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GREEN is GOOD! Up +$700!


GREEN is GOOD! Up +$700!


All right. So here we are, first day of the week and as you may notice, I am sitting here in my home office. So what am I doing here? Wasn’t I supposed to be in California? In fact, I seem to remember driving down to the airport on Thursday, staying at the airport hotel on Thursday night, going to the airport on Friday, boarding a plane three times in a row, being told to get back off, and then finally after four and a half hours, having the flight canceled.

It’s a distant memory, but yes, that’s exactly what happened on Friday. It was a long, exhausting day. I packed all my stuff. I was ready to go. Flight got canceled. So I went out and the taxi line was about 250 people deep. So I took a $300 Uber back into the city and I stayed at the Plaza, a home alone style night with a nice Sunday and a bubble bath. It was actually pretty relaxing. Kind of nice way to calm down after a really not very enjoyable day at the airport. So my trip has been postponed until next week.

All my bags right now that I checked are … They somehow found their way to customs. They’re stuck in customs. I have no idea because obviously I wasn’t going international, but they are now in customs and I’m waiting for them to get shipped back to me, which will hopefully happen soon. I packed all my favorite outfits. So I’m really in a jam here. But you know what, that’s okay. So I’m back here in my office. I’m missing some of my equipment that I had packed in my carry on or my checked bag. So right now just kind of trying to get this week off to a good start.

Today, a little bit choppy. Made about $2,300 on INNT. First entry was a $12. Selling that all the way up through $18, then I had three other stocks that I traded and I lost money on all three of them. So this was just a choppy day. I wasn’t seeing that follow through that I really wanted. But you know what, I’m closing the day up about $700 green is good. Third green day of March. Right now I’m just kind of on the consistency challenge.

As you may remember for those of you who have been following this video blog for a long time, back in the end of 2016 and going in through March … No, it was from November of 2016 through I think January of 2017 I had a 50 day hot streak. 50 consecutive green days. In those 50 days, I didn’t make $150,000. I didn’t make a lot of money, but I was very consistent. It really built up my confidence. That what led into the 100k challenge from $583 to $100k in 45 days. I started that challenge at the end of that hot streak.

So right now, March is all about consistency. Instead of swinging for the fences and being really aggressive, I’m just trying to get myself on the leader board, get base hits, be green and that right now is the goal.

So we’re going to break down all the trades from today in today’s Midday Market Recap.

All right. So we’re going to break down the trades from this morning. As you can see, $728 total profit. The big winner was INNT $2,336.11. So this is one that I was really hesitant on early on just because I just felt like I wouldn’t be able to trust it. It unfortunately was very big spreads. It was not clean. But I said, “You know what, the level that I like would be a break of $12,” because that was resistance on Friday afternoon and again after hours. So I thought if it breaks over $12, that’s the spot where I’m interested. So let’s back this up here. Go back to right around where we had the break of 12. So it wasn’t my very first trade of the day. I took a couple others first, but we’ll go over INNT first.

So I started with small size only 500 shares. In fact, I only took a total of 600 shares. The goal was 1,000, but I only got partial fills here. So 600 shares long at $12, which is fine. I ended up selling it up here at $13.54, $13.79, and $14.17, which was crazy. $2.00 per share. So it ended up being like $800 scaling out into the move. So even though it was only 600 shares, $800 that was a really solid trade. My next entry on this was for a break right here over $14.00, so I was watching it in this area for a break over 14. So we were going sideways, going sideways, and I said if it breaks over 14, that’s where I’m going to be interested. So let’s see, I ended up getting in this at I guess, let’s see, I took a small scalp here $13.46 to $13.60. That was in this area right here. So like $140 on that. Then I got back in at $13.99. Sold half at $14.47. Sold a little more at 74. Then I got a partial fill there or 60 something. Sold some more at $14.89, $15.24. This thing squeezed right here all the way up to a high of $18.79 out of that $14.00 break out. I mean, that was incredible.

You know what, I could’ve been so much more aggressive on this. This could have been a trade where I took 5,000 shares and made $7,500 or I made $10,000. But I just don’t feel like I can afford to take that kind of risk right now. We’re early in the month. I’m trying to build up my cushion. I was red in the month of February and I just need to close the month of March in the green. I can’t risk having a big drawn down or doing something stupid. So I was a little more conservative on it. That was okay. I’m obviously green on the day and so that was good.

I ended up being up over $3,000 on it, and then giving back some profit with this trade here from $18.30. Stopping out at … Selling some at $18.60 and $18.79 and then selling the rest down here at $17.60 and $17.25. So not very clean. It did this big false break out right here on this candle. So that was where I got stopped out right there. So I gave back $800 on it and said, “All right. You know what, with that, I’m going to scale back.” So finished the day pretty much there.

The couple of trades earlier this morning, AVGR. This one was off the watch list. I got in at $1.44 for anticipating the break over the half dollar. It tapped $1.50. I tried to sell at $1.49. Filled 200 shares. Sold the rest at $1.44 or $1.41. So lost $130 on that.

Then took a trade on MYO. This was a $900 loss. Kind of annoying. Jumped in it thinking it was looking good. It tapped $5.52. Then dropped. I was in at 50, so stopped out at 31. On this one I got in for the break of the half dollar thinking that it would just continue higher and obviously it just didn’t. It came all the way back down here. So not a very nice move on that one.

TENX, tried to scalp it. I had a couple of trades on it and one of them was a winner then the other one was a loser. So I got in on one trade for the break over $9.00. It squeezed up to a high of $9.40, but I only had 350 shares. See, my order here only filled 350 shares. So I was like, “All right. That’s great. But it’s only $100.” Then when I got back in it at $8.76 right here, that was for the first five minute candle to make a new high and it did make a new high. But I was … My target was back to high of day and it ended up dropping. So stopped out of that with $600, $700 loss and so this is my PNL today. It’s not the best. But I guess the cool thing is that my average winners today are 79 cents per share because I had a couple of really big winners. My average losers are 20 cents. So 79 cents per share and 20 cent loser, that’s a really good profit/loss ratio. Accuracy was only 50%. So you can still be profitable with 50% accuracy as long as you’ve got a good profit/loos ratio and today I had it.

So anyways, that’s about it for today. Really not the most exciting day. Couple little opportunities there, but not a big green day. Nothing to really write home about. Just making a little bit more progress. Trying to build up my account a little bit more. So as of right now, I’m going to be up around $3,700, $3,800 or close to $4,000 on the month. I guess I’m down about $7,000 off of my all time highs for the year. So I was up $117,000 at the end of January, lost $10,000. So was up only $107,000, and now I’m up like $110,000, $111,000. So making my way back up. Looking to cross over $117,000, make my way to $125,000, $150,000 and just keep moving on up.

All right. So that’s about it for me today. We’ll be back at it first thing tomorrow. Hopefully we’ll see some more good opportunities and remember, only takes one. Today we had one really good opportunity and that not only gave me a good profit, it also got me out of the hole from a couple of other trades.

All right. So we’ll be back at it first thing tomorrow morning, 9:15 Pre-Market Analysis. I will see you guys there.

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