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Lessons on Day Trading Success & Failure

Lessons on Day Trading Success & Failure

Over my years of working with thousands of beginner traders in our Warrior Pro trading course I’ve discovered a lot about both day trading success and failure.  I want to share some of those lessons with you today so you can learn the secrets to success quickly identify red flags for potential failure.

In the end you will realize that success is an option; it’s a choice.  If you want success badly enough, you can achieve it.  Being successful is all about dedicating yourself 100% to your passion.  For me, and for my best students, the day trading is our passion.

What Qualities Do All Successful Day Traders Share?

What qualities who all successful traders share?  I’ve spent thousands of hours interviewing successful students who have graduated from the Warrior Pro trading courses in order to understand their achievements.  I have found that nearly all of our successful students share a few behavior traits, habits, and trading styles.  The most important quality these students share is a deep passion to continue to learn.

Even after completing our trading courses they still attend mentor sessions and continue to email me with questions.  Additionally, they fully maximize on the opportunity to practice in our trading simulator and ask me to review their simulated trading record.

These students wait to meet the defined metrics for success before graduating to real money trading.  This tells me that in contrast to being arrogant and thinking they know it all, they realize the market is complex and that the learning never stops.

Be A Humble Day Trader & Take Your Time

Just as being humble and having the discipline to take your time results in success, arrogance & impatience results in failure.  Some students believe they can outsmart the market.  Remember that the market is a place where hedge fund traders & institutional banks net billions of dollars a year.  Anyone who thinks they can walk off the street and start trading against the best with little to no training are simply naive.
They are over confident and that causes them to make careless mistakes with their money.  These students often make the critical mistake of skipping sections of our trading courses.  They jump from Class 1 to Class 6, then they start trading with real money instead of practicing in the simulator.  In their eagerness to make money, they bypass the most important steps required to be successful.

Having worked with thousands of traders I can tell you that being humble and learning to have the discipline to take classes one at a time are learned behaviors.  If you don’t inherently have them, you can train yourself to be humble and disciplined.  I know this because as a beginner trader I was overconfident and impatient.  It cost me over $30,000.00 in trading losses before I was able to achieve a level of self control to conquer the markets.

It cost me over $30k to develop my Momentum Day Trading Strategy, but now I’m now making over $30,000.00 in my best months.  This success was a choice.  I had to choose to be stronger than emotional impulses and disciplined enough to know when to stop trading each day.

Steps Towards Being A Successful Day Trader

If you want to be successful, you have to start by dedicating yourself to becoming the type of person who will be a success.  It’s been said that you become like the people who you surround yourself with.  By being a member of our community, you are surrounding yourself with traders who have learned to become masters of the market.

In our classes I have exercise specifically designed to teach beginner traders the discipline & emotional composure required to be profitable.  This is part of building your foundation, although you might not initially think these are critical traits for a day trader.  If you have any questions at all, please feel free to email me at [email protected].

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  • Karim

    September 23, 2016 at 8:13 pm

    Great write up Ross! Nice to see an obvious successful career trader in yourself share their secrets to success while still maintaining humility, a trait very few people have in this world.

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