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It’s a Snow Day and I’m up $4944.79!

snow day


All right, everyone. We’re going to do our midday market recap here for this morning. Today is actually the best day of the month. $4,607.41, but I’m not happy about it. I’m actually really quite frustrated about it. I’ve got $3200 in missing profits from my account this morning. How did that happen? Well, once again, I took a fantastic trade in the simulator side of my IRA account. $3200 of profit and it’s not real money. It’s not going to be there tomorrow. This is one of the most frustrating things. It’s happen to me like five times and this software … I just don’t like it. I don’t like this software at all on this side. I don’t think it’s very good, but it just will toggle back and forth between your main account and your sim account, just kind of seemingly for whatever reason.

You can see how all of these right now are toggled on my main account with interactive brokers, but for whatever reason today, on OGEN, I pulled up the symbol, O-G-E-N when it was at $2.60 or whatever that was. I jumped in. Let’s see, that was at … It was along 4,000 shares at $2.60, what a great entry. I ended up selling it at $3.11, $3.24, and $3.37, which is great. Then I realized, wait a second, why does this say simulator account? This is insane. This has happened again. How is this possible? So, very, very disappointing. I have $630 of profit in that account and I have a $1,000 loser, which gives me a net of $387 in losses and $3200 in unrealized sim profits, or whatever.

On my main account, I’ve got $4,944 in profit. It’s a great day, but it’s just really frustrating, and this is not the first time it’s happened. I’ve [inaudible 00:02:23] losing money in my IRA, because I can’t add more money to this. If I have a bad week or anything like that, I can’t add more money. You’re limited to adding $5,500 per year. It was just really disappointing that I had that loss early on. We’ll look at that trade on PIXY. I’ll move this down. So, PIXY, I jumped into out of the gates. Interactive brokers, for whatever reason, is a little slow on the execution. It’s not as good of a platform for me as Lightspeed, I 100% prefer Lightspeed. I jumped into this, I pressed the order at $3.20 and it slowly filled. It showed I had like filled 40 shares and I was like “Why did they fill only 40 shares? This is crazy. This doesn’t even make sense.” Then, it slowly filled the rest of my order at 3:24. It showed 48 shares filled here and then five seconds later it filled the rest. Five seconds of lag, that’s crazy. Five seconds. That’s horrible.

That was annoying. Five seconds of lag, I finally get filled at 24 and then you can see here, it popped up only to a high of … Well, it popped all the way up to 48, which was my target to sell at the half dollar. That would have been, with 3,000 shares, like $600 of profit. That was my target, 350. It just popped up, it dropped back down, and then I stopped out down here, and then of course, it curled back up. I don’t know. You’ve got to follow the rules, but I feel like I stopped out basically at the low and then it ended up bouncing back up. It could have just as easily continued to fade like CLBS did yesterday. CLBS came all the way back down on the GAP yesterday. I mean, it just kept selling, right? AMDA, yesterday, this one just totally kept selling.

So, yeah. Today, I would have actually made out better if I had just held PIXY, ’cause it’s gone all the way now up to basically $4, but you don’t know know, and you have to just set your max loss. I stopped out of that with $1,000 in the red, and it didn’t take it in my main account until later on this pullback here, and I made $349, so, whatever. I’m disappointed there, because that’s a 10% loss on a $10,500 account. That’s a big pullback, which is why I was feeling really frustrated this morning. Again, part of the frustration was the fact that I was lagging on the entry. By the time … I almost want to say that … And, let’s just look at this one second chart. I want to say that by the time I was filled the order, it was already coming back down. Let’s just look at this for one second. So, I was filled at 15. Yeah, it hit 48 and then I was filled at 15 as it came back down, but I press the order. If we look at when I sent the order, the timestamp is going to be … Well, that must be just showing when it executed, ’cause that’s obviously … Yeah, that’s showing when it executed.

I wonder if I can config … Let’s see. I don’t know. I guess it’s just showing when it executed, but obviously, I pressed it earlier, because of this fill here at 10. I’m just annoyed by that. It’s very frustrating. It’s just not a good platform to try to scalp on. Probably, in hindsight now, an hour looking forward, I won’t trade the gappers on this, ’cause Interactive Brokers with this platform is just too slow. Anyways. Didn’t do well on that, I was down $1,000. Losing $1,000 yesterday, that immediately put me on the defense, a little bit disappointed. So, I decided to sit back for a second, didn’t take any trades until the next trade, which was … Let’s see. The first trade in this account at 9:43, which was on OGEN. I also got in this at $2.60, so, I bought trading in two accounts, basically the same price.

This is my retirement account, this is my regular margin account. Adding at $2.60, $2.65, $2.81, $2.87, and $3.08. On this one, I was adding because the fact that it was going parabolic was telling me that it had the potential to make a very big move, right? It went from $2.00 to $2.50. I got in at $2.60, next thing I know it’s at $3.00 and I’m thinking this could be one of those ones like INNT or ZZAN that goes to $6.00, so, I’m just going to jump in and ride this momentum, and keep kind of adjusting my stops. That worked out well, because this hit a high of $4.20 from my initial entry at $2.60. That’s where I sold the demo account. They set you up with a demo account. I asked them to remove it and they didn’t remove it. So, I’ll email and ask them again to remove it, but they probably won’t. Anyway, $3200 profit there, which certainly makes up for $1,000 loss. Awesome trade. But, whatever.

In my main account, I was starting to sell at $3.17, $3.17, added at $3.30, sold it at $3.35, added at $3.76 and $3.90, trying to sell over $4.00, but didn’t get filled. So, it sold as it came back down. Hit a high of $4.20. In this one … Oops. Go back here. Oops. One. Just put in one. All right. We have the first trade here with the high of .63. This was the little micro-pullback where I got in. Then, we had a little pullback here around $3.25, another little pullback here around $3.75. This is where I took a trade in my IRA account, long at $3.70, and selling that. Tried to sell some at $4.04, but this is where I now have a problem. I only filled 450 or 350 shares and then it started to drop. So, I canceled the order and sold. So, now I’ve used up all three of my day trades for the next five days, because I had to sell in two pieces. So, that’s a day trade, that’s a day trade, and my exit on PX whatever it is is a day trade. Now, I’m done with this account for the rest of the week. I’m going to book a 300 day $7 loss on it. Frustrating.

Back to my main account. $5,112.00 on OGEN, $349 on PIXY, and a $500 loss on OPGN. You know, easy to say “Well, Ross, this is a great week, or, a great day. $4,600” and it is. But, it’s also a little disappointing that I am red in my IRA and just kind of fumbled things there for the fifth time or whatever it is. I don’t know. It’s just part of the deal. I’ll email and complain about it, but nothing will get done, ’cause nothing ever gets done when you do it. It’s just the way it is. So, that’s why you want a traded account like Lightspeed. The only thing … I’m going to try to petition Lightspeed to create margin on IRA accounts, so we can trade the IRA on settlement margins. Otherwise, I would absolutely just have two Lightspeed accounts side by side, my regular one and my IRA one, but they only give you traditional margin, which means you have to wait two days for every trade to settle, and that’s not going to work with a $10,000 account.

I’m going to petition Lightspeed, see if they can do us a solid. We send them a ton of business, so, maybe I’ll do it, and they’ll be able to be the account that I use for my IRA, as well. So, I’ll reach out to them over there on that and maybe they’ll be able to get something up and running in 2018 for us. Anyways, that’s kind of it for me today. It’s a snow day. I’m just kind of thinking I’ll just trade the first hour and then be done. Overall, a good day. $4,600, wish I was a little happier about it, but now I’m in the red on my IRA account. So, I’ve got to work on getting that thing back up. Trading in the IRA has been such a nightmare. I’m still dealing with Interactive Broker’s customer service trying to fix this issue that they screwed up. It’s just been a pain. In February, I didn’t take a single trade in that account. Mostly because I didn’t see anything that was A quality. Then, I kind of said, jeez, you know what? I went a whole month without taking a trade. If I had even made $50, it would have been better than doing nothing. So, that’s why today I was like look, you can’t just keep not trading in the account. Just take the trade, just do it. And, of course I lose $1,000.

Eh, oh well. It is what it is. I’ll be back at it first thing tomorrow morning. Hopefully we have another good day of trading, some decent momentum. OGEN today was good, ZZAN yesterday was great. INNT the other day was fantastic. What’s coming up tomorrow? I don’t know, but I’ll be here [inaudible 00:12:17] a-traded and breaking down the watch list first thing, 9-9:15, and then we’ll start trading as soon as the bell rings. That’s the game plan, I’ll see all of you back here first thing tomorrow morning.

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