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Day 15 of the Hot Streak +$1,456.48

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Day 15 of the Hot Streak +$1,456.48


Okay, so time for our midday market recap. We’ll go over the trades from today. Today is day 15 of the hot streak, so 15th consecutive green day. Finishing the morning up $1456.48. Not [inaudible 00:00:18]. You guys can see the P&L right here. The three stocks I traded, IMMY, BLFS, and QURE. This is, again, all about base hits. None of these were huge winners. None of them were more than 1000 bucks. Biggest winner was $791, but three trades like that and I’m finishing the day up 1400 bucks.

So, right now I’m on day 15 and I’ve got about 28, almost 29,000 [inaudible 00:00:47] in total gains in the last 15 days. Accuracy has been 83%. Today was again 83% exactly. I took a total of … Let’s see. I took six trades and I made money on five out of six. That’s 83.33% accuracy. 83% has been just standard for the last 15 days. I had one loser today and I lost 975 bucks on it, which is a bummer.

Today, despite that $900 loss, is still a $1400 day which is good. Green is good. Let’s look at the trades from today and break it down. The goal this month has been, if possible, to try to not have a single red day. So, with that focus on consistency, not on swinging for the fences or trying to get really big wins, but just consistency, I’ve been going for base hits, and taking the small gains when I have them. That’s meant that there have been times, like today with QURE, where I left some money on the table.

I sold it sooner because I didn’t know how much higher it would go, but at the end of the day, if I’m walking away green, I’ve got money in my pocket, I’m doing something right, and if I can do that consistently, then I’m doing something 9 out of 10 traders can’t do and that’s the same for every single one of you guys who walk away consistently profitable. I saw a bunch of you guys today were saying you’re already hitting your weekly goals which is awesome.

It’s nice to do that before Friday, so Friday you can just have a low stress day, and if you get a couple more winners then that’s great, but you don’t have to feel any pressure. So, IMMY, this was the first trade of the day. Interestingly, none of the stocks I traded were on my watch list. Today was a day where the watch list just totally didn’t pan out. I had RGSE on the watch list. This ended up dropping as soon as the bell rang.

We had CLRB on the watch list. This one also … No. CLBP. No, CRBP. We had CRBP on the watch list. This one dropped as soon as the bell rang, so this was no good. We had … Let’s see. What else did we have on the watch list? Now I can’t remember, but there wasn’t a lot that looked good. We had a cheap one on there. I can’t remember right now, but in any case, watch list didn’t play out. ADHD. Right, ADHD, that was the other one.

It was the leading gapper, but a little on the cheap side of the bigger flow, so just didn’t get follow through, and RNVA, thank you. That was the last one. This one, as soon as the bell rang, sold off. So, this is a day where the watch list just didn’t pan out. We’d get up early, we do the due diligence, we research, and today it just didn’t happen. As soon as the bell rang, I was like, “Okay, well, my watch list isn’t looking super good. Everything’s dropping,” so I didn’t end up taking a trade during the first 10 minutes, from 9:30 to 9:40 which is when I’m usually getting aggressive and trying to hit the first trade.

First trade was at 9:40 on IMMY. So, how’d I find that? I found it on the [high day 00:04:06] MOMO scanner right here. It hits the scanner and let’s see. We had a couple of ADHD alerts on the scanner, at 9:30. RNVA popped up, it faded. Blah, blah, blah, a couple of others. So here we go. IMMY hitting at 1.73. I saw it hit the scanners and I looked at it and I was like, “Oh, that’s interesting. It looks like it’s starting to move up fairly quickly,” from 1.73 up to 1.84, and I looked at it when it was at 1.84.

I had my order ready to go, I prepared it, and I hesitated. I think the reason I hesitated on this one today, even though it had news and it was squeezing up, is because I didn’t already have a cushion on the day. Yesterday when I took that trade on DRIO, I had already traded a bit, I had already gotten myself into the mindset of being aggressive and looking for that next big trade, and it just ended up that that was the right timing.

Now, on IMMY, I wasn’t feeling aggressive yet. I was still feeling a little cautious, like I haven’t taken any trades yet, I haven’t broken the ice. That’s a funny thing. Like, once you start trading, taking the second trade and third trade is super easy. It’s sometimes that first trade of the day where you’re like, “Ah, is this the one?” Because you know once that day starts, you’re either going into the red or the green, and the risk of going into the red sometimes makes us hesitate.

So, I hesitated. It pops up, it’s at 84 and I’m looking at it, and I’m like, “Ah, I don’t know. It wasn’t on my watch list, I’m not totally sure about it. If I get in here at 75 or it’s at 85, it could drop right back down. Maybe I’ll give it a second.” I see it at 84, and then 89, and then 94, and now I’m like, “Oh, should I jump in here? It’s right underneath the whole dollar” and them I’m like, “No, no, no. At this point I’m chasing it. I can’t just jump in here. I’ve got to wait a second.” It pops up to 2.18, and so it hits 2.18, and it pulls back for a second.

As it dips down, that’s where I said, “Okay, I’m going to jump in. I’m going to try to get a piece of this.” I jump in at 2.10 after it dipped down, it came back up on the one minute chart. I tried to take 10,000 shares. That’s when I was like, “Okay, this thing is moving. I’m going to be aggressive.” I only got filled 1590. I filled 15% of my order, and the rest of the order didn’t feel because it took off.

I added 2500 shares at 2.30, I tried to add 5000. I only filled 2500, and then I filled another 341. So, it was moving so quickly my order just, I wasn’t getting a full position. Even at this point here, I only had … Let’s see. 2800 plus 1500 is 3800 or whatever it was, plus or minus. I still didn’t have a full position, and so I was just like, “Okay, well let’s just see what it does.” It pops up to the half dollar of 2.50 and I’m like, “All right, I’m going to start scaling out.” I take my profit at 2.50 and I book $875.

What’s disappointing though is that from 2.10 to 2.50, is 40 cents. With 10,000 shares, that potentially would have been a $4000 winner. Maybe I would have had 3000, but it could have been a really good trade, and I hesitated initially, and then by the time I wanted to get in, I didn’t get my order filled. So, because of the first winner was a little on the smaller side, at that point I was like, “Okay, now I want to look for the next trade.”

I decide to add back at 9:44 at, let’s see. At the half dollar of 2.50. I add 7500 shares at 2.50 and frustratingly, it pops up to 2.58 and then it drops down all the way to a low of 2.13. I had to step out. So, I lost 975 bucks, so that really frustrated me, because I screwed up my first order, ended up only making 870 bucks, and then I lost it all on the second trade.

So, at that point, I was starting to feel a little bit frustrated. I jumped back in it at 53 as it popped back up, and I ended up selling it at and adding at 68, and then selling at 62 and 62. As it came back up here, I thought we were going to break out. We only hit 70, and then it dropped again. So, I made back some money on that trade, and I think I was down 90 on the day after those second trades. I made back 100 or 200 on that one, and then I ended up taking a final trade on the five minute setup, the first five minute [inaudible 00:09:12] of making a new high down here. Entry at 25, but I sold it at like 28, ’cause it was hitting the VWAP.

Then, all of a sudden, 25 minutes later, it ends up back at high of day. So, this one, you’ve got 15 million shares of volume, the first trades were for sure the obvious, easy setups, and it’s just the luck of the draw that I hesitated a little bit, whatever. Then, when I tried to get in, I didn’t get filled on my order. That’s why I’m only up 200 bucks on the name. So, that’s okay. It wasn’t exactly how I would have liked to have traded it, but 200 is fine.

So, next one down, next trade was BLFS. This one hits the high day MOMO scanner as well. That’s how I found it. Let’s see. BLFS, 7.02, 7.09, 7.10, 7.18, 7.20. It’s squeezing up on the scanner, lots of volume, so when I saw that, I decided to take a one minute pullback on it. I jumped in this at 34, I got filled at 35 and 36. Right here, one minute micro pullback. So I’m looking for the one minute micro pullback. It pops up to a high of 53 which was nice, hits 53, and then on the next [candle 00:10:34] it drops all the way down to 7.15. It was a ridiculous drop.

I mean, it popped up and then came all the way back down. When it popped back up to 40 right there, I sold on the ask. Now, I was able to sell some of this at 53 which was my goal to sell it over the half dollar. Then, the rest I sold as it came back up at 36, 39, and 32. As it popped back up, that’s where I sold. Then, the last trade was QURE, and this is one that I sold a little on the early side and I just didn’t know it would open up as much as it did.

So, on QURE, I bought the first five minute candle to make a new high right here at 13.84. 13.84 was my entry right there, and squeezed up to a high of 16. So, a two point breakout which was really a lot more than I expected. This was this long period of consolidation right here at 13.79 where I jumped in. For the break of 14, long at 13.84, it pops up, it hits 14, it drops down for just a second, and when I took this trade, I [inaudible 00:11:50] that there was a chance that I would hit a 20 cent loss on it, because the spreads were pretty big.

So, as soon as I was up 25 cents, I was like, “All right, I’ve got to start taking some profit. That’s the thing to do. Take some profit, take some risk off the table.” Then, if it does drop back down, I can stop out breakeven, or something like that. I start scaling out and it seemed like there was a little bit of resistance in the 14 area, and because of the way we just saw BLFS tank, if I hadn’t sold some of BLFS up at 53, I wouldn’t have had profit on it. So, I sold QURE on that move up, and I ended up selling the rest of it at 14.52 really just not expecting it to go as high as it did.

So, I underestimated that one a little bit, but again, green is good. It was a base hit and some of you guys did a lot better on it than me, which is awesome. It was a good quality setup. I just was happy to take some profit off the table and at that point, I was able to break back over my personal high of day. ‘Cause I started the day with a $875 winner, and then I lost 975 bucks. I went from up 900 to down 100, and then I was back to up 200, 300, 400, 500, 800, 1400, okay. My work is done. I’m above the daily goal, I got myself from out of the red, up into the green, and so at that point I was just happy to throw in the towel.

All right, so anyways, that’s it for me. Day 15 of the hot streak. The 191st trading day of the year, and I’m finishing, let’s see, small account that I started with $583 is now at $160,707.83 cents. My total gain on the year right now is $194,452. So, we’ve still got well, November, December, and another week and a half left in October. So, I’m going to be announcing a challenge that I’m going to do in November, a trading challenge. It’s not going to be a small account challenge, but there’ll be some more information on that coming soon.

So, we’ll do a November challenge and I’m also going to invite all of you guys to join me in the challenge, as well. I’m going to have a couple of students taking part in the challenge and we’ll track their progress and those of you that want to participate as well, are welcome to join us. All right, so stay tuned for that. I’m going to announce more on that probably next week, the November challenge.

But for right now, let’s just try to finish up October strong. I’m going to be out tomorrow, flying to California. I’m going to work in California for the rest of the month, so I’ll be on my mobile trading station which will be nice. I will see you all back here first thing on Monday morning. All right, so I hope you guys all have a fantastic weekend. Get some rest.

Those of you that trade tomorrow, make sure you manage your risk. Trade smart. Keep an eye on what Mike and John are trading in the chatroom. I think they’ll point you guys in the right direction. Okay? So, I’ll see you all Monday morning.

Oh hey, I didn’t see you there. I was just working on the dream board for my next home run trade. Hopefully it comes soon. Until then, make sure you subscribe to get email alerts any time I go live or upload new videos. Until then, happy surfing.