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Category: Swing Trade Warrior Blog

Trading Earnings With Options – Big Wins on $NFLX & $GS

Trading Earnings With Options: How to manage that risk! It is no secret that people both new and experienced in trading get all worked up during earnings season. The allure of speculation amongst favorite household names proves to be too much for some to resist. We call these people degenerate gamblers. These people love the thrill of speculation, but […]

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$WLL Call Sweep Nets 30% ROI for Swing Traders

$WLL Call Sweep Alerted on 1/9/17 Another great trade for our swing trade and options traders. After watching the options scanner all morning, we got an alert for a large call sweep on $WLL (Whiting Petroleum Corporation), to the tune of 10,000 contracts. Now, as I discussed in previous call sweep blog posts and in […]

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Swing Trade Watch List 12/22/16

Swing Trade Watch List for Thursday December 22, 2016 Mastering routine is the pinnacle of existence for a trader. The ability to robotically, no, systematically react consistenly in our approach to the markets is what we struggle to master. Whether we are swing trading stocks or options, or simply building out a swing trade watch […]

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