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Finishing The Morning +$9,680.18!


Finishing The Morning +$9,680.18!


What’s up everybody? Alright so, finishing the day here, Friday the 9th trading day of the year. Up $9,680.18. What a day. We are seeing incredible momentum. This has been an incredible week. It’s been an incredible month. I’m up just under $50,000 on the year. Right around 47 to 48,000. You know, this is a fantastic month. My best month ever, and this was also just last month in December, it was the best month I’ve ever had. I made $84,000.

So, right now, I actually have a shot at breaking my all-time monthly record. What I’d really like to do is break over six figures in one month. To be over $100,000 in one month. My goal is that I will do that at some point in 2018. Maybe it’ll be January, I don’t know. We’ll see. Right now we’re just seeing huge opportunities.

What is this whole January effect? Well, what happens in December is often, in the last sort of week of the month, you see a lot of small caps dip down because traders who have been holding positions for a long time just try to close out those positions, so they can realize the loss in the 2017 tax year. And then, come January, they’ve got money freed up, they’re ready to add back new positions. And so, all of that buying creates more momentum in the market.

I think there’s also the fact that traders, certainly like myself, we’re eager to build our cushion on the year. As soon as you can get yourself up $50,000, $100,000, you can start to set back a little bit and just put it on auto pilot. It’s getting yourself into that driver’s seat that really gives you the confidence to slow down a little bit.

So, that’s what I’m doing. And man, I’m doing a terrific job. I’m really pumped to have almost $50,000 in the first two weeks. I’ve never had such a great start to the year. Last year was certainly a good start, but I started with only $583. I broke $100,000 on March 8th. And, at this rate, I mean, I’m at $47,000 nine days into the year. So, I’m probably going to break over 100K a lot sooner than March 8th. Hopefully, fingers crossed, it happens here in January and I have a record month.

Anyways, this week has been just kinda crazy. It’s been super busy being out here in the California office. This is my third day in the office, I got here Tuesday night. Wednesday morning, 5:30AM, drove into the office. The days here feel so long because my days start at 5:30 in the morning. And then, at 9AM when I’m doing my midday recap, that’s when people are starting to come into the office here, and that’s when my meetings start. And then I’m in meetings until 6PM PST. Then I go out to dinner. By the time I get home and back to the hotel, which is my current home, it’s 10 – 11 o’clock. And then gotta back up at 5:30 in the morning.

So, it’s basically like my days are three hours longer when I’m on the west coast. But you know what? I’m getting a lot of stuff done. I’ve been having a ton of meetings, back-to-back meetings, doing lots of planning., checking in on the status of all these projects we’re working on. Because we’ve got a ton of things that we’re doing for our members for 2018.

I’m really excited to get to the point where we’ll be able to start showing you some of the things that we’ve been working on. Those updates will be coming soon. But, right now, me being out here is just checking in, making sure things are moving smoothly and on schedule, on budget. And at the level of quality that I expect for anything that we put in front of our students.

So, we’ve had lots of meetings. And then, of course yesterday afternoon we went to drive some go-karts. Now, if you remember from yesterday’s recap, I set the bar that I’d be in first place. Now, I set the bar that high because, when we went to drive sports cars in Las Vegas, I was in second place. I mean, let’s be honest, I was smoking everybody. I was just totally killing it. I was tearing up the track. So, I thought go-karts? I’m going to nail this thing. I’m going to show them what it means to be a real go-kart driver. I’m going to come in first place.

Well, as it turned out, in my first race I came in last place. Last place. That’s actually the worst position you can finish a race in. It was very disappointing. Now, when I stepped back and thought about it, I realized as I was driving that I have a lot of things I still want to do. I have a lot to live for. Some of these young bucks out on the team, they’re just going out there. They’re burning rubber. They just wanna get in first place, and you know what? I let them have it. I think they needed it.

So, Chase, he came in first. Bill came in second place. Very, very good driving from Bill. And Alex, he came in third place, which is respectable. I came in last. So, a little disappointing there but, like I said, I let them have it, because it’s good to do that, as a leader, to show that these guys can step up and maybe they’ll be leaders someday themselves. So, let them get to the top of the leaderboard. First, second, third place, and I don’t mind being in last place.

Once I composed myself, we went to Mexican food, had a great dinner. Went back to the hotel. And then, back here 5:30 in the morning for another day of trading.

So, today was awesome. Just under $10,000. I mean, these are crazy good days. So, as of right now, I’m at $380,000 in profits from my account that started with $583. So, I’m now 38% of the way to the million dollar goal. I love days where I can jump up one percent a day. So, $10,000 is one percent a day and I’m just making my way up. So, pretty soon we’re going to be at 400K and then 500K will be a really exciting spot. That will be the halfway point.

So, anyways, let’s breakdown today’s trades in today’s midday market recap.

Speaker 1:           Alright everyone. So, we’re gonna breakdown the trades from this morning. So, I did a Facebook Live stream a little bit earlier. And then I realized that, for some reason, my screen was jammed up. The frames weren’t updating, so you guys couldn’t really see what I was talking about. The audio was okay, but you couldn’t see anything.

So, let’s try this one more time and see if, this time, you guys are able to see the screen. So, those of you watching live, just give me a heads up that you’re able to see this and that everything is coming through clearly.

Alright? So, let’s see. I see that you guys are getting logged in, so that’s good. Alright, so, let’s breakdown the trades. Now, today ended up being an awesome day, finishing the morning up $9,680.18.

Hey Mike, what’s up? Alright, so you guys can hear me.

So, yeah. This just was sort of a surprise. Great day of trading. I really was not expecting it. I came into the market this morning definitely mindful that my epic loss in go-karting yesterday would weigh heavily on my mind. I would not be focused this morning. I’d be a little bit more tired. And so, as I sat down to trade, I wasn’t thinking I would be too aggressive.

So, very first trade, MYSZ. I remember, I’m in California. I’m not on vacation, because I am working, but I’m definitely trying to go a little easy when I’m not in my home office. Because, when I’m in my home office, I’m more focused and everything is familiar and I’m in the zone. Out here, I’ve got a lot more distractions. So, I just like being able … Wherever I am. Whether I’m logging in from California office, from New York City, from Italy. Wherever I’m logging in, I can just log in any morning and make $500, $1000.

Hey Ryan, what’s up? I see you logging in too.

So, that’s kind of what I go for. Not to really swing for the fences when I’m on vacation, because I’ve had times in the past where, when I’m out of office, I get aggressive, do something stupid. And then that ends up bumming me out for the rest of the day.

So, today, first trade was MYSZ. This is a classic gap and go trade. So, we’re looking at the pre-market chart here, which you guys should be able to see. Pre-market it was consolidating. It was gapping up on news, and consolidating right under $2. So, I was watching it for a break over. What would you guys guess? Break of pre-market highs. Right? So, pre-market high was 198. The bell rings, and I’ll push my screen over here so you guys can see … I’m gonna close this. Let’s see. Hang on, I’ll close down this little circle that’s going on there.

So, there’s the P and L. $9,680. I’m gonna end that task, there we go. All right. And, let’s see, so first trade was MYSZ. Getting long at 1.93, 1.95, and 1.97. And, in anticipation of pre-market highs. I took 7,500 shares. It popped up about 15 cents. Hit a high of 2.17. I sold at 2.07, 2.05, 2.06, 2.05 and $2, for $787.67 in the first 30 seconds of the day.So, this is a very simple trade. It was stock gapping up with news, with a catalyst, consolidating underneath the pre-market highs. That shows a lot of strength. I like to be a buyer for the break of the pre-market high.

Now, there are certainly times where stocks will break pre-market highs, as this did. Squeeze up 10 or 15 cents, and then roll over. Just because it wasn’t a good enough trade to hold for 15, 20 minutes, doesn’t mean it couldn’t be a winner. So, being willing to jump in, take a profit when you’re up 10 or 15 cents. Adjust your stock on the rest to breakeven. And look, I sold the rest at breakeven, right here at $2.Now, I only held 10% of my position, but I was holding that little piece in case it made a bigger move. All right? So I ended up stopping at the rest breakeven.

Next trade, SGRP. SGRP was also on our gap scans this morning. And, remember, every single morning I stream my pre-market watch list over on YouTube. And then, once the bell rings at 9.30, I trade just in front of our members, in the chatroom. So, I’m gonna go back here on this scanner, and use a historical date of 9.15AM this morning. And you guys will see the gap scanner, the same as I saw it this morning.

All right. So, leading gapper, PFMT. This one I wasn’t super into. You guys can go watch my pre-market breakdown, my pre-market list on YouTube if you wanna watch the whole thing. But, PFMT I wasn’t that interested in. The floats 35 million shares. I prefer under 10 million. MARA I was interested in, but it already had a lot of volume. It was gapping up on crypto news, and ended up selling off. By the time the bell rang it was no good. USAU didn’t have a lot of volume. Was watching it for a maybe, didn’t really work.

So these are all the stocks I was kind of watching. But MYSZ being the third leading gapper is the one I was watching the most closely. SGRP down here at $1.39. I wasn’t as interested in it, because I thought that it was a little too cheap. But I had recognized that it was on the scan. And so, when I saw it hit my high of day momentum scanners, I knew that, okay, for whatever reason this is the one that’s getting action. This is the one that’s starting to squeeze up. The traders are liking. And so, I’m gonna jump on the bandwagon.

And that’s kind of what I do. I don’t try to guess which train will leave the station. I wait for the train to start moving, and then I jump on. And I try to jump on before I miss the opportunity. So, SGRP, it starts moving. Train’s starting to leave the station. $1.50, $1.55, $1.57, $1,58. It’s squeezing up. I jumped in it as soon as I see it on the scanners, I recognize it’s moving. I buy 2,500 shares at $1,70. Another 2,500 at $1.70. I now have 5,000 shares at $1.70.

So I’ve got a pretty good, pretty decent entry. And, on this one … Let me just pull the chart up. We’ll look at the one minute chart. Ended up squeezing up from $1.50, I got it at 70, it squeezed up to $2.10. And I thought not bad, right? I’ve got 5,000 shares from $1.70. That’s 40 cents, so I’m up $2,000. But, it didn’t hold that level. It tapped $2.10, and then it dropped back down. And I sold as it dropped back down at $1.85. So I actually only made about 600 and … $720 on my first trade. But, that means two trades into the day, at 9.33, I was up $1,100. Which is a great day.

So, I got in, I’d started to build my cushion, started to get some profit on the day. And then I said, “You know what? If SGRP holds up, and it squeezes back up, I can always get back in.” And that’s what I did. I got back in at $2. I added … Sorry, I got back in at $2, with 2,500 shares and a partial fill. I then sold at 2.11, 2.17, and 2.02, because it dropped back down again. It then squeezed up to 2.35. And it pulled back. And so, what you can see on this chart here is this little micro pullback at $2.35.

Now, if I break that down … And I’ll also note, before I change the daily chart, the daily chart was good. It was above its moving averages, it was strong, this is what we like to see. So let’s look at a 10 second chart here, just for the sake of really dialing in this micro pullback. So, we’re gonna pull this back here. Let’s see, I’ve gotta really zoom out. Okay. Let’s go all the way back here, and then we’ll zoom back in. I wouldn’t use a 10 second chart when I’m trading. I just use it sometimes as an example, to show you guys what I’m looking at or why I buy at a certain place.

So, see here how it squeezed up and hit $2.35. When I saw that I was like, “Okay, this looks interesting. I think I’m gonna get back in.” It pulls back. It drops down as it curls back up, that’s where I got in at $2.26. $2.26, $2.30, and $2.32. That’s where I had confidence, and so I took 10,000 shares. That was at 9.36 and 58 seconds, which is right around here on this candle, as it squeezes up. It taps 46, it pulls back. It then pops up to $2.94. It pulls back. I end up adding … Let’s see, let’s scroll down a little bit more. I sell some. I add back at $2.99, $3. I add more at $3.43. And I’m selling at $3.50. Let’s see. Where was my best exit? My best exit was 3.50 and 3.50. Total profit on SGRP, $7,640.44. Not bad at all, right?

This day started with one relatively small trade, a $700 winner. And then a second $700 winner. Started to build my cushion. And then, once I had a cushion, I was able to be a little bit more aggressive. I usually won’t start extremely aggressive, because I wanna make sure I have a little profit. Once I have profit, basically, I almost feel like taking a risk is money on the house. Because I’ve already built myself up enough margin on the day, enough room. That, even if I lose $1,000, I’m still walking away with profit. Right?

Let’s just say you take a trade, you make $1,000, $1,500. And then you say, “Okay, on the next trade I can risk a 1,000 to make maybe $10,000.” Do you take that risk? Knowing that if you lose you still walk away with $500? I’m gonna take that risk anytime, because I know my accuracy is 70%. I know that I’m right more often than I’m wrong. So I have the confidence to go ahead and take that trade. So that’s what I did.

So, that SGRP. I also took a quick little trade on SAEX. Which, if we go back and just have a peek at the gap scanner, you’ll see that was also on our scans over. Let’s see, where did I move that scan to? This one was gapping up with news as well, right here at 275. Gapping up 13%. Float is 3.56 million shares, so it’s pretty low. So, on this one I thought, “Okay. Well, I’m not sure I like it.” But then, when it started to pop up, that’s when I decided to jump in.

So, I bought this at $3. And this was a little bit disappointing, because I was sort of aggressive on it, getting it at $3, 3.03, 3.05. So my average was like 3.04, and I had like 8,000 shares. It popped up to 3.50. 8,000 shares times 50 cents is $4,000. It popped up to 8.50. I tried to sell it … Sorry. It popped up to 3.50. I tried to sell at 3.49, 3.49, 3.48, 3.46, 3.38. I wasn’t able to get filled. I ended up selling on the bid at 3.35, 3.20, and 3.19. So I made another $1,252 on that trade. Which was fine, but it wasn’t as much as I was hoping for.

The last trade I took on SGRP, this one was actually a pretty nice one. This was a five minute setup. So, you can see on the five minute chart how it pulled back, dropped back down. Then the first five minute candle to make a new high is what we usually look for. That was over 2.72. I decided to get in at 2.90, I bought it a little bit higher. I got in with 7500 shares at 2.90. And I sold it as it curled back up. Remember first candle to make a new high, stop is at the low, target is high of day. It didn’t hit … It hit a high of 38, and then it started to sell off, and so I sold it at 33 and 29.

So, my first three or four trades were about maybe $4,000 of profit. And then, this last one was $3,000 of profit. So that was a decent trade there. One little final scout on this five minute setup here. Again, first five minute candle to make a new high was over 3.30, so you can see I’m in with 5,000 shares at 3.30. I sold it on this candle as it spiked up to 3.58, selling at 3.54 and 3.52.

So, overall, this ended up being a great day. $9,680 is fantastic. Up $47,000 on the year, $47,000 on the month, which is really exciting. My best month ever was last month, in December. I made $84,000. So, as of right now, there’s actually a chance that I could … That this could be … That I could break that record. My goal is that, at some point, in 2018 I have a six figure month, a month where I make more than $100,000. I had that in November, and then I fell back below it, which was really disappointing. November I made $82,000, December I made 84. Right here in January I’m sitting at $47,000 on the month, and we have still two and a half full weeks of trading left.

So, there’s a great chance that this could be a terrific month. Because, what we’re noticing right now is January momentum. Now, when I upload this to YouTube, in that upload I have an intro video where I talk a little bit about the January effect. And the momentum that we often see in the first quarter of the new year. So, I expect January, February, March to be quite strong. It wouldn’t surprise me if things slow down a little bit in May, maybe April and May, and going into the summer. Summers are hit or miss. Sometimes they’re really strong, sometimes they’re weak. But, right now, it’s an opportunity.

And so, I really wanna encourage all of you guys. This weekend you’ve got a long weekend. You’ve got no … The market’s closed on Monday, a lot of people aren’t working. So take the long weekend to study up. So, when we come back on Tuesday morning, you’ll be better prepared to capitalize on these opportunities that we’re seeing almost every single day.

I mean, the market’s here. These stocks are squeezing up, the momentum is there. The question is just whether or not you’ll be able to take advantage of the momentum to be a profitable trader, and put some money in your pocket each day.

All right. So, anyways, that’s about it from me. I hope you guys all have a great weekend. Get some rest. Those of you who are gonna study, enjoy going through the classes, and feel free to reach out if you have questions. And I will look forward to seeing all of you guys on Tuesday morning. All right? So, hope you guys have a great weekend, and I’ll see you next week.

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