards PRV-101 and PRV-031. The company views this increase positively in that the money invested today can turn into blockbuster profits in the future. Additionally, on a per-share basis, it is commendable for a young company to garner a 79% bottom-line earnings improvement. This goes to show that Provention Inc. is a “lean operator.”

NeuBase Therapeutics

Ticker: $NBSE

Performance YTD: 280%

NeuBase Therapeutics, Inc, another great stock under 10, is a biotechnology company that has developed its modular peptide-nuclear acid antisense oligonucleotide platform to address genetic disease caused by mutant proteins with a single, cohesive approach. This company has enhanced gene silencing therapies to include the benefits of synthetic tactics with the accuracy of antisense technologies.

This company began trading on the NASDAQ Capital markets on July 15, 2019. It completed two financings raising a sum of approximately $12 million in total proceeds that occurred along with the NASDAQ listing with an inclusion of a $5 million investment from Greenlight Capital.

The success of NeuBase Therapeutics, Inc. can be linked to its ability to position itself with the industry and capital expertise by leveraging on the PATrOL platform. It also aims at developing the next generation therapeutics for rare diseases with a vision of transforming the lives of patients. As of June 30, 2019, the company reported a loss of $0.40 per share or $1.1 million.

Additionally, the company had scan equivalents of approximately $1.4 million. The closing merger as of July 2019 raised gross proceeds by $14 million, an aspect that offers the company sufficient capital to finance operations through the end of 2020.

Microbot Medical

Ticker: $MBOT

Performance YTD: 280%

The company generates and markets transformational innovations that can reform the future of healthcare. It deals with medical supplies and instruments. At present, Microbot’s technological platforms include ViRob™, TipCAT™, and CardioSert™ that involve highly advanced expertise.

In terms of stock performance, there are various aspects that are pivotal to highlight. MBOT’s performance this week was at 6.43%, 24.10% this month, and 6.34% this year. An impressive 280.23% YTD was recorded with a previous close of 6.54 and the price at 6.47. The change encountered was -1.07%.

The prosperity of Microbot can be linked with its pursuit to maintain its milestones. Notably, the firm was listed on NASDAQ nearly three years ago and continues to invest the necessary resources in facilitating a sustainable cutting edge through diverse strategies. These include enlarging and expanding the corporation’s IP portfolio.

Digital Turbine

Ticker: $APPS

Performance YTD: 288%

Mobile interrupted the world of advertising by providing a completely new channel of connecting with the target market. It offered a personal and effective touch as opposed to customary advertising. Digital Turbine is convinced that there is a more efficient way for individuals or organizations to get their apps directly to new users. Through the firms Mobile Delivery program, people can easily recognize new apps while operators can create additional streams of income.

With a market cap of 574.91M in addition to YTD of 288.52%, the APPS stock can appeal to many investors. In addition, its performance this week is 4.56%, for half the year is 130.10%, and 464.29% this year. Its previous close was at 7.11, and the stock is priced at 6.73 with a -5.34% change.

Towards the end of last month, $APPS shares captured the interest of many traders as it witnessed trading volumes of over 2.17M shares, which was much higher than the firm’s average trading volume recorded as at then. Moreover, the stock is dubbed as one of the shares that “make the world a better place.”

PLx Pharma 

Ticker: $PLXP

Performance YTD: 233%

This pharmaceutical venture offers late-stage expertise centered on providing more safer and effective aspirin products. In order to achieve that, the company utilizes its PLxGuard delivery system. With regards to commercialization, PLx Pharma targets both prescription and over-the-counter markets.

With a previous close of 5.10, PLXP stock’s price is currently at 4.99 and 233.33% YTD. Performance for the week is -0.78%, -13.12% this month, and 15.91% for the year. It is also essential to note the volatility of 6.52% 6.79%.

The firm has recorded significant achievements including the completion of manufacturing registration batches and remaining on track with its target. For the first half of 2019, PLXP had $0.5 million net revenue in comparison to last year’s $0.2 million. This accomplishment is connected with the work executed under a grant issued by the National Institutes of Health.

Final Thoughts

A lot of investors embrace low-priced stocks; this is intriguing as stock price highlights nothing about the merits of an investment. However, stocks priced below $10 can yield huge percentage moves within a short period of time.

The analysis of stock performance is crucial for investors as they become informed of the ability for the shares to increase or decrease their wealth. Despite the diverse industries they operate in, the companies discussed above offer a highlight for traders interested in top-performing stocks under 10.

Happy Trading!


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