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GuruFocus Review

GuruFocus is a web platform that provides financial news, commentaries, research and informative articles that help to provide tips when it comes to trading and market information. As a Better Business Bureau accredited company with an A+ rating, the company is dedicated to value investing.

GuruFocus LLC and GuruFocus.com were founded by Charlie Tian in 2004. As a PhD holder, he founded the company with the knowledge that investors will always make a lot fewer mistakes when it comes to investing. This happens when selecting securities from those researched by the best investors in the world. To help investors select the best securities, GuruFocus provides products like all-in-one screeners and information on value investing among others.

Charlie Tian is also an author of value strategies and research tools available at GuruFocus.com. Not only has he been featured in prestigious financial magazines and books but he is the current CEO of GuruFocus. As a renowned author and CEO of GuruFocus, he has been invited to speak at numerous events.

For those who are not familiar with value investing, it is a winning strategy used by Warren Buffet, who is regarded as the greatest investor of all time. Today, GuruFocus provides a host of value screeners and research tools to traders and investors. Furthermore, it publishes articles on a regular basis about value investing strategies and ideas.

GuruFocus Products and Services

All-in-one Guru Screener.

Stock screeners are vital tools to traders and investors as they help in filtering stocks based on a particular set of user-defined metrics. The stock screener allows investors and traders to select trading instruments that meet a certain profile. For example they can screen for securities using the following attributes: – industry, market cap, enterprise value, financial strength, profitability, growth and price among others.

The all-in-one Guru screener is provided as a premium service but new users have the chance of trying out its features by using the available 7 day free trial run.

Download Tools

This product allows traders and investors to download a wide array of financial tools and documents that help in making trading decisions much easier. Some of the downloads traders and investors have access to include:

a. Manual of stocks
b. Guru Portfolios
c. Financial data
d. Stock PDFs
e. Insider Data


Traders and investors must employ different strategies in order to take advantage of the market and profit. GuruFocus has made available the following strategies:

a. Buffet Munger Screener
b. Most Broadly held portfolio
c. Most weighted portfolio
d. Top 25 undervalue predictable companies
e. Top 25 CEO buys among others.

Gurus Picks

Under the Gurus Picks section, traders and investors can have access to securities selected by savvy investors and traders from around the world. This includes the latest Guru stock picks. They are divided into two:

a. Quarterly updates – provides updates on complete portfolio of Gurus
b. Real time picks – reports stocks purchases and sales that Gurus have been making within the prior 2 weeks.

Some of the Gurus users can connect with include:

a. George Soros
b. Carl Icahn
c. Warren Buffet among others

Ever wondered how the best in trading are able to capitalize on the market and earn huge profits? Ever desired to have access to the hottest securities trading in the world market? Well, GuruFocus provides access to insider trades and securities that hold value. With free features like Consensus Picks and Guru Bargains, traders are able to narrow down the best choices. Using this service makes you a smart buyer.

GuruFocus Pricing

Although GuruFocus provides free products and services, it has carefully created pricing plans that enable users to have access to premium features. At the time of writing, GuruFocus has two types of memberships.

Premium membership is currently priced at $399 per year for each of the following markets – US Market, Asian Market and EU market among others. Other features include GuruFocus manual of stocks from S&P 500, back testing for 3 years and access to GuruFocus API which allows up to 2,000 queries in a month.

By selecting Premium membership, users can receive $100 per year discount when they add more regions. Furthermore, one will have access to stock ideas that have proven value screens. As a result, investors can invest with proven value strategies thus reducing their investment risk.

Premium Plus
Premium Plus comes with free trial thus allowing users to have a taste of the available features. It is currently priced at $899 per year. Selecting Premium Membership Plus provides access to 4,000+ US Institutional 13F dates, 4,000+ US Institutional trading history, 4,000+ US Institutional 13D/G data and all features available in Premium membership.

Final Thoughts

In the US, there are over 10,000 stocks traded in the market alone. As a trader or investor, it is always advisable to seek help from professionals. This is what GuruFocus is doing. It provides access to top strategies, best stock screeners and more to ensure traders and investors profit from the market.


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