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how to evaluate a stock

How to Evaluate a Stock Before You Invest

Knowing how to evaluate a stock is a crucial step in developing your investment skills so you know whether you are getting a deal or not! How to Evaluate a Stock Example A share of common stock is a fractional claim of ownership of a company. Because thinking about owning a fraction of Apple or […]

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Why Day Traders Thrive When Volatility Spikes

For a large portion of the investment industry, market volatility is a scary element to consider. Buy-and-hold investors don’t like seeing their stocks whipsaw around and the financial media is quick to bring the fear whenever markets move frantically. But is volatility really that harmful to your portfolio? Don’t believe the CNBC hype – volatile […]

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Dotcom Bubble

Dotcom Bubble: What the Heck Happened?

What is the Dotcom Bubble? The dotcom bubble was the exponential rise of tech stock prices between 1995 and 1999. While tech stocks were on fire throughout the late 90s, the real explosive growth came in 1998 and 1999. The period was a time of market mania in which plumbers and mechanics were becoming millionaire […]

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how to buy and sell stocks

How to Buy and Sell Stocks

Whether you’re day trading, swing trading or investing, you need to know the basics on how to buy and sell stocks.  What is a Stock? A stock (also called an “equity” or a “share”) is a security that represents an ownership share in a public company that is listed on a stock exchange like the New York Stock […]

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when to day trade

Find Your Niche: When and What to Trade

Determining the right time to trade and the right market to trade may appear to be challenging at first, as can many aspects of trading! However, rest assured that many traders from around the world have had the same concern and have been able to find a trading strategy that both suits them and fits […]

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Iron Butterfly Options

How the Iron Butterfly Options Strategy Works

Iron Butterfly Options Strategy The Iron Butterfly options strategy, also known as the Ironfly, falls into a category of options strategies known as Option Income Strategies. Option income strategies focus on time decay and collecting premiums over the decay. Specifically, the Iron Butterfly is a type of income strategy known as a credit spread. Credit […]

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How to Invest in a Recession

How to Invest in a Recession the Right Way

Recessions can come without a moments notice, but when they do show up you need to be prepared on how to invest in a recession. Did you know: For the first time in history, the US will have completed a decade without a recession or depression?  Depending on the pundits you listen to, you will […]

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