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18 Day Trading Hot Streak! + $2,623.68

trading hot streak

18 Day Trading Hot Streak! + $2,623.68

Let’s do our midday market recap. We’re going to go over the trades from today. Chat room, we’ve got your audio on so you guys should be able to hear me. Facebook is streaming, and I’ve got the video recording for YouTube.

Today, I mean, what I can I say? 18 Consecutive green days, the hot streak is alive and well, and this is just a fantastic month. Just about $30,000 profit on the month, trading one hour per day, 9:30 to 10:30. I used to say two hours a day, but really, this month, I haven’t taken very many trades past 10:30 in the morning, so the first hour, one hour a day.

Let’s look at the trades. I traded two stocks, and I took a total of, I believe, three trades. Let me just scroll up here. Yeah, three trades today, and I had my first loser of the week. This week so far, I haven’t traded a lot. I’ve only taken seven trades, but I’ve made money on six out of the seven, so I’m up around $4,100 this week and just about 30 grand on the month.

Anyways, trades from today: BONT and ROKA. Now, interestingly, neither of these were really on the top of my watch list this morning. I didn’t think either of them were going to be incredibly strong. ROKA wasn’t on my watch list at all, actually. BONT was on the watch list, but I wasn’t sure it was going to work. Let’s go back and look at my watch list from this morning.

The watch list had CAPR. This was one of our leading gappers this morning, and I thought this one had some real potential to make a big move, but as soon as the bell rang, it just sold off, and so no trades. It didn’t hit my trigger. It didn’t give me an entry indicator, so I didn’t take a loss on it. I just didn’t trade it.

That was CAPR, those of you guys watching on Facebook, give you the chart. CAPR, the one warning sign on this was the fact that the last two times it had gapped up, it went red, so I was concerned because of those two days that we could potentially do it on a third time here, and that is exactly what happened, so I was a little cautious, and as the bell rang and it started selling, I just said, “Nope. It’s no good.”

Next one on the list APOP. This one we’ve traded in the past. You’ll get the daily chart, and you can see the last couple of times, we made a big move, it was sort of not very well sustained. Almost looks the same as today, so it shows indecision, a lot of indecision; however, in the past, this was a petty nice stock.

It made some really good moves from $9 to $14 on this day, back on this day from four bucks to nine bucks. It is a former runner, and I wanted to keep it on watch, but when the bell rang, it sold off. It then squeezed back up, but this is difficult to trade because it’s hard to manage risk when you have this drop and then this pop back up.

I just don’t really like to trade these ones, and I just left it alone. I was considering a trade on this one-minute micro pullback right here, and I actually tried to press the buy button, and I didn’t get filled. I was trying to get in at 25. It popped up to 10.50, but it probably would’ve been a small winner but noting really super impressive. Anyways, no trades on APOP.

Next one on the list was ALDX. ALDX, a stock that, right out of the gates, looked kind of strong. It popped up. I tried to take a trade on it. I also didn’t get filled. This was a, let’s see, I tried to get in at, I think 7.10 or something like that, but any case, didn’t get filled on that one, so no trades there.

Then we had ATOS on watch. ATOS was on watch because it made a big move yesterday, and then pre-market, it was halted. It resumed trading at 10:15, and on that first five-minute candle, it traded over 4.6 million shares of volume, which is a lot of volume, and it just ended up selling off. It was weak. It wasn’t able to hold those levels.

The last one was BONT. I said pre-market, I was like, “You know what, I’m not sure about this one because it’s below a dollar, and I don’t usually trade stocks below a dollar, but if it breaks over a dollar, that’s the spot that I’ll watch it,” and so I put my order right at $1, and as the market opened and it started to squeeze up, that’s where I jumped in, right at a dollar, 99 cents into dollar, and then I started selling at a dollar five, a dollar six, and I sold the rest at a dollar four, and on that one, I booked $526, which I thought was totally reasonable, good start to the day. I don’t usually expect huge home runs from stocks of this price range, so I was happy to take the profit on that.

You can see that it ended up doing a pretty nice one-minute pullback right here and moving a bit higher, but this was a little later in the morning at 10:45. Early in the day, I just didn’t see a lot of potential beyond that first trade. The one-minute pullback at 1.05, it did pop up to 1.13, but that’s only eight cents. It’s really not the biggest move, so that one, I just, I took the one trade, and then that was it.

At that point, I was thinking, “Well, maybe that’s it for me. I’ve got my 500 bucks today. Well, it’s not bad. Green is good. That will make it the 18th consecutive green day as long as I don’t give it back,” and then I was watching at that point the high-day MOMO scanner. I’m watching the scanner, watching the scanner, SRAX pops up. I pull up the chart on it, I immediately type SRAX, I look at it, and I’m like, well, not sure. It’s sort of popping up here, ended up dropping back down, no trades. I didn’t trust it, so I left it alone. I just looked at it and waited, didn’t see anything.

Kept watching the scans, kept watching the scans. APOP was on there. Kept watching, kept watching. Just sitting, patient. Then all of a sudden, right here, I see ROKA. ROKA at 1.44. When I saw that, the price was 1.44, I immediately was like, “ROKA, I trade this stock last week and made money on it. I gotta pull this one up quick.” I pulled it up quickly. I saw it spiking, and I didn’t know why it was spiking. I just saw that it was spiking up with some volume, so I immediately prepare my order, and I went long at 1.49, 1.49, 1.50, and 1.52. I just basically added. I tried to add more at 1.61, the order didn’t fill, and it was then halted on a circuit breaker. Halted because is squeezed up from a dollar 20 all the way up to a dollar 58, and that was with 10,000 shares that I bought.

At that point, we had, I don’t know, how much volume was that? It was 350,000 shares or something like that? It resumes higher. It squeezes up. It hits a high of 73, it pulls back a little bit. I end up selling at 72, 70, and 66, and then adding back as a buy order at 73. It pops up to 80, I’m selling on the ask at 80 and 76. I sell the rest of the position all the way down to my 900 shares. I’m all out, and then I got back in at 82 and 84.

When I got back in, I missed the one-minute entry right here, which should’ve been at 75. I figured, well that’s okay, I’ll just get in at 82. It’s squeezing up. It looks like it’s going to go to two bucks. I jump in. I ended up buying a little high. It hit 85, and then I stopped as it pulled back, and so that was my first loss of the week, losing about $175.

Finished with that loss. I tried to take a trade on ATOS, but my orders didn’t fill, so no fill on that, and my orders got rejected because risk checked failed, which is not really even very proper English, but in any case, my order failed on that one, I think because I tried to scalp it right out of the halt. I was trying to get in at 1.50 and scalp up to 1.55, 1.60, and I didn’t get filled on that order, but in any case, finishing the morning, 1,000, sorry, $2,623.68, which makes this the 18th consecutive green day, so very happy with this hot streak. October is, right now, a great month.

Now, my best month of the year in 2016 was June, and I made $3,400. That was my best month of the year, 2016. I have a chance at hitting that level this month here in October. Now, although my best month of 2017 is $68,000, I do still like the idea of, for some reason, having another month where I beat last year’s high. That would certainly be nice, but it doesn’t really, at the end of the day, matter too much.

As of right now, excuse me, we are at, or I’m at $198,000 in profit on the year, and my average is $1,023 per day. It’s the 194th trading day of the year for me. 198,000 divided by 194 is $1,023 per day average. A thousand dollars a day, that definitely keeps the 9:00 to 5:00 job away.

Again, reminder, tomorrow, 1:00 p.m. Eastern, we’ll be hosting our webinar. Love to have you guys register. This is going to be for beginner and advanced traders. I’m going to teach you the strategies that I’ve used to trade the markets, and of course, at the end of the webinar, I’ll invite a small group of you guys to join me in our Fall Warrior Pro Course. I will see all of you first thing tomorrow morning. Hopefully, we’ll have another strong day of trading, and I’ll see you 1:00 p.m. Eastern for our webinar tomorrow. Okay, I’ll see you guys tomorrow.

I wouldn’t have been able to get in ROKA at 1.20 because I didn’t even see it at 1.20. It wasn’t on my scanners yet.

Oh, hey. I didn’t see you there. Well, I was just working on the dream board for my next home-run trade. Hopefully, it comes soon. Until then, make sure you subscribe to get email alerts any time I go live or upload new videos. Until then, happy surfing.