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+$1,519.67 in 41 seconds on Friday!


+$1,519.67 in 41 seconds on Friday!



All right guys. We’re just gonna do a quick mid-morning market recap before I take off here for the day. This is another good Friday. This is a nice trend, having some good green days on Friday. This is kind of out of the ordinary for me. Usually Fridays are not my strongest day of the week, but it was my strongest day of the week this week, and again last week. So finishing the morning up $1519.67. This is the 156th trading day of the year for me. I’m just gonna fill out my daily calendar here. Oops. That’s a seven.

All right, so that puts me up about four grand on the week, which is not bad. Now, I only actually traded four days this week. I didn’t trade on Tuesday, so not bad for a four day week. And you can see here that, in fact, I was done by 9:30 and 41 seconds, so 41 seconds of trading today, and that’s all it took to hit the daily goal.

The one that I traded today, as I talked about pre-market, during our watch list, RNTB. Now, this one was consolidating pre market right under 135, and then just before the bell rang it popped up to 139. I’m gonna back this up to a … Let’s see. Let’s do a one second chart, since I was only in the trade for like, 20 seconds. So we’ll just back this up, and really dissect this one trade today. Let me scroll back here.

Right out of the gates, and you know, when you pull back on this chart you can see what the setup was, what the entry was. All right, so this is a one second chart. The bell rings, and we are going sideways, 135, 135. We dip down for a second to 126. I’m sorry. 326, 326, and then I get in at 19 seconds at 35. That’s where I pressed my order. I saw it kind of consolidating, consolidating, and then as it started to pop up, boom.

That’s when I got in. I got in right here, as it started to pop up at 35 and at 40, long with 7500 shares. That was on this candle, these candles right in here. It pops up to 55, 58. There’s, I guess an order down at 31. I didn’t see it. Goes up to 67, 67, 67, and you can see here, this is where I was taking the profit. I got in with 7500 shares, so in this space right here, I was like, “Okay, not a bad idea to take some profit.” And as it dropped down here, I thought it was gonna break below the half dollar, so I stopped out the rest at 55. It went down to 53, and then it came up off that level and squeezed up to 393. And then, from there, it’s been back down.

So you can see, this was … The first five minute candle was [inaudible 00:03:13] up, and then back down, but it offered enough volatility and enough opportunity to get in for a break of the pre market high. So being able to see that little bit of consolidation there, just that little bit of consolidation, and then to be able to jump in as soon as the bell rang is really all it took. And my job is to try to find one of these, one to three of these opportunities, two to three of these opportunities each day. And today we got one, so 1500 bucks right away. Awesome trade. Great way to finish the week.

Since then, it’s just sorta been choppy. I haven’t seen any good opportunities on it, so I didn’t take any other trades. There was nothing else in play that I was really interested in.

Really a short mid-day market recap, just jumped in, found that one trade, and that’s it for me. We can see on the scanners, TANH is hitting the scanner right now. This one, we’ve traded in the past. It’s very light on volume right now with only 142,000 shares, so I wouldn’t want to trade that one. NADL, I saw this one pop up on the scanner, but I felt like it kinda got a little too extended. CDNA, we were watching this this morning, but I wasn’t really feeling it. SPLK, I talked about this for a possible fade. You know, it squeezed up out of the gates. It’s kind of actually went right up to that level that I was talking about. This is the level that I drew pre-market, 6767. It went up to 6754, so just under that level, and then it rolled over.

Sure, Martin. My thoughts on RTNB pre market. It was consolidating. The pullbacks were potential entries, but I don’t like to trade pre market, so certainly you could’ve gotten in through these areas. But to me, the risk is too high. Prefer to wait ’til the bell rings. And I was a little nervous the way it popped up right before the bell on this green candle, but it ended up working. Got a little too extended. It was close, but I felt pretty comfortable jumping in, catching that profit, and then getting back out.

A&F, Abercrombie and Fitch, this is not really a stock that I’ve had a lot of desire to trade. It’s pretty thickly traded, although you can see it’s making a nice move here, up towards the 200 moving average. So not bad, but just a little outside my wheelhouse.

BCEN hitting the reversal scanner here. I’m sorry, BECN. That one is not really set up, to me, for a reversal. It’s not extended enough.

So, Pervine, yeah. The way I saw RTNB volume coming in was by watching the time and sales. I saw it dip down, and then as soon as I started to see buying, I just wanted to jump in, because this is a stock that I knew so many traders would be watching. I didn’t want to be the last one to get in it. I wanted to be sort of the first one. I thought I saw it starting to turn, so that’s why I just jumped right in. The risk was that it would go back down to 325, and I’d love like 700 bucks. There was some risk on it, for sure, but I got on the right side, and so I’m glad for that.

All right, so I’m really hoping that we have a solid week next week. I’ve already hit my quota of red days for the month. I’m at, let’s see, 1-2-3-4-5 red days on the month, and I really only like to have four, so kinda need to finish next week in the green if I can, without any red days, try to get myself back into better shape on the month. Hopefully I’m able to do that, but we’ll just take it one day at a time, try to hit the daily goal, 500 bucks, then up to 1000. If we see some good opportunities it can be a little more aggressive. But for the time being, just gonna keep trying to grind on these $500, $1000 days, and if I can get a $1500 day, that’s okay too.

All right, so that’s it for today. I hope you guys all have an awesome weekend. If you’re gonna keep trading this afternoon, make sure you keep your stops tight, and just remember Fridays the volume can really die down, so make sure you trade smart.

All right. I’ll see you all first thing on Monday morning. All right. Bye guys.

Oh hey. I didn’t see you there. Well, I was just working on the dream board for my next homerun trade. Hopefully it comes soon. Until then, make sure you subscribe to get email alerts anytime I go live or upload new videos. Until then, happy surfing.