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KA-POW! Another Awesome Day of Trading +$5k!

Bam, we did it again. $5200, another awesome day of trading. As of right now, I am up $75,000 for the month of April. That means I’m 75% of the way to my $100,000 goal for this month, and we’ve still got nine trading days left. I mean, we’re basically halfway through the month, and I’ve got $75,000 of profit. If this keeps up, we’re looking at $150,000 month, and I don’t have to tell you, this is a lot of money.


I mean, it’s crazy. If I was able to stack up the money I made each day right on my desk, imagine what that would look like. I mean, imagine if I was walking around in my pockets with the amount of money I was making each day. My pockets would be humongous, and it’s kind of like a reality check, because it wasn’t that long ago that I was struggling to pay bills, that I was building up credit card debt, that an extra $20-$30 a month was something I was stressing about, and now, to make $100,000 in a month, it’s crazy, and it is 100% thanks to learning a couple of strategies for trading the markets.

I mean, it’s really empowering. It’s total independence, financial freedom, it’s everything that we all want in our lives. To be able to get it trading two hours a day, that’s the life. So anyways, I’m just really pumped up, and we’re going to break down the trades from today, in today’s midday market recap.

All right, everyone. We’re going to break down the trades from this morning, another awesome day of trading. $5200, the momentum is hot. Blaine, he just said that he made $23,000 today. Man, congratulations. That is a terrific day. John, he did $6000 today, and I mean, you guys are just, you’re killing it. I love when you guys make more than me, because it just shows that you’ve learned. You’ve got it. The birds have left the nest, and you’re flying, you’re doing it.

For me, a $5000 day is great, but I missed a couple of entries. This could have been a $15,000 day easily. CHEK, I had a 10,000 share order at 4.98. If I had gotten filled on that order, I would have made $10,000 on that trade, as it spiked up to 6.79. And that, like that, would have put me up $15,000 on the day.

You know what? $5000 is still an awesome day of trading. I mean, you put this in perspective. Five years ago, a $5000 day, that was huge. If I go even further back, 7-8 years ago, a $5000 day was more than I’d make in a month of working 40 hours a week, right? Full time. Having to get up at 6:00 a.m., get showered, go into an office, work a 9:00 to 5:00, which for me, in those days I was salary, but my hours were 9:00 to 7:00.

I mean, it’s not even legal, but it was 9:00 to 7:00. Those were my hours on salary. 9:00 to 7:00, Monday through Friday. My whole life was at work, and you know what? I was only making like $44,000 a year. So, this is, I think back on it and I just feel really, really grateful. Grateful that I learned how to trade, and that I was able to finally figure it out, because it was a learning curve, like it is for anyone else, but man, this is a good day, a great month. I’m up $75,000 right now for the month of April. That means I’m 75% of the way to the 100k goal for this month, and we’ve still got nine days left in the month.

We’re in really, really good shape here. I mean, we’re actually on track for a $150,000 month, although I don’t really think that’ll happen. But you never know. The very fact that I’m up $75,000 here halfway through the month, and it’s not from one big, huge trade. It wasn’t a $25,000 winner. My biggest trade, my biggest winner this month has probably been maybe a $10,000 winner, but I’ve had five of ’em.

That’s where it counts. I’m going to write it in the calendar, make it official. $5201.88. It’s my 13th consecutive green day, 66th trading day of the year. The momentum is hot right now. This is what we talk about. When the momentum is hot, you’ve just got to really capitalize. You’ve got to maximize on the opportunity, because we will come into a slower market at some point. One point or another.

Maybe it’ll be a month from now, maybe it’ll be two months from now, but things will slow down, and we’ll have to be content with making maybe only $500 to $1000 a day. During the hot market, when you’re hitting $5000-$8000, back to back to back to back, be grateful. Take those profits, put them away, they’re going to help you on a rainy day, all right?

Let’s break down the trades from today. Very first trade was KBSF. Not on the watch list. Watch list today was kind of a dud. We didn’t have anything that looked good. IFON, I’ll just take a peak at that. We’re at a time right now, of the day, that I wouldn’t feel very comfortable taking any trades, so I see it, but I’ll just leave it alone.

So KBSF, yeah, we had CNET on the watch list this morning. This one, I said that I don’t think I’m going to take a trade on it, and I didn’t. It opened, and it just sold off. It wasn’t clean, it didn’t really work out, so no follow through. It just didn’t work. It was up 60% pre-market, the bell rings, and it sells off. So, nothing there, and someone in the room said, “Hey, take a look at KBSF” and I just pulled up the chart, and saw that this is where we were at.

A spike right here. This is what I saw. Right at this point, that was the chart. We’ll make this full size. So I saw that chart, and can anyone tell me what kind of pattern that is? This right now is forming a one minute micro pullback. One minute micro pullback. We have a high of, it was actually a high of 7.20. When I see one minute micro pullbacks, I know that I want to be a buyer over the highs.

However, during this pullback, I can always get in down here at 6.80, or maybe $7, knowing that it’ll probably pop up and break over the pre-market high, or over the high of that micro pullback. I like to anticipate my entries. As a beginner trader, anticipating is more difficult because it takes intuition, so it’s safer to simply wait for the first one minute candle to make a new high on the pullback, and be a buyer at 7.20.

Once you’ve got a little bit more experience under your belt, you can start anticipating these breakouts. I tried to buy 15,000 shares at $7. Stepping up to the plate with big size. 15,000 shares at $7, I only filled 5000. It immediately pops up, boom, to $7.80. With 15,000 shares, that would have been about $8000-$9000 of profit right there.

But with 5000, it was still a good winner. I actually added another 2500 shares at 7.50. I like to add at half dollars and whole dollars. So, first entry’s at 7, adding at 7.50, next target is a break of 8. I added again at .89 and .84, because right here, we had a little bit of a micro pullback.

Now, if I change this to a 30 second chart, let’s see. That’s not quite enough. Let’s do 10 second chart. Boom, boom, boom. All right, so here you go. Now you can see right here, this little micro pullback that formed at 7.80. Also, you can see right here, this little tap of 6.99, the pullback, and I jumped in on this candle here, and that’s where we got this move. But right in here, these are two pullbacks. This is a pullback right here, and this is a pullback right here.

We bought the first pullback, and then I added on the second one, right here, at .79 and .84. We popped up to a high of .44, I’m trying to sell on the ask, .43, .19, I don’t get filled. So I hit the bid. I sell on the bid at 8.01, 8.07, 7.99, 8.02, and I’m scaling out.

So, with 7500 shares, getting in, getting out, this ended up being a pretty decent trade. $4362 in the first four minutes of the day. All right, so a really solid trade there. From that point, it just faded and it didn’t give us another setup. I was certainly willing to give it another shot, but we just didn’t get it.

For those of you guys watching on Facebook, or who will watch this later on YouTube, if you guys have questions, feel free to leave them below in the comment section, I’ll come back and answer them later. Also, if you guys like what you’re watching, give it a thumbs up, all right?

Let’s see. KBSF, we did a little bit of a false breakout here from 7.80 up to $8. Double top, and then faded, no follow through from that point on. KBSF, one nice trade. Second one was VLRX. VLRX hit our scanners, popped up and got halted are away. I didn’t have an opportunity to buy it before the halt right here at 2.25, so I got in after the halt. It resumes, and you can see it spiked up to a high of 2.94. So, VLRX, let’s pull this down.

I jumped in this, actually, why is that looking that way? VLRX. Yeah, I wasn’t … Oh, sorry. I had my mouse on the wrong candle. Okay, so pops up to a high of 4.58. It’s halted, it resumes, it drops, and basically as it’s spiking up, I got in for a break, anticipating a break of $4. Long at 3.74, 3.92, 4.10, and 3.90. I got in there because I thought if it broke over the whole dollar, it would pop up and squeeze up towards 4.50.

It did, but it wasn’t easy to trade. Sold half at 4.25, more at 4, 4.12. Got back in at 4.37, thinking that it was going to curl here and go back to the highs, but then it just double topped at 4.40, and it really didn’t work. I ended up stopping out of this. I was up about $1100 and then I gave back maybe $300 in this little drop.

This one for me wasn’t very easy. Again, probably the best opportunity was getting in before the halt, but I didn’t have it on watch, so I wasn’t able to. Then, that last one was CHEK, this one I tried to take 10,000 shares going into the halt. At 4.98, hit our scanners, I didn’t get filled obviously. I didn’t really think I would, but it’s always worth a try. Sometimes going into halts, you do get filled, and hey, this ended up squeezing up to a high of 6.79, which could have been a $10,000 winner, and just like that, I would have been up 15,000 on the day.

So, it sounds like some of you guys did get fills in the 4.90s, so great job on that for those that did, and made some money on it. But I didn’t get in before the first halt. It then squeezed up, and at this point I just thought the volume was a little bit too light, and I just didn’t really comfortable with it anymore. I passed on it, and said, “You know what? You’re on your 12th consecutive green day. Let’s just keep” … Sorry, “13th consecutive green day. Let’s just be consistent and not push your luck.”

I traded smart and I’m coming out here today with $5000 of profit. It’s a great day. I mean, this month is crazy. I’m looking at my calendar, and the worst day of the month was $2200. That was the worst day of the month, and the best day is $15,000. I haven’t had a day that wasn’t a four figure day, which is crazy. I mean, I don’t know if I’ve … I’m going to look back on January.

January, actually January started with losing $4000 on the very first day of the year, and then from that point on, it was all big green days, and actually in January, I didn’t have a day that wasn’t four figures. I had a couple of four figure down days, but I didn’t have a day that was less than four figures. My best day in January was $18,000, which was really nice.

I’ve been averaging about $30,000, $32,000 a week here this year, this month. I’m about halfway there right now. I’m up about 12,000 on the week. 30% of the way there, so we’ll see what we can do. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, what are you going to have in store for us? We’ll find out. Tomorrow we’ll be back at, 9:00 a.m., 9:15, pre-market analysis, and we’re going to try to keep capitalizing on this hot streak.

And for those of you guys that are beginner traders, this is a great time to learn, it’s a great time to get started. But remember, right now, the market’s easy, so it’s kind of like catching fish in a barrel, or whatever that expression is. It’s very easy to be profitable right now. There will be a time when the market’s a little bit choppy, so this is a good time to learn, to see the momentum.

The choppy markets, they really teach you discipline, and then if you can make it through a choppy market and you’re profitable, then you’ve got it set. I encourage you guys to just study up. I’m going to upload the live trades from today to our Warrior Pro class, so you guys will be able to watch that. I don’t know if I’ll put it on chapter six, or I’ll put it on the live trading samples at the end. I might put it at the end, but you will see it there, all right?

And hey, Leo, so the way we do the access to the classes is we’re constantly updating the classes. When you have access to the Warrior Pro, you don’t have access just to the classes. You have access to our chatroom, and to our trading simulator. So, that’s why once you finish the class, whether you joined for the 90 day class, or you joined for the one year class, at the end of it, you go onto a monthly or a quarterly rate.

That’s 297 a quarter, and that gives you access to the chatroom, the simulator, and all the updates to the class. It’s kind of a subscription model in that way, kind of like Netflix, you know? I get it, you might think, “Well geeze, I paid this much money, I just want to have the classes,” but we’re providing you all of this stuff on a constant basis. The support, the chatroom, the sim, so that’s what the quarterly fee is all about. 297. That’s $100 a month. We try to keep it reasonable, but we’ve got to cover our overhead with the simulator and all of that stuff.

Anyways, for those of you that are getting started, you probably are already familiar with that, but yeah. Anyways, we’ll be back at it first thing tomorrow morning, and hopefully we’ll find some good stocks to trade. All right, see you guys in the morning.

Oh hey. I didn’t see you there. I was just working on the dream board for my next home run trade. Hopefully it comes soon. Until then, make sure you subscribe to get email alerts anytime I go live, or upload new videos. Until then, happy surfing.