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Hawkeye Traders Review 2021

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Hawkeye Traders are a good day trading educator. Specializing on indicators that help you decide the direction of the market, Hawkeye has several different trading tools you can use to analyze assets. The idea is to find stocks without having to place too many indicators or spend too much time searching.

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Founded in 1996 by Nigel Hawkes, Hawkeye Traders is a day trading and educational company with a mission of helping traders attain their goals. For 20 years, Nigel spent thousands of hours coming up with reliable and non-correlated indicators.

The reason for doing so was to have a true picture of how the market is performing as well as its direction. In 2001, these indicators were made available to the general public and since then, traders have used them to capitalize on the markets and profit.

In 2006, Randy Lindsey, who began trading in 1987 using a calculator and newspaper, acquired Hawkeye Traders. As the current owner of one of the most powerful volume trading system, Randy Lindsey has a dual BSc degree in Electrical/Electronic Engineering and MS degree in Electro-Optic Engineering.

Having worked as a research engineer with USAF, he launched his career in stock trading and technical charting in order to find out the true direction of markets.

Today, Hawkeye Traders has helped to remove all emotions involved in trading and in its place; traders are now equipped with a powerful set of indicators designed to help them exploit trends and gain profits.

Hawkeye Traders Indicators

According to Hawkeye Traders, it is common for traders to spend a lot of time searching for trading systems that will aid them find the best stocks. Not only that. Traders will spend time testing different indicators as well as analyzing different charts all in hopes of spotting the best stocks. Problem is, a lot of time and even money will end up being wasted.

With Hawkeye Traders, you don’t have to waste time nor your money. Thanks to 20+ years of research and studying price action, stock trading and volume, traders can now access reliable and non-correlated indicators. These indicators are developed to help traders view the direction of the market.

They were made available to the public in 2001 and today, thousands of traders from around the world have used them to profit. What you ought to know is that the reason why the indicators work so well is that they rely on Hawkeye’s advanced algorithms.

Unlike traditional indicators like MACD, moving averages or stochastic, Hawkeye’s stock trading system and tools are developed to work with today’s market volatility. In addition, they are non-lagging.

Simply put, the indicators are based on the standard deviation of pattern and price recognition, as well as volume, spread analysis. In order for Hawkeye tools to work as expected, they must be paired with renowned trading systems such as:

To get started, all a trader needs to do is subscribe to Hawkeye’s suite of software and tools which are available as individual modules as indicated below:

  • Volume – has three indicators namely Volume Radar, Volume PaintBar, and Volume. As the leading indicator, it helps to signal price movement before it happens. It works on all markets and in all timeframes for time and tick charts.
  • Levels ATR – referred to as Levels Average True Range, this is a powerful series of pre-defined levels that act as stop-loss managers and potential exit positions. Basically, the indicator helps traders to come up with clear exit strategies. It works by displaying profit target levels using a predetermined number of price bars.
  • Grabba – this is a simple mechanical system that is easy to manage. Users can manage it using their risk and reward profile. As a risk management tool, it displays a visual representation of the trader’s risk and reward profile for each trade.
  • FatBoy – this is a powerful and flexible indicator that displays which markets are overbought and those that have been oversold. It is designed to show correlating markets and which are not. Traders can configure it to work with ETFs and stocks.
  • Trend+Stops – this tool is designed to give traders a true sense of the market trends instead of opinions from the media. The indicator can inform a trader when a trend begins and when a trend ends. It’s based on Hawkeye’s Volume algorithm of pattern recognition ad ATR.
  • GearChanger – the indicator helps traders to avoid a collision. Simply put, it helps to establish the correct speed of the market allowing traders to select the correct tick chart finally trading at any time. As a result, the trader can trade in harmony with the markets.
  • Fatman – this is a premier Forex strength meter that informs the trader where to begin. As a first of its kind, the indicator helps to compare every currency to other major currencies around the world. As a result, it presents a visual image of the strengths and weaknesses of every currency.
  • Roadkill – the indicator works by checking multiple timeframes simultaneously finally providing the trader with two entry signals. One of the signals is based on volume while the other is based on trends. With the two entry signals, traders are in a better position to enter a trade at a certain timeframe.
  • Heatmap – the indicator takes into account three variables namely normal, aggressive and conservative. Data is then displayed when all three variables (trends) lock into place. This provides the trader with a clear view of the market. In addition, it helps to quantify risks too.
  • GearBox – the indicator utilizes a complex algorithm to determine the optimal tick speed for the day ahead. This is displayed in a four-bar chart where each speed is represented in one of four colors. For instance, light blue represents ultra fast chart, dark blue represents fast chart, yellow represents medium speed and red represents slow speed.

Other individual modules that you can download and pair with your trading system include:

  • Tools for Ninja Trader – Market Analyzer
  • Tools for Trade Station – Radar Screen

When you subscribe to any of the above tools, Hawkeye will offer free indicators.

Hawkeye Traders Free Training Room

You can advance your trading skills with Hawkeye Traders Free Training Room. As a trader, you can access their Live Training Room and get to see how the Hawkeye system works every Wednesday morning.

Once you subscribe to Live Training Room, you will get to meet Hawkeye experts. They will guide you and help you increase your odds, finally making better trading decisions which is a must when trading.

During training, you will learn the following:

  • How to analyze price action using Volume
  • How to enter trades using volume signals and trends
  • How to identify strengths and weaknesses in all markets
  • How to build and manage positions
  • How to identify low-risk trade entries.

As a superior learning resource, Hawkeye Live Training Rooms hosts video presentations for educational purposes only. The videos are an hour long so; take your time to learn the ropes about stock trading.

Any opinions expressed during training are those of the presenter. What you ought to know is that during training, trainees will be using trade simulators and not live accounts. As a result, they will practice different trading strategies using historical data and virtual currencies (fake money).

Hawkeye Zones

Designed to aid active traders to visualize supply, demand, support, resistance and how they interact with price action, Hawkeye Zones helps traders to increase their chances of winning trades. Hawkeye experts designed the indicator for other reasons too namely:

  • Help traders find out market breakout zones and turning points
  • Help traders link support and resistance to price action
  • Help traders know when to enter and exit trades

Developed to work with any type of specialty or time chart, Hawkeye Zones can be used with different timeframes. Normally, the zones may overlap even on multiple timeframe charts.

This is referred to as confluence. When supply and resistance zones are displayed on multiple charts, the degree of confluence is said to be high meaning price has been affected by that zone.

Hawkeye Pricing

When compiling our detailed Hawkeye Traders review, we found out that Hawkeye offers two major pricing plans namely:

  • Purchase Options – designed for experienced traders committed to trading.
  • Subscription Options – designed for new traders who want to experience Hawkeye’s advanced indicators and pay using a low-cost month to month subscription model.

Under Purchase Options, there three packages namely:

  • Hawkeye Starter package (Volume Module) – $397
  • Hawkeye Standard package – $1497
  • Hawkeye Professional package – $2497

Under Subscription options, you have the above packages but under a month to month subscription model as follows.

  • Hawkeye Starter package – $17/month
  • Hawkeye Standard package – $57/month
  • Hawkeye Professional package – $97/month

Some of the features traders will enjoy once they subscribe to the packages above include:

  • Access to Volume, Volume Radar, and Volume PaintBar indicators
  • Access to Hawkeye Pivots and Widebar
  • Access to written manual and trading rules
  • Free access to their education video library and member’s site
  • Free maintenance and support
  • Access to Skype chat group (Inner Circle)

Final Thoughts

Hawkeye Traders has perfected the art of trading using volume analysis, trading in harmony with markets, not involving emotions during trading and staying with trends.

They have been able to achieve this by understanding one thing- financial markets are driven by forces such as momentum and volume. To help other traders profit from the market, they have developed indicators which rely on their advanced algorithms. As a result, traders around the world have come to use their indicators to win trades.

They have yet to design their in-house trading software. As a result, traders have to rely on established trading softwares such as TradeStation and MetaTrader4.

Overall, Hawkeye Traders is good for successful traders who want to trade without emotions and those who want to reduce risks and make profits.


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