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When I get back from my run the first thing I’ll do when I sit down at my desk is open my Trade-Ideas platform and look at the gap scan for the day’s biggest gappers.  I take a quick look at the scanner focusing in on the biggest percentage gappers but more importantly, the stocks with the most pre-market volume.  Inside the scanner I can see if the stock reported earnings in the last 24hs.  This will tell me the catalyst for some of the gappers, but for others I need to do a little more digging.  If you are in our day trading chat room you are welcome ask another trader.  Typically the headlines for all of the gappers will be posted by 9am.  By 9:15 your watch list should be prepared.  This will be a list of Gap and Go candidates and possibly a couple of higher priced stocks that have a good catalyst but will be too volatile for a Gap and Go trade.  I use my order entry window to prepare and order for each of the top four Gap and Go candidates.  I will prepare my entry price based on a break of pre-market chart patterns, a break of pre-market highs, or for a possible 1min ORB.  All I will need to do is press the buy button when I’m ready to jump in.  This should the same process students use.   Become a part of the Warrior Team today!



day trading chat room