Lightspeed Trading Review by Warrior Trading

Lightspeed Trading Review by Warrior Trading


Lightspeed Trading


Lightspeed Trading is headquartered in New York City and provides extremely cost efficient brokerage services to professional traders, proprietary trading firms, and Hedge funds who trade stocks, options, futures, and ETFs through Direct Market Access(DMA) technology all with minimal latency, as the name suggests.


Lightspeed caters to the very active trader who demands instant order execution at low rates on a state of the art, highly customizable software based platform.

Within the platform itself, Lightspeed offers many feature rich tools to help navigate today’s markets. These include user a defined scanner, block trade screener, hi/lo ticker, ticker specific news headlines, order imbalance indicators, risk management solutions, and automated trading capabilities. Through the Lightspeed website and online community, a wealth of educational tools are available through video tutorials and webinars.

Lightspeed Trading Advantages

Extremely low latency(incredible execution speeds)

Highly competitive commission rates

Free demo account for strategy building

Fully customizable, innovative trading platform including advanced orders

Lightning quick order entry through keystrokes(hot keys) or mouse clicks(hot buttons)

Risk management tools to control unnecessary loss and promote capital preservation

Won Barron’s awards for Highest Ranking Broker and Lowest Cost Broker for frequent traders

Much improved client support

Lightspeed Trading Disadvantages

No mobile app

High minimum deposit of $10,000

High broker assisted trade cost of $20

Platform configuration overwhelmingly difficult at first attempt

Software can be system intensive

Useless charting(can be expected on most platforms as brokers are focused on the executions)

Monthly maintenance/data fees


Commission Structure

Lightspeed offers two separate commission structures; per share and per trade. Equity orders are $.0045/share with a $1.00 minimum, or $4.50/trade. Options and futures are $.60/contract and OTCBB are $10/trade. Broker assisted trades are available for $20/trade as well as the normal applicable commission charges.


The Final Look

Lightspeed Trader is a very reliable day trading platform for the active and experienced professional trader who look for attention to detail with complete control in execution. They are always innovating new offerings for their customers all while providing a very competitive commission structure. Although there are few shortcomings with the platform, such as no mobile app, useless charting, and monthly maintenance/data fees, the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages and any trader will recognize such after some time is spent on the Lightspeed trader platform in the markets.


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