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Breaking Out Of The Comfort Zone – Part II


Breaking Out Of The Comfort Zone – Part II


If you haven’t read my previous article or you don’t know my personal story, I’d encourage you to take a look here because this one blog post is going to be the continuation of it. Everyone’s life has a different story to tell and the future pages are just blank sheets that we need to fill up with the execution of our own true intentions.

Today, I’m closing three full months of small caps trading. Results are in and I’ve made the promise that I’d have based my decision about what to do next upon it. That’s why it’s so important to keep tracking the statistics of your own trading. So that you can make a conscious decision and adjust the trading strategies according to it.

It’s hard to admit that the trading results aren’t as good as I was hoping them to be. Long story short, I’ve been flat overall. Because of that, I’m getting back to trading higher priced names. Do I regret giving it my best shot? Not at all! Because this journey gave me more information about myself and there is no other way to do it than putting it in the work and feeling for yourself.

Of course, I could have blamed the slow market or any other “external” factor. But the truth is: I’ve never been good at complaining because that’s the best ingredient of losing traders. Instead I’ve decided to act.


There is no going backwards if you’re invested into it

So, I’m taking this responsibility to get back where I was proven to be better at knowing that even if my account hasn’t make any real progress lately, I’m getting ready for great times ahead (I’ll take this time as my personal “sideways consolidation”). I’d have not been so motivated to continue trading where I left if I wouldn’t have taken this break for testing me into a totally different strategy.

In fact, only now that I better know who I am I can switch gears once again and get rid of that “What if” feeling that I had before giving momentum a try. The best part of trading is that there is not just one strategy to be profitable. Instead, there are multiple ways that will make the good trader profitable in the long run. The whole game is about finding the one that better suits your own style and personality. Today, I believe I am one step closer to this significant achievement.

Will I ever come back to trading small caps? Personally, I do like the saying “never say never”. So, in case one day I’ll decide to do so, I can rest assure that this experience will be golden to me. But now, I’m just really looking forward to the next chapter of this exciting journey which is my life. I wish you all the same.


“It’s a wonderful world. You can’t go backwards. You’re always moving forward. It’s the wonderful part about life. And that’s terrific.” – Harvey Fiersten


See you in chat-room.


Trade safe,


Roberto Barbaro