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hot key

How To Use Hot Keys

As you guys know I use hot keys a lot.  The advantage is that they allow you to get into trades quickly, and sometimes more importantly, get OUT of trades quickly.  When I set up hot keys, for the most part, I design them for quick exits.   When I get into trades most of […]

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The Importance of Paper Trading

  The Importance of Paper Trading In our live trading courses we put our students on a 3 step trading plan and meet with them twice a week to review their progress.  It’s extremely important that students trade in a simulated and closely monitored environment during their first months of trading.  We want to see […]

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Learn How To Day Trade Stocks

Enjoy the 1st Class to our 15 chapter Day Trading Course for FREE   We have taught our students how to day trade the US Stock Market Check out our surveys to see how our students performing!     We trade the Big Movers     We use Advanced Stock Scanning Software These are the […]

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Day Trading work station

Multi-Monitor Day Trading Work Station

Multi-Monitor Day Trading Computer Work Station  I run my work station with 3 Lenovo Gaming Laptops.  I use Lenovo Y50 Laptops. I’ve been really happy with my Lenovo’s. I use a separate computer for my trading so the keyboard is always at the ready to execute trades.  This is especially helpful on breaking news.  The […]

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