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We Only Live Once, Do What’s Right For You


We Only Live Once, Do What’s Right For You


For what we are allowed to know, we have only got to live once (and by the way, I’d be glad to be proven wrong one day). This concept can be scary on one hand. But on the other hand, it’s really empowering to me.

At the end of the day, it brings me to the conclusion that I have nothing to lose when doing what I think it’s right for me. Growing up, I figured out that there is nothing wrong with being selfish. I actually think that’s the greatest achievement for oneself, as long as the level of respect for others continues to be the same than the one we feed ourselves with.

I know that sometimes I tend to go “off-topic” from trading but I do that just because I think this journey represents much more than watching charts and executing orders. As I’ve written in a previous blog post, it is all about freedom. If you think about how many benefits this job gives away, I still believe it is well worth going through every single struggle.

To me, I knew there was going to be rough times and it is still what every trader experiences from time to time. The sooner you start loving getting punched in the mouth, the better it is going to be for your trading career.

I always loved to play for the long game. It’s not about being right or wrong yesterday, today or tomorrow but having the vision to a bright future, many years from now. That’s how the most successful traders or investors have built their fortune upon. And that’s what matters.


Time Is The Most Valuable Asset

So, should we just relax while waiting for the fortune to fall from the sky? That’s not what I said! You simply can’t expect to gain any durable success with not complete commitment. In fact, the other part of the secret is: let’s work as if there were no tomorrow. The great news is there is just a single asset you’ll need in order to get where you dream to be and that has been given to all of us for free. This is time.

The truth is, there has never been a greater time in history where we could make it happen. In order to perform this job at our best, all we need to get is pretty much available to everybody and the overhead cost to start this business is incredibly low compared to any other one.

That’s why every trader should invest into serious education such as the one offered by the Warrior Trading courses before even thinking about start trading.

Trading came natural to almost nobody on earth exactly like nobody was born knowing how to drive or swim, so the best decision you can possibly make is learning how to approach it properly before ending up losing much more money that the one that would have been invested in any of these precious courses.


“The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.” -Leo Tolstoy


Trade safe,


Roberto Barbaro