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hot key

How To Use Hot Keys

As you guys know I use hot keys a lot.  The advantage is that they allow you to get into trades quickly, and sometimes more importantly, get OUT of trades quickly.  When I set up hot keys, for the most part, I design them for quick exits.   When I get into trades most of […]

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The Importance of Paper Trading

  The Importance of Paper Trading In our live trading courses we put our students on a 3 step trading plan and meet with them twice a week to review their progress.  It’s extremely important that students trade in a simulated and closely monitored environment during their first months of trading.  We want to see […]

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Day Trading work station

Multi-Monitor Day Trading Work Station

Multi-Monitor Day Trading Computer Work Station  I use to run my work station with 3 Lenovo Gaming Laptops, but I’ve recently made the change to Falcon computers.  I’ve been really happy with my Lenovo’s but I was due for an update.   I use a separate computer for my trading so the keyboard is always […]

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